modern vanity

emma vanity ( modern college alternate universe )

ok, so my graphic is awful, i’m sorry

  •  anyways.. emma comes from basically a middle class family. her father works at some company that he has probably been at for years as some regular old office yuppie. i can’t fully decide on a profession for her mother. but, i see her in something that is typically female dominated like being a teacher, social worker, or nurse. i am leaning the most heavily towards her being a teacher honestly.
  • i think that emma’s parents really pushed her to pursue a “typical” sort of career path. one that was guaranteed and didn’t warranted any surprises. something like being a school teacher like her mum or working in an office like her dad. that didn’t really sit well for emma, however, she always had an admiration for music–something that was handed down to her from her grandfather.
  • her grandfather had an extensive record collection including a ton of the old classics. emma grew up on a lot of things like the beatles, fleetwood mac, and the rolling stones. she often prefers them to most of your modern music–although honestly hozier’s voice makes her heart stop. she isn’t a pretentious “music snob” though. she is willing to give modern music a chance–she just prefers to live in the earlier decades.
  • speaking of her grandfather, he also taught her how to play a guitar. something that her parents hate–especially since he gave her her very first one. he started the girl’s obsession with the music world. he filled her head with “silly little dreams” rather than “rational thinking”. to them, he was the one that caused her to be so stubborn and bull-headed in her insistence to study music when she went off to school rather than something much more practical.  but, honestly? that was probably within her all along
  • emma’s style is less girly than what it is normally. she is more into lots of leather jackets and ripped jeans. she likes anything with studs on it. idk??? really anything that fits the whole ~aesthetic of giving her that rocker edge. something that she is constantly working on. she doesn’t have any tattoos (even though she wants one to commemorate her grandfather), but she does have a couple of piercings.
  • the one thing that emma is known for is her spunk. she is the type that isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks of you–no matter what. she really doesn’t care who you are or where you came from. she’s ready to put you in your place in .2 seconds if she needs to. she is actually pretty witty–and sometimes underestimated for the fact that she has an “artsy” major. people think that she is going to be a “burn out” or something, but she can spar with the best of them.
  • she is part of an all-girl band on campus that she is extremely proud of. honestly, really, she will brag about them any time that you ask. she also would probably always and forever stick up for any of those girls, so 10/10 you don’t want to mess with a single one of them. because really, you would just get an angry!emma on your hands which is something that you don’t need.
  • speaking of her band, she can probably sometimes be a bit overly?? serious about it. yes, it is fun and all. but, music is emma’s life. which means that the band is her life. so, honestly, she is probably the one that is always the nazi at practices and wants to make sure everything is perfect. tbh think josie here people. she loves y’all, but she is also not going to let you all go slack when it comes to the music.
  • as usual, her favorite thing is embarrassing fuck boys. she likes to tease and flirt–really likes to make it a chase for them rather than to give things up too soon. not that she doesn’t ever give it up. it takes some time and investment, but she will eventually hook up with someone. she doesn’t call herself a “hopeless romantic”, but she isn’t adverse to romance at all. she likes the idea of it, in theory, if it is actually out there for her.
  • she isn’t a total stick in the mud–though she more often than not likes to keep her wits about her. she is probably the one that likes to make sure her friends don’t get into too much trouble rather than get too drunk herself. bc y’know.. girls have to stick together, you know, and watch out for each other. that being said, she does have a rather low alcohol tolerance because of that and has definitely gotten in trouble a couple of times because of it. people still think fondly of that time in sophomore year when they got to see her tits because she was totally wasted. so yeah, she will party but often doesn’t party hard.
  • honestly has an unhealthy obsession with snapchat and instagram but really.. you have to keep the fans updated, you know??
  • she’s still bi as f. i feel like she also still leans more towards the girl side of the spectrum more often than the boy side?? just because there are probably tons of fuck boys around the school and it just causes her to roll her eyes and realize that girls are so much better. and that she is a queen that is deserving of so much better.

Too many possible jokes here. Phallic architecture is nothing new, but this is a “pleasure tower.” Ribbed… Okay, but look at how ridiculous a plan this is. This is the vanity of modern building and car culture right here. “Yeah so we’re going erect this big concrete thing that’ll be twice as high as the Empire State Building. And people won’t ride glass elevators to the top or anything like that; they’ll drive up a long, terrifying ramp to a parking garage. How fun!” This was taken seriously. But did they actually think they’d be able to look down at virtually the whole continent from this thing? (Also, the illustrator had kind of a silly idea of where Spain should be located on a map.)

What a horrible idea. Last year I parked in a garage with a spiral ramp a little like this one but it went up only seven levels or so, and even that was a hell-ride, not a “pleasure tower.” In the picture that’s supposed to make this look like a great idea, the cars are about an inch from going over the edge! This was never built, of course—nowadays it probably would be—but was designed by Eugène Freyssinet for the 1937 World Fair in Paris, and this page was reprinted from Modern Mechanix magazine in the book Wasn’t the Future Wonderful?.


The White Queen modern au  // VANITY FAIR

“Their respective family names, separately, were enough to make Wall Street, the City of London or the Frankfurt Börse tremble. Now with a rumor of a wedding between the two young heirs and CEOs, the European stock Exchanges are expecting –and fearing– profound changes.”