Repeat after me kids:

You can raise a group of people up without putting another group down.
You can raise a group of people up without putting another group down.
You can raise a group of people up without putting another group down.


The biggest problem with Zootopia is that the simplest version of its idea – “different animals living together as a metaphor for modern racism” – is already pretty gross, for the simple reason that race is not biological. It’s a complete myth, a cultural concept that we made up. A white guy has as much in common with a black guy as he does with a white guy with a different hair color. (Biologically, anyway. I have no idea what their favorite Pokemon are.) Every scientist in the world agrees with this, except the racist ones. Everyone from the KKK to the Nazis to the Neo-Nazis to the modern “alt-right” have embraced a philosophy known as “scientific racism,” which argues that skin color is indicative of a lot of other differences in strength, intelligence, charisma, and other D&D stats.

And so does Zootopia.

The movie starts with a history of the world, explaining that while predators used to be uncontrollably violent, they have since been civilized and can now live among prey animals, which also means behaving like prey animals (prey animals aren’t asked to accommodate their behavior for predators at all). Because in Zootopia there’s a right way to live and a wrong way to live, and some animals are – in the context of this movie – biologically programmed to live wrong. They have to be corrected in order to fit in with proper, civilized society.

This is the exact argument at the center of scientific racism.

How Zootopia Gets Its Own Point Exactly Backwards

This Generation: *helps the legalization LGBTQIA+ marriage, actually gives a shit about modern racism instead of brushing it under the rug, accepts each other regardless of gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc., promotes body positivity more than ever before, advocates for the rights of women, and is considered to be way more liberal than previous generations*

Last Generation: ugh, this generation is so shallow! Kids these days don’t care about anyone but themselves and their phones! They play on their devices all day without making any difference in the world! So lazy and selfish!

Give me comic book characters talking about social issues.
Give me Officer Grayson talking about police brutality and corrupt police forces.
Give me Bruce Wayne talking about gun control.
Give me Diana Prince talking about immigration.
Give me Clark Kent talking being a refugee.
Give me Stephanie Brown talking about domestic violence and teen pregnancy.
Give me Harper Row talking about the dangers of being an openly queer woman.
Give me Duke Thomas talking about modern racism and the unfairness of the foster system.
Give me more Matt Murdock talking about being blind and successful.
Give me Jason Todd talking about how addiction and organized crimes ruin families.
Give me Roy Harper adressimg the issues that come with modern culture’s glamorization of drug abuse.
Give me Cass Cain and Barbara Gordon talking about being disabled women.
Give me Helena Bertinelli talking about being a biracial woman.
Give me Billy Batson talking about the foster system.
Give me Kate kane talking about being a Jewish queer woman.
Give me more Virgil Hawkins, Icon, Raquel Irvine and other PoC characters addressing the social and economic issues that face modern PoC.
Give me more trans characters like Alysia Yeoh.
Give me jughead addressing asexual erasure.
Give me more characters like Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones, x-men.
Give me powerful characters using their positions as a method of education.

Honestly though if you view Zootopia, a movie that had deep, modern messages on racism, discrimination, and acceptance as nothing more than a ‘furry movie,’ you can just feel free to unfollow 🙂

‪#‎BREAKING‬: This week, thousands of Rohingya, minority Muslims in Myanmar, have fled persecution by taking to sea in boats.

Read Nicholas Kristof’s blog here.

Neighboring countries have been ignoring their right to asylum and have literally been pushing the boats back to sea. If this continues, thousands of people may die or fall victim to labor trafficking.

SHARE to shine a light on the lack of basic human rights for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Opinion on the Blake Short

Honestly, I sort of came in feeling like I’d be annoyed cause I’m distinctly worried that Blake, the girl with the most story, would be the only one with the a story trailer, Yet I honestly think this trailer just works at every level, (minus some stilted animation, but doing 3 shorts Im sure they had to cut corners not to take important time away from where it matters making the season look good) 

Story wise it does some important stuff, for one its really not about Blake at all, but about filling the important empathy gap for the white fang to feel morally ambiguous. Aside from having already jerks be racist, the Faunus as second class citizens narrative was never shown to us and as such its hard to feel for the White Fang and (especially with Adam the most unambiguously evil character aside from Salem, an actual demon and tyrion an insane killer)

Here in a tight package we build a lot of that empathy. We see a still active member of the white fang tell her story which does a number of good things.I adored.

