Walk Away from the Monster

(SideWalking # 47 / Chauve Qui Peut !! #3)
Audioslave, Be Yourself
Basile Pesso-my BCN © 7 July 2 016
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A totally exceptional inverted vertigo that deserves the best, with superb details on bottom left. Click to see it in big please.
Fassade © Tobias Pilchmaier aka Mildly Offensive :

Facial Reconstruction of Bronze Age Woman from 3,700-Year-Old Skull Brings Her Story Back to Life

Although she has been dead for over 3,700 years, a woman known as Ava became the muse for a modern artist. By combining her ancient remains with modern software and imaging techniques, the appearance of the mysterious Bronze Age woman has been brought to light. What are the stories behind the mysterious woman, her strange burial, and controversial skull?

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‘War Is Over’

80 x 60 cm (32″ x 24″), oil on canvas

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Coming this fall: the first comprehensive U.S. retrospective of Francis Picabia, who curator Anne Umland calls “a true maverick within the fabric of modernism.” 

[Francis Picabia. Comic Wedlock. c. June-July 1914. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris]