Modern Fantasy Things: Subways
  • subways that run on magic
  • ghosts and vampire conductors
  • goblins at toll booths licking metro cards to see if they have money on them
  • dwarves dug the original tunnels and are always digging new ones
  • elves riding completely still, unaffected by all the bumps and turns
  • hobbits, dwarves, and other smaller beings complaining about the lower railings always filling up first
  • underwater sections for merpeople
  • centaurs letting their friends sit on their backs when it’s crowded
  • rails under seats for gnomes, brownies, etc.
  • pixies and fairies sitting on high railings
  • witches bringing on cauldrons
  • runes/charms scrawled on seats and advertisements
  • florescent crystals and gems are the light
  • a train car possessed by the ghost of a dragon, never late but always smells like something is burning
  • train cars that levitate
  • train cars that arent corporeal


@reserve​ and i were talking about contemporary witch kylo on twitter dot com and we agreed a lot of it is probably just kylo buying too many crystals and trying to get hux to wear protective charms (and also kylo making up weird rituals to try to get hux to try new things in bed) ANYWAYS i really like the aesthetic

“Try not to burn the house down while I’m gone.”

Yet another Kylux Inktober drawing, a Modern Witch AU this time. 


“Our existence depends on sheer implausibility.”

Sense8 Witch AU

When eight witches of various talents from all over the world found themselves mentally linked, it was easy to assume that the cause was a spell gone wrong, or a curse gone right. But the machinations of the magical world seemed eager to prove it was a blessing in disguise. Discovering they could access each other’s skills, memories, and arcane abilities, the eight now find themselves hunted by the forces of evil, in forms both mortal and mystic. 

Can the Power of Eight be enough to save them?  

Writing Prompt #362

There had been tales of a witch’s cabin out in the woods for generations. My own mother recalled her grandparents warning her to stay away from the woods with insistence of certain danger and dark magic. But, of course, with twenty-first century technology on my side, I decided the trek would be worth it, if only to give me something to do for the weekend.

Verse: Witch AU (Modern)
Characters: Witch!Connor x Actor!Markus
Pairing: RK1000 (Markus x Connor)

Connor is a solitary practicing witch without a coven and lives a minimalist lifestyle in a small cabin in the forest. He is a skilled practitioner in arts of natural healing, palmistry, tarot and Wicca spell crafting. And he has clients on occasion who come to him to make use of his skills That is how he makes a little bit of extra money, but he grows his own food, lives off the land and lives simply.

But his quiet lifestyle and peace, however, are disturbed when a car crashes in the forests near him and he rescues a drunk, heavily injured down on his luck actor called Markus, and nurses him to health. Markus naturally is skeptical of everything that Connor does and sees witchcraft and all that it entails as nothing more than mumbo-jumbo and that his lifestyle and way of living is ridiculous - needless to say neither of them gets on with each other at first and it is a rocky period for them both.

But as Markus slowly heals over time and slowly recovers the more time he gets to learn and understand about Connor and why he lives the way he does and realises that maybe this, simple, live from what nature gives, minimal and stress-free lifestyle may just help him find his true self. Because being an actor was never his dream.

And so Markus finds himself becoming a better person during the time he spent with Connor and eventually manages to figure out where he wants his life to take him and whom he wants to share that with. He chooses to go down a more creative path and decides to become an artist and eventually Connor’s cabin houses two people instead of one.

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got any klance fic recs

boy do i!!!!!

lilac sky (M) by rinthegreat (ongoing, canon divergent, soulmate au)

denature (T) by papprika (ongoing, canonverse, galra keith)

dirty paws (G) by dreamicide (ongoing, modern au, cats, fluff)

shadow of the past and ghost of the future (T) by wittyy_name and zizzani (ongoing, linked fics, time travel, canonverse)

i’m going to sweep you off your feet (M) by adventures_in_writing (ongoing, modern au, ballroom dance)

knew from the first (T) by xintong (ongoing, modern vampire au)

the good side of bad karma (M) by klancekorner (ongoing, modern au, crime, celebrity)

the shattering of altea (T) by youareinacomawakeup (ongoing, modern au, virtual reality, mmorpg)

the shadow proves the sunshine (E) by hoddiemaine, ninke_a (ongoing, steampunk au)