1) It tells us Ilia was/is a normal person, who wanted what we want, and wasn’t extremist or nationalist, the fact that she happily passed as humans shows her sense of identity as Faunus wasn’t a big source of pride and puts the fault of her radicalization on humans without a drop of ambiguity to it.

2) From my perspective as a Hispanic person who grew up passing for white in the south, this narrative also rings distinctly true, and the subject of passing is a not wholey unusual subject, but feels a little less warn and more ethically complex then Velvet’s or Blake’s shown and described experiences. 

3) It Mirror’s  Blake’s life in Beacon and shows how the people around you can change the outcome of a similar event. It begs the question of would Ilia be a terrorist if her friends had been more like RWY, even if in Weiss’ case racist, still invested in her as a person after she was outed.

4) It’s an actual modern example of racism in the show, especially racism as disinterest in the lives of others, a utter lack of empathy. Ilia’s friends totally and completely see Faunus as some other that isn’t to be concerned with. This complete lack of empathy ends up feeling more dark imo then someone saying mean names, and its telling that this complete lack of empathy is what emotionally pushes Ilia over the edge. This story does more to explain the White Fang then 100 scenes of Cardin the class bully, bulling a faunus.  

5) It leaves us with two sides of Ilia in the final shots, Both an Ilia that watches, but does not hurt Blake, one who we can view as a human and a person of empathy, and two the shot of her explaining “I broke their teeth.” Painting a very good mental image that her mercy is limited, and ethically she is not at all opposed to violence. (I also find it interesting that Ilia as merciful is shown in the present and Ilia as violent is shown in the past, inverted from the emotional expectations, I don’t think there’s anything to this besides a fun inversion.) 

All and all I think its one of the better writing bits in the show, and I hope more villains are given this treatment in their own way. Most importantly, I really hope Yang’s short is a story short. The girl needs more story pls.

Highschool. Oh highschool. I place that used to be for education and friendship has turned into a place of obedience and bullies. Test scores and graduation rates are more important than mental health. They do not teach you the slaughter of Native Americans, or the struggle of modern day racism, or the fight for gay rights. They do not teach you about sexual violence, oppression, and abuse. They never teach you about the real world. But they will make sure you know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, how to find the slope of a line, and all the fancy facts about the presidents of America. They sugar coat everything, never show the raw truth. Teachers ignore children in need, children being bullied, children who are contemplating suicide. Maybe if we taught more about mental health and did not make it such a stigma we would increase the amount of children who come forward for help. Highschool is not about education and truth, it is all about trying to make every child’s mind work the same way. No room for creativity, imagination, growth, or health. Just make sure those test scores are high.

the real o’neals: we are a LGBT+ friendly show 

the real o’neals: *makes the only lesbian in the show the punchline*

the real o’neals: *has only like 2 poc that appear once in while*

the real o’neals: *does subtle blackface* 

the real o’neals: *perpetuates gay stereotypes*

the real o’neals: *makes biphobic jokes* 

the real o’neals:  f r i e n d l y 

The dictionary definition of racism was written a very long time ago and not by a person of colour. It doesn’t allow us to have a conversation about modern-day racism. If you’re not aware of it, then make yourself aware of it. Racism isn’t just calling someone something, it’s a whole system. If you think we live in an equal society, you’re living in a daydream. You need to recognise that there is such a thing as white privilege and you can be homeless and still have white privilege, because you can still have a better chance of getting out of homelessness than a person of colour in the same position.

Munroe Bergdorf, after being sacked by L'Oreal for speaking about white privilege

anonymous asked:

Hey.. i know this isn't 1d related but i know that you're knowledgable in history and wanted to ask.. its about the moors??i came across this page and people were arguing back and forth i also did my own research but i just wanted your input.. some say they were black others arab muslim.. can you post on this pliz. Thanks.

I feel like that discussion was being had by people who aren’t very knowledgeable about the fundamentals of history, geography, religion, race or anthropology. None of the things you mentioned are mutually exclusive. Therefore, whatever point they were trying to make is moot. “Black” refers to race. “Arab” refers to an ethnic group and “Muslim” refers to the religion of Islam. So, it’s possible to be all three. That said, I understand people’s confusion because even some reference materials get it wrong. That’s because people write history books and some historians are racist and try to mold the facts to fit their world view. As a matter of fact, that’s been a big problem for a very long time. History is generally taught from a decidedly white (supremacist) pov.

