So who wants to read...

An urban fantasy book about secrets, demons and the gods reborn into the modern world? 

A book about a witch with the ability to steal memories and ideas, who takes the inspiration from an artist? 

A book with an autistic main character with the rare ability to see these spirits? (Although he has no magic or superpowers of his own, only the gift of seeing them in others). 

A book with a half-human half-demon all sarcasm, gay warlock named Fox?

A book about the adventures the pair of them have as they attempt to learn the secrets of the city and find the witch Magdalena Proud? 

A book with an ace boy possessing the curious ability to communicate with others in dreams? 

A book with a non-binary demon hunter so skilled they’re the fame of the town?

A book where crimes are solved through a vigilante network of disabled characters clubbing together to show why they should be taken seriously? 

A book with POC witches with their cultures and communities behind them?

A book where the devil is a gay black man named Luci (”Lucy” short for Lucifer) who’s not evil he swears, he was an angel once after all and besides, is it his fault religion can be so homophobic? 

You do? 

Then you’re in the right place. Give us a follow for: 

- Each chapter of the book as I edit and rewrite my first draft 

- Quotes, spilled ink and extracts

- Extra info about the story and characters, drawings, fan art and all sorts of exclusive stuff 

- Short stories featuring other adventures of the characters based on prompts I come across here on Tumblr.  

- Short stories about all of the characters mentioned above that I don’t think get enough page time in the actual plot 

- Origin stories

Police Safety for the Black American

In light of recent events, I want to make sure that all my fellow brothers and sisters out there are safe so here is a little list for you on police safety.

  • If a cop stops you don’t say anything rude to the officer such as “why am I being stopped” or “I haven’t done anything”
  • Do not make any aggressive movements such as raising your hands or looking at them
  • Do not reach into your pocket or bag or anywhere else where your hands are out of sight. This gets difficult if the cop asks for ID but its best you don’t pull out your wallet anyway as explained in the next bullet
  • Don’t have anything that may look like a gun; such as a cell phone, wallet, or your hand.
  • Don’t have a history of anything. Make sure you, your friends, and your entire family are absolutely perfect.
  • Don’t go outside at suspicious times such as the hours between 7pm-5am and 5am-6:59pm. You have a one minute interval to be outside.
  • Don’t be seen in an area where you shouldn’t be; such as a black neighborhood, a store, or a white neighborhood.
  • And most importantly DON’T BE BLACK