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1. Kili and Tauriel for amralime​ -  thank you so much! their height difference really is adorable. Hope you like this one~

2. Bard and Thranduil for a mousy anon-san - I’m glad you do! I have so much ideas for them~ No, Thranduil. You can have your fun later /slapped

MATCHING TIES AGAIN~ and i’m so glad everyone’s liking the modern au. I’m having so much fun drawing them. 

feel free to send me any requests, and i’ll do my best to make them ♥  

Born on this day in 1878, Russian artist Kasimir Malevich founded the Suprematist movement. Suprematists believed that in the modern world, abstraction—rather than realism—best conveyed “the supremacy of pure artistic feeling.”

Supremus No. 18,” 1916–17, by Kasimir Malevich

You Are (Poetry Series Complete)

You are the last bus home

and the light underneath the door.

You are the stuff the sun dreams of

on its back

mid-day with nothing to do.

Be certain; you are light,

millions and millions of freckles of sky

are broken open in your chest.

You are where the birds want to be.

Bicycles and cola

and moon-roofs with sunshine

so your eyes squint-

this is what you are.

You are everything melting

and saving itself.

Don’t doubt.

You are screaming bone

and marrow

and celebrations of being alone.

You decided to be good

and you were,

and you are.

You are so many flowers


in so many books.

You are hallelujah

and coffee in the morning.


you are old church doors


tree stumps

and tall like telephone poles


you are flammable.

Remember you have burned.

You are all roots and fracture;

you keep music

in your collarbones.

You are every big ocean

bright pink

cornered mouth smiles

and tightrope-

thank you for existing.

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