Ci sono i sognatori e ci sono i realisti, a questo mondo.
I sognatori spesso trovano i sognatori e i realisti trovano i realisti, ma più spesso di quanto si pensi succede il contrario.
I sognatori hanno bisogno dei realisti che gli impediscano di volare troppo vicino al sole.
E i realisti.. beh, senza i sognatori potrebbero non alzarsi mai da terra!
—  Modern Family
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A 17 year old girl felt that she needed to get breast reduction surgery because the only conversations that involved her as an actress and as a person were solely about her cleavage. She described how developing an F cup size breasts at sixteen made her feel uncomfortable due to the attention old men would constantly give her. Now, after the reduction surgery, men are complaining that she should’ve just embraced her body, as if the majority of men don’t shame women’s bodies on a daily basis. Now men are taking it as a personal insult that she felt like she needed to go through breast reduction, as if her being a seventeen year old girl and having to make that kind of decision about her body due to how society treated her wasn’t an extremely hard life choice. Ariel Winter continues to suffer sexist remarks about getting her breasts reduced. But no, sexism and misogyny aren’t serious issues that affect the day to day lives of women, right? 

“As a child, I was completely and utterly in love with the girl next door. I talked to my sister about it, and she said that I shouldn’t talk about it. That’s the standard Catholic thing: if you ignore it, it will go away. At the time, being gay was still considered a mental disease. I hated myself for not being normal. I ate a lot (as a comfort situation) and I was exasperated. I was cowering in the closet, terrified that someone would know my dirty little secret. I didn’t have Modern Family or Will and Grace. I thought I was the only one. It was difficult to accept that I was this person. But when I got my fake ID and went to my first gay bar, I felt like I was home. There was a big old monster dagger butch sitting at the bar who screamed at me, ‘Hey, baby butch, come here!’ Her name was Al, and she raised me. The media portrays butches as fat and stupid – we beat our wives, cause fights, and drive trucks. My entire life has been trying to put a positive spin on what it is to be butch. Butches do everything – we cook, we clean, and, of course, we take care of our femme. With the younger generation, there’s more feminism attached to what it means to be butch. At 57, I still do old-school stuff, like opening doors for my finance. But when I open a door for a woman, I’m not implying she’s weak. To me, it’s a matter of politeness and respect. I’ll a open a door for a man! When it gets down to brass tax, I think the point of feminism is to not be so influenced by what other people think. I don’t put up with shit with anyone and I never have.” 

- Lea DeLeria in our new episode of the What’s Underneath Project. For her full story, watch her video!


Our generation is more diverse, more educated, and more open-minded than the generation before, and our homes reflect that viewpoint. While many of us might not mate for life or have kids at 22, we’re still having families. They just look a little different than they did before. The modern family of the future may not even be entirely human.