Modern AU ASoIaF: Myrcella Baratheon

Out of all the Lannisters, she was the only good one.  Looked a lot like her mother, with her gold hair, and bright green eyes, but she was kind, and sweet, and clever.  She was friends with that Stark girl, went to university with her, even shared a dorm, but that was before - before everything started happening.  She was sent down to Dorne when it all started; they said it was to keep her safe - and it probably was, at first.  


Modern AU ASoIaF: Robb Stark

He took after Ned; honorable, holding fast to his ideals - and his ideas.  When Ned was murdered, the family business fell to him, as the oldest, barring Jon.  He was hung up on the family’s honor though, let the business ends of things fall to Catelyn, while he and Theon started to investigate.  Investigating was probably what got him killed, was probably what got most of his men killed, when the Freys opened fire at his uncle’s wedding.  Red for the blood, or red for the family that orchestrated it, either way, the young wolf was another victim of the awakening winter.