reach out for you (break these walls) (T) by paladin-pile (oneshot, canonverse, hurt/comfort)

a mighty ocean or a gentle kiss (G) by cityboys (oneshot, post s6)

how to steal a prince (T) by ms_towa (oneshot, modern au, disneyland)

so let us not be lonesome (G) by perfchan (oneshot, post s6, roadtrip)

calling me to come back (T) by aknightley (oneshot, modern witch au)

all the way down (T) by speaks (oneshot, canonverse, festival, fluff)

foreign scenes (T) by bwyn (completed, travel au)

if you find you’re falling (M) by jilliancares (completed, post s6, fluff/angst)

costumed identities (T) by trashness (completed, modern au, cosplay)

the purity of sin (T) by icypanther (completed, langst, gen but really good k/l bonding)

this is honestly only a small fraction of the hundreds and hundreds of top quality klance fics out there, but i hope you all find something new to read on this list!!


more witch au Keith with his iguana Icarus  

Keith loves gems and stones he’s a crystal witch and he's amazing at spells and potions which the Acadamy loved about him but he’s bad at tasseography unlike Lance but the academy doesn’t really care about that as much as the others. one thing to help with that is he as a crystal for each of his friends Jasper/Hunk Blue Quartz/saphire/ Lance Ruby/Keith   Black Tourmaline/Shiro Peridot/pidge. And every time a crystal is giving out negative energy he knows one of his friends is in trouble or danger and if it’s cloudy and dark or just not as shiny as the rest it means they’re sad or depressed!((if is cracked it means they're dead or close to it)  lances gem was always unusually dull but Keith never payed it any attention , he thinks that just how it came out as))


Today i was watching some crappy ukrainian matchmaking tvshow and i present you DAT BOI

-he is edgy af
-he is mysterious and wont tell anything about himself
-he is a department chair of Vedic something-something and has ‘a mentor’
-of course no one wanted to date him

and also he is all kylux aus alltogether

so here we have

ben solo kyle ron


mysterious witch au kyle ron


sad myspace au kyle ron


lq matt the radar technician kyle ron


cheesy af modern au kyle ron


glam spoiled prince au kyle ron


and yeah

kyle ron kyle ron


yes, he was just like that: hilarious and stylish

Modern witch AU where Eren has moved into Levi’s town as per witch tradition, setting up an apothecary and healer shop with his abilities with herbs. Levi, with a persistent cold, ends up getting dragged here by a well meaning friend, and he leaves with an assortment of tinctures, and a crush on the green eyed brewer who smelled like mint and smiled like he knew something Levi didn’t. He keeps going back, even after his cold is cured.


I had in my mind for a while a modern !witch! Marinette AU for ML. I haven’t thought too far into it beyond it’s version of the scarf scenario though since I’v been occupied by certain other things, but! Marinette still makes Adrien a scarf, just with her own little magical witchy twist on it, I’m thinking like a charm to make it warm and toasty, or something protective even. And of course she still forgets to sign the card and Adrien has no idea it’s from her, or that there even is magic imbued into it in the first place insert possible darker AU where magic is looked down on even feared in some circles so what she’s doing is pretty dangerous

[Witch Boy AU] Credence Barebone

There was no denying that the boy was strange.
Dressed in black from head to toe, weird tattoos covering his arms, his nose always stuck in his books.
He rarely spoke to anyone - except to his cat when he wasn’t simply mumbling to himself.
Nobody really knew him, or knew about that tall, mysterious man who suddenly appeared in the neighboorhood.

I got inspired a lot by @dakotaliar‘s wondeful drawing of Credence for this aesthetic <3 I just love how she drew him ! I kept the original concept but added the ‘witch boy’ concept because I really like the idea.

