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Name: Aisha

Gender: Unicorn -.-

Hours Of Sleep: during the summer about 10-13 hours lol and when school like 4-8 hours

Last Thing I Googled: Belarus

Nickname: Aish, Kh, Mushak, Munchkin, Bassan

Sexual Orientation: Ranveer Singh

Height: 5'2

Favorite Color(s): Navy Blue, red

Places That Make Me Happy: Home, India

Number Of Blankets: 2 lol even in June

Favorite Film: Bawarchi, DDLJ, Hero no.1, Queen, 3 Idiots, Lootera, ZNMD, Awaara, Jaanwar

Favorite Book: The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Last Book I Read: Eat Pray Love (currently reading)

Last Thing You Said To A Family Member: [to mom] watch out so you don’t push me down

Favorite Food: samosas and pizza

Last Movie You Saw At The Theater: Fast7

Dream Vacation: The whole world

Dream Wedding: Simply but beautiful, not too big

Dream Pet: A kitten

Dream Job: Dream you said? Actress/filmmaker/philanthropist/School owner

Last Holiday: Czech Republic

What Are You Wearing: Patrol coloured jeans and a baseball shirt that says Harlem 23 lol

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Why lizards need elephants to survive

by Jason G. Goldman

Somewhere in Africa, a lizard survives thanks to an elephant. Ecosystems are nuanced arrangements, and it isn’t always obvious how the different pieces of the ecological puzzle snap into place. Lizards, it turns out, rely on the debris created by elephants as they trample trees. Shards of wood and leaves haphazardly left behind by marching pachyderms provide good cover for a small lizard to escape the piercing talons of a hungry raptor. Kill the elephants, and the lizards could suffer.

Some 10,000 years ago as the Pleistocene unfolded across the planet, 80 percent of mega-herbivores – those critters larger than 1,000 kilograms, like modern elephants – would become wiped out. Some of them suffered due to climate-related changes that swept across the globe, but many of them were ultimately driven to extinction through overhunting. In the late Pleistocene, there were some 42 such mega-herbivores.

Today, only eight remain. Together with other large herbivores (between 100 and 1,000 kilograms), Earth’s plant eaters are in serious decline. Indeed, the waves of extinction and biodiversity loss that began in the Pleistocene may be continuing today in Africa and in Southeast Asia, where the very recent extinction of Western black rhinos is a salient reminder of our own species’ disproportionate affect on our planet’s wildlife.

Today, there are 74 herbivores larger than 100 kilograms still grazing and browsing the leaves, branches, and stems of our pale blue dot. Earlier this month in the journal Science Advances, a group of researchers led by Oregon State University ecologist William J. Ripple reviewed the conservation status of those mammals, outlining both the threats they face as well as the consequences of their extinction or extirpation…

(read more: Conservation Magazine)

photographs: Plains Elephant by Ikiwaner; Agama mwanzae by MC Siedlergame; Gerrhosaurus major by Haplochromis;

Macrauchenia patachonica, a litoptern ungulate from the Miocene and Pleistocene of Argentina (7 million - 10,000 years ago). Standing about 1.8m tall at the shoulder (5′10″), it was one of the few South American ungulates to survive the invasion of competing species from the Great American Interchange.

It had an odd skull, with nostrils set high up between the eyes, and while it looks like there was some sort of soft-tissue structure attached there it’s not clear just what it was doing with its nose. Most reconstructions give it a flexible trunk, but the bones lack the sort of muscle attachments seen in other trunked animals. (In fact, it almost looks like a mammal trying very hard to be a sauropod dinosaur…)

So instead of a trunk I’ve restored Macrauchenia here with a big fleshy inflatable structure running down its snout. Similar to the modern saiga and elephant seal, this might have been used to filter out dust and conserve moisture, or perhaps for sexual display.

dungeontraverser asked:

The sharp teeth, compressed and serrated like a palaeolithic spear point, and the powerful sharp-pointed curved claws on the feet, prove the carnivorous habits of these dinosaurs. The well-finished joints, dense texture of the hollow bones and strongly marked muscle-scars indicate that they were active and powerful beasts of prey. They range from small slender animals up to the gigantic Tyrannosaurus equaling the modern elephant in bulk.

Tell nanounit video game big iron calling on you. serrated? equaling? bulk?

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name: matt
nicknames: nerd
birthday: august 30
age: 14
starsign: Virgo
height: 5'4 or 5'5
sexual orientation: demisexual
favorite color: every type of blue except that blue screen computer virus blue
time right now: 8:00 am
average hours of sleep: 7-ish
lucky number: yikes idk
last thing i googled: dog personalities
word that comes to mind: quack
happy place: my room. anywhere with tyler
number of blankets: 1 and it weighs 20 pounds and im always going to share that
fav fictional characters: amethyst and pearl from steven universe princess bubblegum from adventure time probably way more im forgetting about
fav famous person: gerard way
celeb crush: :/
fav book: i forget the author but its called feed and i read it in seventh grade but it was really good from what i remember
fav bands: twenty one pilots my chemical romance the front bottoms cage the elephant modern baseball
last movie i watched: girl interrupted
dream trip: a road trip to anywhere
dream job: i want to be in a band and i want to work in movie production and like 20 other things
what am i wearing rn: a t shirt and sweatpants

who im tagging: its not letting me @ people so whoever wants to do it ! p>
9 sobering facts about California’s groundwater problem
For nearly a century, Californians have drained an incredible amount of water from the ground to grow crops and water landscaping. But the practice is not sustainable, and the water has not returne...

Some of these facts remind me of Ripley’s Believe it or Not. For Example:

California now is pumping water that is 20,000 years old. Groundwater levels have been at historic lows in most of the state since 2008, according to the California Department of Water Resources. People are drilling so deep to find water – sometimes thousands of feet – that the water being pumped to the surface seeped underground when California still was home to mastodons, an ancient creature that resembles modern elephants.

Californians drained about 125 million acre-feet of groundwater (about 41 trillion gallons) from the Central Valley between 1920 and 2013, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That’s the equivalent of draining about a third of Lake Erie or, put another way, enough fresh water to provide every person on Earth with a 30-year supply of drinking water.

California is sinking at a record pace – one farmer in the Central Valley reported his land sank more than 18 inches last year.


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