The notion that the Moors weren’t black is a relatively new one, historically speaking. Before racism became a major thing, it was known and accepted that the Moors–yes those Moors that included Hannibal the Great–were black Africans.

Ancient coins commemorating Hannibal conquering part of Europe on elephant-back:

Fast forward to Medieval times:

On the right you have St. Maurice, the Moor meeting St. Erasmus on the left.

Then there’s Shakespeare’s Othello:

Since those times Moorish people have thoroughly mixed with other peoples and migrated across the world. You can find lily white people in England carrying Moorish genetic markers. That doesn’t mean the ancient Moors were white. That means they mixed with white people. Today, genetically speaking, you’ll find the most homogenous Moor bloodlines in Mauritania:

and Mali:

Contrary to popular belief, ancient history and anthropology are imperfect sciences. At any given time, you’re working with what we know now, which isn’t all there is to know. But as far as the Moors, I think the current historical record has pretty much settled on their origins. African people did not just roam Africa waiting to be “discovered” by white people. Actually, black Africans were all over the place, contributing greatly to civilization, exploration, science, trade, the arts–you name it. And pre-modern racism, white people like Herodotus, for example, acknowledged that and had much admiration and respect for black Africans. Many white Europeans came to Africa for higher education (in places like Timbuktu, Mali and Alexandria, Egypt) and to bring that knowledge back to Europe. People who don’t know that are fundamentally mis-educated. It’s 2017. Let’s do better.

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my country was destroyed my communism, my people killed and hurt irreversibly, the scars of it still in effect today. my family and I despise communism for what it has done. but despite that I will try to understand why Americans who've never been to a third world country like it so much. why? why do you want it?

im a communist because i dont know how people can look at the misery of capitalist countries and the third countries being exploited by capitalists and think this is the only system that works. how can you look at homeless people starving on the streets while houses lay empty, how can you look at people working multiple minimum wage jobs just to pay rent while their boss gets richer, how can you look at the destruction companies are making to the environment because they want profit (destruction thats eventually going to lead to widespread death around the world of people who cant afford to live somewhere habitable while the ceos stay safe and keep destroying the earth, how can you look the misery people feel in their every day lives because of the way capitalism works and not want something better? how do you justify people starving while farmers burn crops and grocery stores throw out food for no reason, how do you justify the way women are even further exploited under capitalism, and the way the modern concept of racism and slavery were developed as an excuse for early capitalists to make more profit, how can you justify the deaths of people who die from preventable disease because they couldnt afford medicine all while insurance companies and pharmaceuticals cost 1000x more for medicine than it actually costs to make, how can you justify the years of 18 hour work shifts and child labour that the capitalist class only unwillingly gave up because of socialists? how do accept the miserable conditions workers are living in in factories in the world making millions for ceos, how can you justify the senseless wars supported by capitalists for more oil money as they bomb children? how can you accept the murder of left wing dissents by politicians and companies when people threaten their profit. how can you not want a different system than capitalism

So it turns out that America has gone so far backwards it’s literally gone Neanderthal. Actually, that’s probably an insult to Neanderthals.
It’s funny because I was under the impression that we had learnt from World War Two. I thought we’d pretty much confirmed that this shit is unacceptable and that really, it should never happen again. And yet here we are.
Honestly, it makes brexit look pretty easy, I can’t imagine what it must be like over there now.
We can’t do much outside of America other than point out the fact that racism just lowered the bar even further, it’s now six feet under and these morons are still tripping over it. We can help to unravel what’s happened but the decent people of America need to really get their game on. Anything at all, even calling out casual remarks at work or making sure your kids understand why this shit is wrong, small things make a difference.
Your president won’t even call it by its name, or acknowledge it, because it put him in power and his greedy little fingers won’t let go, and he only released a statement today because his publicist probably got down on their fucking knees and begged him to do it.
Hate is spreading, it’s everywhere and thanks to the morons who voted in these apathetic leaders who care only for the linings of their purses, they have a voice, and unfortunately the colour of their skin or their religion dictates whether it’s a tolerated voice.
If you voted Trump, you caused this.
If you said Hilary wasn’t a suitable leader, you caused this.
If you said the black lives matter movement was just a bunch of people overreacting, you’re part of the problem
I’m not perfect, hell I picked a fight with the vegan community a few weeks back, but shit son, this is just disgusting.

evie-a  asked:

How do you properly deal with everyday racism in novels that aren't about racism but are set in modern day? Specifically racism against black people. E.g. Police brutality, stereotypes ("Are you part of the cleaning staff?" "Are you the first one in your family to go to college?" "Is your dad still around?"), name-associations ("Your name is *stereotypical AfricanAmerican name* they're not going to hire you").

