I drew this a few springs ago and thought I’d post it here too.  Well, enjoy and I’d always love to hear your thoughts about it.

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Kuroshitsuji and Ciel © Yana Toboso

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop

A Shattered Reuinion - Closed Rp- firefly-soldier-

For this record, this one wasn’t his fault.
The infectiousness had started to rise and he couldn’t get enough research done in time to do anything about it or even identify it. His G didn’t like it and it was clear that he couldn’t be infect by it, which made him even more curious. But getting too close proved to be a bad idea as it would have alerted hoards of them to his where abouts.
If the BSAA or DSO were sent in, he was screwed. He couldn’t be seen, not like this.

His right arm was in a make-shift sling where the nerves and muscles hadn’t entirely healed right. On some days he could move it slighty, but others he lost control of it completely. Pain in his and neck was nearly constant as his body reacted to the other outbreak. G could sense it and it was warning its host to stay away. Constantly loosing weight, he must have looked half dead himself.

He had managed to make it down the street to a parking lot where he saw a figure duck as an explosion rang out beside them. Flames lapped at Wills left arm and he hissed in pain. Fire was one thing that G didn’t like, and it could damage him greatly.
Sustaining only minor burns, he began to move away and go toward the figure, hoping his wound would have healed its-self by the time it took to find them.

Normally, he wouldn’t go seeking out company, but with half of his body useless…he didn’t have much of a choice. firefly-soldier

Closed RP with- damnmarimo

Date was bored. Way too bored, which usually never ended good. Well, at least for the people who dared to challenge him, like a certain red-loving airhead. Though, since that certain idiot was nowhere around, he just kept on strolling down the streets. (Patrolling his area as his gang lovely put it)

Eventually he stopped, buying himself a drink  and leaned on the wall of the little shop, observing all the people who were walking by.

The young mans eye fixed on a certain green haired man. He had never seen him before. A tourist, maybe? Nahh, who cares. Either way, the guy seemed pretty lost, so he pushed himself off the wall and walked over to the stranger. “Yoo~ You searching for somethin´?”

Modern Day Pippi Longstocking

“Yes, it’s very wicked to lie,” said Pippi even more sadly. “But I forget it now and then. And how can you expect a little child whose mother is an angel and whose father is king of a cannibal island and who herself has sailed on the ocean all her life — how can you expect her to tell the truth always?”

Her mother passed away shortly after she was born and her father drowned himself soon after. Pippi is a pathological liar. She lies to herself and others to save herself from facing reality. With the inheritance they left behind she lives alone in their home, the Villa Villekulla with her childhood rocking horse on the sagging porch and her stuffed monkey by her side. She’s learned to cook and care for herself though she loathes to clean. No one tells her when to go to bed, so she tells herself. Softly at first, and then more sternly if she doesn’t listen. The adventures she goes on with her neighbors Tommy and Annika keep her busy while she waits for her father to return.

Modern day sayings originated from the Odyssey

One of the most interesting things I have come across in the Odyssey, are the adventures that Odysseus describes to the Phaeacians. I remember freshman year of high school, in English class we disgusted this part of the epic poem. I distinctly recall talking about the sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, and Aeolus Island. I believe that I remember these stories so vividly, because I thought it was amazing how the storied related to our modern day society. At Aeolus Island, Odysseus receives a “bag of winds” to get him home to Ithaca and finally after nine days he is within sight of his homeland. The shipmates, out of curiosity, open the bag given to the great Odysseus while he slept, and the winds blew the ship back to Aeolus Island. This modern day saying imitates this story with, “don’t let the cat out of the bag,” meaning do not become suspicious and look where one should not, and also do not tell something that others should not know. These things only lead to bad consequences. Scylla and Charybdis is a place in the novel where Odysseus must choose between two terrible options both resulting in death of his crew members. Today many people say one is “stuck between a rock and a hard place,” meaning that there is some kind of dilemma, and whichever side one picks, the end result will not be as good as one may hope.  Sirens seemed to remind me of all bad in the world and holding onto the past. They would take someone away from their family and friends and hold them captive by telling stories of the past. The saying “do not dwell in the past” reflects the sirens because if one only lives in the past they are as good as dead and cannot enjoy the future of what life has to offer.