It baffles me how people can’t connect modern racism to historical racism. It’s easy to disconnect ourselves from racist sentiments and institutions of the past and deem them abhorrent while justifying present day racism in the same breath.

Soooooooooooooo I wake up to this dragging of Rachel Dolezal this morning and I am heavily amused by this train wreck of a situation !!!!! It’s just a mess and then her family exposed her on the news !!! But then I’m like you married a black man when you were “white” like how did he as a black man allow you to get away with this garbage of a disguise !!!?? Like she literally walking around in them Christina Aguilera box braids like she with us !!! And it’s sad because she been fooling a hell of alot of people with this mess, like being black is not a fetish or a costume you just decide to put on !!! And course she’s passing with alot of people because she would be considered a bi-raical black woman and she’s tanning her skin to be darker but not too dark because she wouldn’t be able to get away with it.  And this transracial mess yall Rachel supporters are trying to spin,please don’t come here with it because we are prepared to serve each and every one of you today *WARNING*. As a black woman I can’t wash my skin color to white or white passing, I can’t wake up one day and decide to become another race other than what God made me !!! That’s the part that upsets us, ya’ll torment us about our skin, hair , noses, lips, our bodies etc. Police are EXTERMINATING US and yall are basically okay with it !!! We can’t change that we are black, but as soon as any other culture adopts our blackness the crickets chirp with yall !!!! It’s disrespectful, disgusting, offensive, racist and demeaning to black people. Let’s see what kind of sympathy and book deals and movies this little black face Halloween costume comes with……………….

THIS is modern racism

This isn’t doctored in any way

So i googled top 50 black girl names and was a little upset that all the search results were “Ghetto” names

But before i brought my outrage here and out of curiosity I said to myself i wonder what would happen if I searched top 50 white girl names

THIS is what we black people have been trying to explain to everyone. Racism isnt just about hating one for the color of their skin. It is the systematic tearing down of black people. you search black people and its all about being ghetto and hood. but under white you get “pretty” “all american” “popular”. The search engine doesnt even acknowledge white as a race in the results. Yet black automatically is associated with a culture of ghetto humorous mistakes.  Modern racism isnt about malicious attacks. Its about the entire system.The entire american system is racist, raising and educating racism to a point where racism is just normal. Where something as simple as wanting your childs name to be “black” is shunned and perceived as uncouth.

All of us have been told throughout our lives to name our children something “less ethinic” because a name like Monique or Shaquan wont get their resume read. Ive heard a counselor tell a girl with locs if she wants a job she’s going to have to cut those things.  Back then i never thought about the racism in such a statement. For a black teacher to just say so nonchalantly if your act black you wont succeed is baffling.

THIS is modern racism. and I’m afraid it will never end
White Fragility: Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism -
Dr. Robin DiAngelo explains why white people implode when talking about race.

Thanks sensei-aishitemasu for sharing this with me. It’s super intense because it wraps together all those things you knew, or kinda felt about the discussions of race with white people, but just hadn’t put it into a framework.
White Woman Points BB Gun at Cops, Shouts 'Shoot Me,' Is Fine
A 66-year-old white woman in Connecticut is alive and unharmed, despite brandishing a realistic-looking BB gun outside a police station, then pointing it at officers while shouting “Boom boom boom” and “Shoot me!”
By Anna Merlan

Can anyone help me understand why she wasn’t shot and killed within 2 seconds of the police arriving? Or is that option only available for 12 year Black children?

The Lewd Luke / Zero to Jesse racism thing, a little extra

I think it’s interesting that the day the LEWD LUKE video is set to private, I also received this non-Tumblr DISQUS message from someone out there in the (how can there even be a) non-Tumblr world. I suspect it might even be the world-renowned Lewd McLuke himself! (Although of course there’s no proof, but if I were a gambling man I’d bet a sizable wager…)

My reply?

