Next up in this crazy modern AU: Lawrence Trafalgar Waters, his adoptive father Cora Waters, and his crazy flamboyant, sometimes douchey (yet not homicidal) uncle Doffy. 

Uncle Doffy sometimes comes to visit from his giant modern mansion in San Diego, usually completely unannounced, occasionally with his adopted daughter, Babs. He’s into some shady shit, and no one really knows what he does fully, but he makes a hell of a lot of money doing it and donates a lot to different LGBT support charities.

Cora is a clumsy, makeup-wearin’ fool who can’t seem to keep a job. He and Law live modestly in their town, so whenever uncle Doffy comes to visit he brings lots of food and booze and occasionally super crazy expensive clothes for Law that he has never worn. Law is 100% positive that his uncle is a crazy evil bastard.

Cora has another idea, though. He knows that Doffy is still pretty messed up after their parents’ deaths, and his only way of coping is frivolous spending, alcoholism, and an intense obsession with family (albeit a somewhat twisted way of showing his love). Whenever they are together, they stay up late drinking and talking about the old days.


Production of the new exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum: Coast to Cactus, featuring the unique habitats of southern California. We built everything from the ground up….literally.

Everything from the the dirt to the plants to the animals here is entirely FABRICATED. If you’d like to see more, check out the Coast to Cactus Board on our new PINTEREST page.