Take a look at her work down here :D

modern witch! woozi au

• works with sigils and tea magick
• all the sigils that he designs are either about protection or for his friends or about music
• “can you draw me a sigil i have an exam next week” “that’s not how magic works you still need to study but ok”
• also likes to read tarot cards / divination in general
• except,,, seungcheol banned him from doing it in front of seventeen
• he did it for wonwoo, non-believer wonwoo realized the tarot cards were scarily accurate and he went into an existential crisis questioning everything he’s ever believed in
• seungcheol heard about it and banned jihoon from divinations
• best friend soonyoung still asks for them though
• likes letting jihoon know that he has someone who believes he’s not weird for all of this
• soonyoung may not believe in witchcraft but if it makes jihoon happy it’s all good
• has a GARDEN on his little balcony, and there are so many plants !!
• literally so calming to be in his house in general
• all of svt accepts the whole “i practice witchcraft” thing, just with varying degrees
• some don’t agree with it, but they’re not going to stop him
• “i practice witchcraft i’m scary” “you literally refuse to curse people and you talk to your plants lee jihoon what u tryna play”
• did i mention he talks to his plants because he does
• spends his free afternoons in his balcony garden songwriting and talking to the plants
• so how do you meet this soft boy?
• you’re moving into the apartment next to him
• and you meet him when you’re in the lift
• he’s on the phone and swearing super fiercely at the other person
• you’re like,, “wow this dude,, is kinda scary,,”
• that my friend, is lee jihoon swearing at kim mingyu over the phone because he broke a flower pot yesterday and tried to cover it up, but you don’t know it yet
• essentially you’re mildly scared of him because it feels like if you do something wrong he’ll rip your head off
• but,,, he gets off at the same floor as you,,, and you’re pRAYING,,,,,,,, but OH GOD HE’S YOUR NEIGHBOR
• you’re dead inside.
• after you finish moving all your boxes, you step out into the balcony to take a look at the view
• kind of maybe 90% of why you bought this flat but not the point
• and you turn and remember
• that balcony full of plants and flowers that you saw when looking at this flat,,, it belongs to the scary dude????
• you kind of want to laugh, because that DOES NOT MATCH HIS IMAGE
• and then you hear it again
• him swearing as he sweeps up fragments of a flowerpot “kim mingyu… the next time i see you i will KILL you…”
• that’s… kinda cute.
• but you’re not going to admit that instead you are going to go and actually settle in
• you set up bean bags on the balcony and like a lounge table to that you can read outside when you want to
• you don’t have classes the next day, so you try and get some reading (of your textbooks which you procrastinated) done
• so you sit down outside and read… and you end up drifting off
• when you wake up, you hear someone singing sweetly??
• it’s that garden dude !!!! singing !!!! like an angel !!!!
• your heart can barely take it he’s SINGING TO HIS PLANTS
• or maybe he’s composing outdoors but that sounds way less cute
• and oK maaaaaaybe you’re a little bit more than interested in him and you want to get to know him better
• universe has that covered hon
• the next week, you come back after school to him sitting outside his door, reading
• “are you okay?” “i locked myself out, but my friend should be over any time soon with the spare key i’ll be ok” “… do you want to come in?” “… kind of.”
• he’s very cute ,,, when you ask about his garden (bc let’s face it it is THRIVING) he gets all blushy and shy but he starts rambling about the symbolism of each plant and its uses
• it’s almost like talking to an old friend, and he’s basking in the sunlight like a cat and he’s SO CUTE
• of course all good things come to an end, and the boy, jihoon, has to go
• his friend is knocking on your door and asking if jihoon is in, and he goes back to his own apartment
• not without giving u his number, though ;-)
• outside: “is that the cute girl you-” “shut up, soonyoung”
• you two text a lot !! and he brings you food he’s cooked sometimes !!
• you study together because you’re both dying college students too, but it’s more you two chatting tbh
• and slowly… you fall more and more for him
• his smiles, his small quirks, his cuTENESS
• you like him so much,,, it scares you. you’ve never liked someone this much before.
• one day, you’re over at jihoon’s when soonyoung barges in using the spare key
• “the spare key is for emergencies, kwon.” “i know, this is an emergency!! i need a sigil for a smooth date!!!!!” “that’s- that’s not how sigils work…” “PLEASE” “ok”
• you’re like huh?? you’ve seen sigils in jihoon’s notebook before, but he didn’t explain them to you and you didn’t ask more