Hahahahahahaha! I find a few things hilarious myself! Here is a list of them:

  • I find it hilarious how many white gay men are uneducated, about themselves, about their world, about modern racism and homophobia, and yet they think they have a chance arguing about these things with people who run intellectual circles around them.
  • I find it hilarious that white gay men have such little to offer the debate (because they’re uneducated) that they can only try to derail and ridicule – but who can blame them when that’s just what people do when they don’t understand something – they make fun of it.
  • Studies have shown that many over-privileged white people feel relatively under-privileged compared to people of colour because they see attempts to create equality as “special treatment”, being ignorant of the fact that the society they live in automatically provides “special treatment” to whites.
  • The same studies have shown that anger is the main motivating emotion that causes these over-privileged white people to fight against attempts at equality. So it would stand to reason that the motivating emotion for the comment above was anger, which is ironic since this emotion is being masked by a request that people “lighten up”.
  • The other thing I find hilarious is that, whilst white gay men continue to make silly, easily overcome arguments and attempt to derail discussion and analysis of modern forms of racism and homophobia, the rest of us are becoming educated and getting more vocal about changing the status quo. Why is that hilarious? Because it means one day the same white gay men will wake up and find themselves out in the cold, with no one who agrees with their ignorant, small-minded bigotry.

Subtle Racism

In 8th grade I began dating an African American boy, and right away he asked me if it was alright with my parents, and what they’d think of him. He seemed very worried that it wouldn’t be okay. At the time I thought that was a ridiculous concern.. It wasn’t until later I realized how sad this really was. How someone or something had made this boy feel inferior because of his race. He grew up thinking a white girl’s parents would hate him, be disgusted by him, and even prohibit a relationship. This wasn’t 50 years ago, or even 10, this is modern America. Ignoring subtle racism doesn’t change the fact it’s here.
How Urban Design Perpetuates Racial Inequality--And What We Can Do About It
Our cities weren't created equal. But they don't have to stay that way.

Cities are complex organisms shaped by myriad forces, but their organization bears the fingerprints of planners and policy makers who have shaped them for decades. At the root of many of these practices is racism, and modern cities bear the legacy of that discrimination.

In 2016, it remains the case that the majority of the people who plan, design, and build our communities and cities lack the diversity of those same communities and cities. It is a big problem that is not being addressed or taken seriously at the broad scale and scope necessary to make a meaningful impact.” ~  Justin Moore

In cities in the United States, we cannot pretend that all bodies have the freedom to move through, occupy, and enjoy public space. The perception of black and brown bodies gathering in public space routinely reads as suspect, criminal, or illegitimate. Peoples’ rights to convene or congregate becomes interrupted, sometimes—ever more frequently—through limitation, denied access, and force. If your very existence is read as a violation, is public space really for you? What looks and feels safe to some in public space—like security cameras and police as traditional forms of surveillance—can be experienced by others as another dimension of the state violence.” ~  Isis Ferguson

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SO, I want to talk to the people who don’t understand modern racism while this is fresh in the news cycle. The ones who cant comprehend why racism is beyond hatred and discrimination and is a more systematic problem of white dominance in America.

But first lets lay a foundation here. People join fraternities/sororities for a few reasons.

  • They feel that the organization does a lot of things(usually charity work) that will look good on a resume
  • They like the organizations reputation and want the same thing
  • They like the resources they will have being apart of the organization.

Colleges are steeped in traditions and the fraternities/sororities on the campus have even deeper roots. My parents and THIER parents went to Tuskegee University(PRIDE of the swift growing south. U KNOW!) and my uncles are all frat. So we all know every word to ever chant. there maybe one or two that they know they I don’t and vise versa. BUT Ive heard the classics and they’ve heard the new.

What some people are refusing to understand about Racism in America is that white dominance has created a glass ceiling which will keep majority blacks below the poverty line. 

Its all speculation as to how long Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been chanting this song. But from the words it could be as old as 60yrs(When Colleges were first becoming integrated). Or even giving them the benefit of the doubt I would still say at least 8yrs old(assuming the seniors learned it when they were pledges). SO lets say eight years of breeding this and 10 pledges a year… So 80 white men out in the professional world, in a position of power looking out for their brothers that they helped bred to put them in a position of power…

Even still, some of these guys were legacy, meaning their parents were involved. If this video had never came out these men would have been behind closed doors of a local chapter, shaking hands with other SAE members laughing and reminiscing about the days when they would chant “No niggers..”. And Just like that, the exchange of power from one racist to another. Now Please don’t read this and think I’m saying all Sigmas. Because I’m not. Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. of Atlanta(my hometown) Is on the list of SAE members and was a great asset in desegregating Georgia. But what I am saying is that Modern racism is completely different from blatant racism.  What I am trying to get you to understand is that OU kicked these men out, But SAE DID NOT