It Takes Two—(Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: It was safe to say that you and James Buchanan Barnes didn’t get along, and, in truth, that was putting it mildly. A single disastrous date with him had left you wanting absolutely nothing to do with him, and it seemed that the feeling was mutual. That is until your best friend (and sneaky matchmaker) Steve Rogers brings you both together again by taking dance lessons at your studio. 

Pairing: dancer!Bucky x reader

Word Count: 5.7 K

Warnings: bad language because I’m a terrible person, mentions of drinking/being drunk, a tiny sprinkle of angst if you squint?, questionable writing

A/N: This is my VERY LATE submission for @after-avenging-hours‘ August AU Writing Challenge. I’m so sorry this took me so long to post! This was supposed to be a one-shot but because I have no self-control and too many ideas we now have a series. A special thank you to @winterbuttmunch for being my Beta. You should go and check out their stuff because it’s fucking fantastic.

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Part One

It was a gorgeous mid-October morning in Brooklyn. Autumn had finally decided to arrive, hitting the borough fast and hard and bringing some much needed relief from the blistering heat of summer. Oddly, New York City seemed more alive now that summer had sung its swan song. The sudden change in the weather had prompted a hastier, more drastic change in scenery, and it seemed like overnight every tree in New York had become a bright beacon of color. Summer’s shady emerald canopies had transformed into a sun-warmed mosaic of scarlet, russet, and gold—the falling leaves swaying in the wind and carpeting the ground in a sea of fire.

Even the human element of autumn had you drowning in joy and nostalgia. Shop windows were decorated with pumpkins, colored ribbons, and the occasional bit of burlap for that rustic feel. A few of your neighbors in your building had even covered their doors with Halloween wreaths and cobwebs in the spirit of the season. Bakeries were heavy with the rich, heady scents of cinnamon and nutmeg—their tendrils licking through the air and drawing in ravenous customers searching for something sweet.

Yes, it was definitely a magnificent morning. The type of morning that made you want to pour yourself a cup of coffee, melt into your couch, and just lounge in your pajamas all day with a good book. Maybe even curl up in your favorite old armchair by the windows, soaking up the rays of pale autumn sunlight as they filtered softly through the glass. Either way, you’d fully intended on being lazy. It was one of your days off; you had no errands to run or people to see, and days like that were few and far between.

Steve Rogers, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Since moving to the New York hellscape, Steve had become your closest friend and simultaneously the biggest pain in the ass you’d ever met. The very first time you’d ran into him, you’d been getting your mailbox squared away on the bottom floor. It was only your second day in the city, and your nerves were fried from the move and the sheer amount of unpacking you still had to do. He’d strolled up to the mailboxes with a half-smile tugging at the corner of his lips, his baby blues meeting yours for a split second. The man looked like a Greek god. 

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Flu (chapter 2)


‘D’ye think that’s squinty?’ asked Angus, standing back from his handiwork with his hands on his hips.

‘Is it what?’ Claire replied, mystified.

He gestured at his ‘GET THE FLU JAB’ poster, which had been prominently pinned up in the staffroom. ‘Is it squinty?’

She gawped at him, totally lost by his choice of adjective.

‘Adding decorator to your list of talents, Angus?’ asked a friendly voice from behind them.  Claire registered a change in accent, remembering the Highland doctor they had spoken about yesterday as she turned to face the newcomer.

She had forgotten to close her mouth and felt it drop open wider as she looked up at him. Easily over six foot tall, with striking blue eyes and a mass of red curls, he was simply the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

‘Och aye,’ said Angus dryly, ‘we can’t all ski, can we?’

The newcomer blushed slightly, the tips of his ears turning red. ‘Jamie Fraser,’ he said to Claire, extending a huge hand for her to shake. ‘I had a ski-ing accident two months ago.’

‘I’m glad you’re feeling better,’ she said, equally glad to hear her voice come out of her mouth in a relatively dignified manner.

‘Oh, you’re English?’

‘I’d tell you that he banged his head when he fell, but he’s always that dim. Gets by on his looks,’ winked Angus.

She laughed. ‘Yes. I’m from London.’

He begun to reply when their conversation was cut short by their pagers simultaneously blaring into life.

Over the next few hours, Dr Fraser proved to be more than a pretty face, dealing with several complex cases at once. Claire found him easy to work with, noting that he spoke to the nurses and porters with an easy respect and took no nonsense from a belligerent drunk.

As the chaos of the early evening subsided and the dark of the night fell, she found herself alone at the doctors’ station with him. ‘You’ve settled in well, Sassenach,’ he said quietly, pushing away from the computer and lifting his arms above his head.

She smiled and pushed her own chair back. ‘Yes, I like it here… what did you say?’

‘Sassenach. Outlander,’ he translated, smiling at her. 

‘I thought you were the teuchter,’ she replied, surprising herself with the quick reply.

‘Those Weegies have got to you, I see.’ He elbowed her playfully. ‘What I really mean, is that you forgot to introduce yourself.’

She blushed. ‘Oh. Claire. Claire Beauchamp.’

He repeated it after her with the French pronunciation. ‘Beauchamp, no?’

‘Anglicized, I’m afraid.’

He tutted. ‘It’s not your fault, I suppose.’

She rolled her eyes. ‘How’s your leg?’

‘Bit stiff,’ he admitted. ‘I couldn’t have any longer off though. I broke it right before the big snow came in October, couldn’t have been a worse time. McKenzie threatened to- well, I can’t repeat it in front of a lady-  if anyone else is off this winter.’

‘It is good to have another doctor here. It’s been so busy.’

‘I think we’ll be good together,’ he said.

As she walked home the following morning, the sky a beautiful red, she couldn’t help herself coming back to that comment, and whether or not she had imagined his eyes twinkling as he said it.

anonymous asked:

I’m looking for a story where Claire gets a job at a landscaping company owned by James Fraser. He’s sexy AF but he’s also married 🤭 😱 Angus and Rupert also work there and they’re hilarious. And of course, Claire is drooling all over Jamie 🤤 (who isn’t?), heavy flirting between the two and all that... I read through chapter 2 and thought I saw an update but can’t find! Please help a lady out!!

Hi nonnie, 

It’s “Mint & Thistles” by @ladyviolethummingbird and there is four chapters so far!

Happy reading, 

Watching Arya

Pairing : Jaqen H’ghar/ Arya Stark

Disclaimer : I own nothing.

Warning : Language, one word really. Some nudity. It’s pretty much fluff tho :)

Summary : Modern AU. Jaqen has been sent to Westeros to watch over Arya. Arya is 18, Jaqen is 26.

The window opened and he saw her, looking lovelier than ever and… wearing nothing at all.

Jaqen averted his eyes.

Don’t expose yourself like that, sweet girl. Not to this wicked world. Not to me.

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order now & get a two-for-one deal! [one-shot]

‘Tis no longer the season for giving, but Rey and Ben find themselves dealing with yet another unexpected surprise as they move into Varykino, plan their wedding, and prepare for the arrival of their firstborn.

Featuring: soft, domestic, fluffy Reylo and… wait, no, that’s it. That’s the fic.

If you read both parts of the Infomercials series and thought, ten cavities isn’t enough, I want SO MUCH SWEETNESS IT KILLS ME, today’s your lucky day! Here’s the third - and FINAL, for real this time - part of my ridiculously fluffy modern AU which started out with Ben catching feelings and somehow escalated into them getting engaged and expecting a kid.

Also available on AO3.

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