modern vanity

PET PROJECT: In their historic San Francisco home, art collectors Norah and Norman Stone give free reign to their playful sense of style - photography: Douglas Friedman - text: Vicky Lowry - styling: Michael Reynolds - AD October 2016

  • “The cloak room’s mirrored walls and antique vanity are original; the “Cat Litter” sculpture is by Robert Gober.” (1989 plaster, ink & latex paint)

i was building some furniture at work the other day and i thought about modern au jeanmarco buying their first apartment together and jean attempting to put a bookshelf together but nothing is working out and he keeps pinching his fingers and hammering his thumb and marco is putting away their new dishes, watching jean and trying desperately not laugh at him and he eventually offers his help but jean refuses because he’s good at putting things together its just that these directions are stupid, marco, they’re all pictures and no words how am i supposed to decipher whats happening here

until he finally gets the last shelf on and smiles triumphantly at marco and marco cannot believe he’s in love with such a dork


KSimbleton Vanities -BaseGame version

Afternoon guys! 

Had a request to do my vanities for base game. Sooo here they are! They are based on a floor mirror and can be found in mirrors, desks or accent tables.

If you’d like the Vintage glamour versions you can find them here and here.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!

Download Urban Outfitters Vanity 

Download Modern Vanity

Download both vanities