Modern AU ♔  Cosette and Eponine

She wasn’t sure how it happened. How linking pinkies turned to holding hands. How hanging out with the Amis turned to secret adventures in the park. How an evening drink turned to a morning coffee. How the giggling of private jokes in her ear turned to sweet murmurs of love. Jehan knew of course; and his way of congratulating the pair were two flower crowns and a collection of poetry.

Modern AU ♔  Jehan Prouvaire

Jean (Jehan to his friends, thank you very much) Prouvaire was addicted to love; he gave the local floristry business due to his daily visits, played the ukulele when he and his friends went camping, made verses on any scrap piece of paper (or skin) available, and could often be found riding along the streets of Paris on his bicycle between university lectures. He sought to find the good in everybody; giving advice whenever he could, or making flower crowns from the petals he picked from the florist shop. But do not be a fool when it comes to his feminine charm and delicate grace, beneath this soft frame lays a fierce lion. With a mane and mean scratch to match.