modern yarn


modern/high school au for awakening??
Henry and tharja would be some sort of science teachers, sumia for english, the robins for social studies, and libra maybe an art teacher?

lalslaksks  asked:

Any diys that deal with old yarn ? (different colors and sizes)

DIY Dandelion Bouquet

DIY Braided Yarn Dolls

DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging

DIY God’s Eyes

DIY Branch Weaving

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Modern Art is back in stock. However, there’s only one posted at the moment. I have to eat some lunch or I’ll vanish, sooo for now, just Splendid. Coming in an hour or so, on Nirvana and Frances II. And, as always, available “made to order” for you on any base… oh, and it doesn’t cost more for special or custom ordering. Just what the yarn costs…



No kidding, crocheting a patchwork blanket is a lot of work. But where do you find the energy? I convert it from stress and anxiety. Yarn and hook are my conversion tools. And I can even measure the process: a day’s worth of stress and general anxiety easily produces about 3-4 squares. Those tense little fingers eventually work themselves (and your mind) into zen-like happiness. So, what if I’m having a tranquil, stress-free day? I bake, read, watch some TV, fold laundry, scrub the floors, file the bills…okay, where’s my freakin’ crochet?!


I decided to whip stitch my African flower hexies together. The result is a very clean, very flat and pretty join. They’re stitched in ‘hexie flower’ groups to make the process more manageable (and more portable.) I can’t wait for the entire blanket to come together so I can curl up under it.