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[Paintings by Steven Michael Johnson for The @SMJ.Gallery]
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At the Museum: Designing the exhibition title wall for MoMA’s “Rauschenberg: Among Friends”

The opening of our new exhibition, #RauschenbergAmongFriends, is three weeks away and the MoMA graphic design team has an important design challenge to tackle: the exhibition title wall. Sit in on a design meeting with MoMA curator Leah Dickerman and see what factors are at play in crafting visitors’ first experience with an exhibition. Watch “At the Museum” on YouTube: 

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"Weren’t you supposed to take your fake high-school girlfriend (monophobicchild) to the library an hour ago?“

 [ scott pilgrim ]

      Fuck. What was he doing here, looking innocent, like a god damn teen. This could only be bad news and the hairs that stood up on the back of her neck made reassured her that this was going to be a nightmare. 

     “ … What are you planning? “ She mumbled, grabbing her knife from her sleeve, not even caring if it was bared on camera. Maybe Naito would pick up the distress – realize that the cameras were being tricked by that nasty illusion magic. 

      A breath, eyes staying on his figure. “ There’s only one reason a man of chaos would come to a school, ‘nd I get the feeling it’s not to hand out free safe water and food to the starving students. “ 

     That disgusting scent of fancy cologne was making her head hurt – though she figured he used it to distract her from the bigger concern.  “Well shit.” 


Lady Gaga’s music video, Judas, came out in the year of 2011. When this music video was released, there was an uproar in the religious world. Throughout the video that Lady Gaga created, there were different symbols referring to Jesus. This was viewed as disrespectful because she turned serious stories from the Bible into modern art. From the lyrics, to the outfits that were worn, and the accessories or props used, stories from the Bible can be clearly portrayed. For example, the lyrics ‘A king with no crown’, the accessories of cross jewelry, glitzy crown of thorns, and jeweled mace, and lastly, the action of drowning. All of these things play into the factor of Jesus being betrayed and killed on the cross. The lyrics ‘A king with no crown’ refers to a conversation between Jesus and Pilate on being king and what that means. This is just one of the many references to Jesus and even some of his disciples. The next piece of evidence that makes this religiously based are the props or accessories used to portray Jesus’ brutal killing. The man in the music video who was supposed to be Jesus was shown with instruments of the Passion, which were tools used to torture. Lastly, the action of drowning in the music video. Drowning can refer to one of two things, either the purification of someone (baptizing) or destruction of something. I am not religious, I am spiritual though and I do not think I would have noticed these things if they weren’t brought to my attention by the media. I think that people go TOO in depth when it comes to celebrities and their intentions with their art. I am sure if I was more religious this music video would raise some questions about Lady Gaga. 


When Artists Talk: Sebastiao Salgado on the Naked Landscape

Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado talks to the Luisiana Museum of Modern Art about his project ‘Genesis’ - a photographic homage to our planet in its natural state, dedicated to capturing the beauty of our planet and preserving it for the future.

The idea for 'Genesis’ began with Salgado becoming very ill after making the project 'Migration’ and experiencing the horrific violence in Rwanda. In an attempt to recover he returned to his childhood home, a farm in Brazil surrounded by a vast landscape covered with rain forest and full of incredible beauty.


This Thursday, April 27th, the Marron Atrium at @themuseumofmodernart transforms into a jazz club. Join us for an evening of live music featuring performances by @JonBatiste and @ELEWrockjazz, plus an after-party DJ set by @MeLoXtra. •

Purchase your tickets online at •

Every ticket supports The Friends of Education in their mission to raise public awareness of African American artists, support the Museum’s education initiatives, and encourage the participation of African Americans at MoMA. - (at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art)

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Btw, I noticed the rma guest locker room is rather miserable, some spare cheap ass wall shelves, even cheaper ass wall hangers and mismatched floors... Like a high school gym lol. Barca guest locker looks so much nicer and modern. I only noticed cuz I saw the photo of juve from the locker room recently. I guess after all the payments to refs there's not much money left for decorating lol

Hmm… I’ve been in the RMA locker room, but I think it looked ok? I mean I didnt like how the stadium looked from the outside and was kinda surprised it’s not outside of the city but in the middle (im not used to that). But the locker room looked ok??  

They will build a new stadium so then the locker room will be more modern. It’s a little dated but oh well. I like old skool stadiums more than these modern state of the art boxes with no history at all tbh. 

Anonymous said:
Oh my…. The drama…. I’m loving it! I can’t wait for the Ramos ban, it better be forthcoming or else!,,

I’m also curious to see the length of it, since it could have broken Leo’s leg or even worse tbh. Normally you get a 2 match ban, but seeing how dangerous this tackle was it could (and hopefully will) be more. I’m also really surprised by the fact that Sergio himself after the match not even could say it was a foul…

I’m btw also seeing people comparing his clapping with Ney’s, but Sergio’s was towards Geri and not towards the ref.

Anonymous said:
This match was so satisfying 💦

Such a great match. Seriously <333 I wanna watch it again xD haha.

Anonymous said:
Why is everyone saying Messi is holding a phone with Ney or calling Ney or smth I don’t get it.. I can’t even see anything properly on that picture, but maybe I see an outline of a child?? I figured it’s his son maybe?

Hahah, no I could see it was Ney. He was very happy and smiling in that photo maybe that’s why you thought it was a child? He gets that baby face ones he’s really happy. (so cute). He also confirmed it himself on Insta and later on also in that Barca backstage video :) (You know I dont post bs around here 😉 At least I try not to hahah.)

Anonymous said:
Aaaahahahaaa this made my day!! Neymar singing in the bathroom :DDD~

Let’s imagine he ‘s only wearing that snapback haha. 

Anonymous said:
So with Ney’s ban situation, is he allowed to play on Wednesday?

No, the first match he’s allowed to play will be against Espanyol. So he can prepare himself for some insane fouling again…
Rineke Dijkstra: A Retrospective

This volume is the first comprehensive monograph on Rineke Dijkstra to be published in the United States. The catalogue accompanies the first U.S. mid-career survey of this important Dutch artist’s work in photography and video; it features the Beach Portraits and other early works such as the photographs of new mothers and bullfighters, together with selections from Dijkstra’s later work including her most recent video installations. Also included are series that she has been working on continuously for years, such as Almerisa (1994–present), which documents a young immigrant girl as she grows up and adapts to her new environment. The catalogue features essays by exhibition curators Jennifer Blessing (Senior Curator of Photography at the Guggenheim) and Sandra S. Phillips (Senior Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art); an interview with the artist by Jan van Adrichem; interviews with the artist’s subjects by Sophie Derkzer; short texts on the artist’s series by Chelsea Spengemann; and the most comprehensive exhibition history and bibliography to date.
Rineke Dijkstra came to prominence in the 1990s with her celebrated Beach Portraits, large-scale color photographs of children on the verge of adolescence posed on beaches around the world, from South Carolina to the Ukraine. From that point on, her sensitive and visually riveting portraits have documented individuals caught in transitional states, sometimes due to physical exertion, for example after giving birth or dancing, or charted over time through series. Along with other Western European photographers such as Thomas Struth and Thomas Ruff, Dijkstra has been a leading innovator in the production of large-scale color images, which came to define contemporary photography in the 1990s and have transformed it ever since.

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This is a small series of artist Ai Weiwei taking a very old vase taken from a tomb in China and smashing it.  This is a very very controversial piece and no one really knows why he did it. Some say he wanted to severe ties that modern Chinese art had with it’s past and was a note to move on.