My Silent Spring painting & it`s beautiful owner Angie <3

I`m so happy when my paintings & illustrations are finding their lovely homes !


 See Modern China Through the Lenses of Contemporary Artists   

Here’s how contemporary Chinese artists are telling the story about their country’s social and physical evolution.

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Stunning Artwork by Morgan Davidson 

American artist and Ringling College Graduate, Morgan Davidson draws stunning colorful illustrations of complicated characters and figures, which showcase her impressive talent. By carefully curating dynamic and layered subjects, such as a mineral, a turtle, an eye, or a mouth among many other figures, Davidson thoroughly exposes her talent of working with texture, watercolor and colored pencils. Each portrait delivers a skillfully composed hyper-realistic product with a vibrant touch. 

disney modern AU

Ever since she was little, Ariel knew she was going to be a marine biologist, just like her father. It wasn’t her dream, but she knew it made him happy. She even joined her school’s swim team, the Flounders for him.  

But after taking an Anthropology class in her freshman year, she knew she had to change her major. Her sisters think it’s because of Eric, the cute T.A for the class, but that’s not true. Ariel loved studying humans and different cultures. It was just so fascinating learning about people, and she knew this was the world where she belonged. She couldn’t wait to go someplace exciting on the annual anthropology trip; maybe get a souvenir for her collection!

Her father wouldn’t be happy about it, but he’ll come around…. eventually.

“Colors for a Large Wall”


Oil on canvas, sixty-four panels

94.5 x 94.5 in (240 x 240 cm)


Ellsworth Kelly

“Kelly arranged the sixty–four square panels of the grid in an arbitrary sequence, likening his method to the "the work of a bricklayer.” Using squares of commercial colored paper left over from a previous series of collages, he first made a study for Colors for a Large Wall. Then he precisely matched the hues of the papers with oil paint, and arranged the final, full–size panels in strict adherence to the paper study.“