Straight Parents Answer Questions That Gay Parents Get Asked

“How did you have your children?” is a pretty awkward question for any parent to answer, though it’s a question most often directed to gay parents, along with many other invasive ones.

Brandy Black, editor-in-chief of The Next Family, and her wife Susan Howard have been on the receiving end of many awkward and uncomfortable questions or statements related to their family. The two moms decided to gather these questions and odd statements together and try them out on a heterosexual couple, just to prove how weird and inappropriate these questions are.

Their recent YouTube video features Black and Howard interviewing a straight couple, Michelle and Johnathan, and the two moms don’t hold back. Following their first question, “How did you guys have your kids?” there’s a bit of a pause from Michelle and Johnathan and then uncomfortable laughter.

“How did we make them?” Michelle asks and then her husband, “Delivering the kids or actually making the kids?”

It’s clear that the straight parents aren’t quite sure what to make of the question or the others that follow, some of which include included, “When did you realize that you were straight?” and “Which one of you is the man—the dominant in the relationship?” and “Are your two daughters actually related?”

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Cameron: So there’s no part of you that wants to clear the air with your sister?
Mitchell: No.
Cameron: Okay, fine. That’s your family’s way, I’ll respect that. But you should know it’s hard on the people who love you. We feel the tension, we hear the words that cut like knives.
Claire: Hey guys! I brought orange slices.
Cameron: Okay. You know what, I can’t bear this. Claire, Mitchell still resents you for quitting the figure skating team when you were kids. [to Alex and Haley] Ladies, come inside with me please. [to Claire and Mitchell] Work it out. Come on.
[Cameron and the girls leave the scene]
Mitchell: Thanks, Cam.
Claire: Is he serious? Is that what your little jab was about this morning?
Mitchell: Okay … no … yes. Okay, yes. I guess I’m still a little angry, but you know–you stole my moment, Claire.
Claire: Yeah, 21 years ago…
Mitchell: Okay, but it doesn’t matter to you because you had your own moments. You had cheerleading and high school plays, making out with the quarterback, and…
Claire: Oh come on, you made out with him, too.
Mitchell: Yeah, but we had to keep it a secret.
—  Modern Family: Cameron Tucker, Mitchell Pritchett and Claire Dunphy - 01x07 En Garde

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