• you’re watching as jihoon flips through the notebook for it, and he stops at a page with some design and the words “my date will go smoothly”
• “i should curse you some day” “you wouldn’t, you hate curses.”
• you feel like you should ask about what’s a sigil, but you also don’t want to distract jihoon as he draws it on soonyoung’s wrist
• when you ask him, soonyoung actually explains it for him
• “it’s like, magical symbols or something. you channel your intent into energy, and then you draw it onto whatever, and then charge it. he’s charging it right now with his body heat. cool, right? wonwoo says it’s the placebo effect, but whether it’s that or actually witchcraft, it does still help me feel protected in a sense.”
• “wait… witchcraft??”
• “kwon, you’re a blabbermouth, do you know that? i haven’t told them outright yet.” “but they’ve seen your grimoire!! even i haven’t!!!” “yes, but that’s because they accidentally found it.”
• you’re so… confused.
• “so the sun tea was like… witchcraft too?” “yeah, i thought you knew?? to be honest, the moment i talked to you about sigils, i thought it’d be obvious.” “i just thought of them as quirks!”
• he’s blushing very hard, and you can see that he’s quite stressed
• “y/n, can we talk about this outside?”
• soonyoung drags you to his balcony, and forces you to listen to him
• “look, jihoonie’s very self conscious about being a witch. don’t blame him for not telling you straight; it took him two years to tell me, and i’m his best friend! don’t shun him for this. he’s the exact same jihoon as the one you knew before. he only uses magic for protection and blessings, ok?”
• “would he… would he have cast a spell on me to like him?” “are we even talking about the same jihoon here?? the last time i told him to try that i got slapped in the face so hard, it left a mark for a whole day. he thinks it’s a disgusting misuse- WAIT YOU LIKE HIM”
• that, my friend, was the day that you found out that jihoon’s a witch, and also the day kwon soonyoung made it his life mission to get you and jihoon together, because his best friend and “baby sister” deserve to be happy together
• aka the day kwon soonyoung decided to unleash all hell on your peaceful life
• “jihoon, y/n likes you btw” “how… how do you know” “they think you casted a spell on them to make them fall for you-” “WAIT WHAT”
• jihoon taking almost months to get the courage to ask you out (after soonyoung’s constant “persuading”)
• when he does you both are lounging in his garden, and you’re dozing off as he plays his guitar
• and you look so pretty and content,,,, it’s then it strikes him that he doesn’t want to let you go, that he wants to date you and make you happy
• when you hear it, you’re all “is this a dream??” and you’re so shocked but jihoon is nervous and your heart is melting
• “yes, i will go out with you.”
• his face just LIGHTS UP and he’s so happy that you accepted
• dating him inclues letting him doodle sigils all over u
• you knew this from being friends,, but dating him,, he’s never not clinging on to you
• if you’re shorter, he likes to drape himself over you or give you back hugs and bury his head in the crook of your neck
• if you’re taller, he likes slinging an arm around you and pouting at you to get kisses, and wrapping his arms around your waist
• also SO SHY about the fact that he likes kisses and physical contact, will only do it when the other boys aren’t around (except cheol, joshua, wonwoo and soonyoung)
• also baking and gardening with him just so that you can spend time with him
• he takes very long before he tells you the first i love you, because he keeps waiting for the perfect moment to say it
• but in the end, he ends up mumbling it to you when he thinks you’re not listening
• “you what~?” “y/n please…” “i think i didn’t hear it right the first time, you love me?” “y-yeah, i love you”
• he’s so easily flustered by you it’s fun to tease him
• but he will always,,, always get back (you learnt that the hard way)
• you pranking him and him always getting back !!!!!!
• swap the label of his planters? he’ll swap the contents/labels of your files. change the salt to sugar? he’ll bake you strawberry cupcakes with salt instead of sugar.
• spooning at night !!!!!!!!!!
• all the boys telling you to take good care of jihoon for them, because he tends to neglect his health whenever he’s too focused on things, and has to be reminded to eat etc
• and you’re like “i already know i already check on him to make sure he’s been eating and i force him to sleep -” “JIHOONIE LISTENS TO HER AND NOT US ??”
• with the seventeen boys, it feels like a big happy family


Modern Witch AU with Shiro this time! He’s able to create/invoke objects thanks to his arm!

I did two different versions because I really liked the painting so;;

bonus with how it works:


Steve the Teenage Witch Modern Harringrove AU

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