Incorporating Micro-Aggressions in Writing

Since you’ve asked about racism geared specifically towards Black people take a look at the post Common Micro-aggressions: African Americans and/or Black People.

As for including micro-aggressions into a story, here are some pointers:

Mind Intersectionality: Many things factor in and how and what racism a PoC might face such as being a Black man vs. a woman due to associated stereotypes, being fat, trans, gay, dark-skinned vs. light-skinned and so on. 

For example: a middle to upper-class Black person who dresses, speaks, and acts in a way that conforms to society ideals of upstanding will likely be slapped with respectability politics more regularly (she’s not like those other Black girls/ I’m Blacker than you/you’re an oreo/) versus one who doesn’t.

They might be more often be viewed as ghetto and trashy, have AAVE spoken back to them mockingly, their speech corrected, overall treated more poorly, but note: respectability doesn’t save even the most “socially-acceptable” Black people, especially the moment one acts in a way they don’t like (e.g. passion or any raise of the emotion = angry, sassy, a violent threat).

Anti-Blackness is a Thing: Prejudice doesn’t just come from White people, but from People of Color too, especially towards Black people (there’s a version of the n-word through multiple cultures). Solidarity among PoC is not a given. I’ve faced store-following, stereotyping, and lack of understanding of my struggles from Non-white people too. I don’t encourage placing much of this in your story, but it feels like omission to leave out this fact. Although I’d actually like to see more POC solidarity and relationships in stories.

Don’t overdo it. If the character’s arc is not meant to be about racism, then don’t make it about racism. Facing micro aggressions is a part of their life, but not the subplot of their story. I don’t have a magical number of how many you should include (though 1-4 is plenty), however every situation they stumble in shouldn’t include a racist encounter.

They Can Come from Anyone: You really never know where you’re going to get hit with racism and from whom. I’ve encountered extremely kind old white men and extremely racist purse-clutching middle-aged white woman (and the exact reverse!). Realistically, one can’t necessarily know who will be/say racist things. Location is a factor too, such as being in a place where people aren’t use to PoC being around (which often onsets staring and suspicion, though it can happen anywhere).

Consider other daily struggles: I once read a story where a Black woman, being held against her will, was given provisions and being forced to ‘be comfortable’ and make any requests she wished, to which she noted how the provided shampoos wouldn’t work for her hair and requested the right products.

If micro-aggressions are being included for realism’s sake, note that blatant micro-aggressions are not the only way to go when including indicators for that ‘authentic’ touch. Sometimes it’s a matter of not being able to find your foundation color at a store or, alternatively, being surprised when you do (stores seem to be getting better at this these days).

Writing Reactions to Micro-Aggressions

Reactions to micro-aggressions vary. Consider a character’s situation and/or personality on what you feel their reaction might be to racism. Sometimes it’s not possible to act on the way one feels inside, such as in a work, formal situation, or given power dynamics.

Here are some starters:

  • Condemning silence, frown or look
  • Closed-off behavior (Crossing arms, looking away)
  • Visual discomfort (Uncomfortable laughter, shifting stance)
  • Questioning self (Did that just happen? Did he really just call me that?)
  • Brushing it off. “Whatever.” “This happens all the time.” “Let’s just go.”
  • Forced friendliness (Like smiling, but gritting your teeth at the ignorance)
  • Snarky refute of comment (You call me chocolate? I’ll call you mayo.)
  • Telling off or calling out the behavior (“That was rude.” “Why would you say that?”)
  • Verge of tears or having some fall (whether in frustration, sadness or both. More likely if they’re not used to this treatment, but everyone is different. I teared up the first time a white woman clutched her purse when I walked by. Now I roll my eyes to outer space.)

NOTE: No matter what reaction an affected character has, you, the author, should not dismiss this behavior and therefore ‘okay’ it to the audience. Showing it is wrong in some way or another (using another character, refuting the prejudice thought later) is ideal.

I hope this was helpful to you and happy writing,

~Mod Colette