modern townhouse

Cobble Hill modern townhouse in a historic district.  This is a good way to build for today in an existing neighborhood.  No faux historical bric-a-brac which is usually ignorantly executed.  It’s about sweating the details, people.

Settled in the 1600s by Dutch farmers, Cobble Hill is supposedly named for all the unloaded cobblestones used for ship ballast coming over from Europe.  Why they didn’t need those cobblestones in Europe is unclear. 

Or…  was it a way to balance trade?  Yes, that was a pun.  Or double entendre?




House Request #5

I’ll just post this now, because why not?

This modern colonial townhouse comes with an office and a bonus first-floor apartment. Most of the CC should install with the lot, and there are also two package files included in the download. 

Tag me if you post anything! <3

Floor plan and download below the cut:

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Wythe Lane Townhouses

Yaaay,it`s Weekend and this means doing fun stuff,sleeping long and having the Time to upload Sims related Stuff.

Today i present you the long awaited Wythe Lane Townhouses…

These Rowhouses are based on the currently constructed Brooklyn townhouses of the same Name.I managed to grab the Floorplans and tried to copy each and every Detail into the Sims Version.

You can you can assure yourself of it when looking at the Floorplans and a Picture of the Facade:


Are your Sims hardworking  Pixelhumans with lots of Money,maybe a Family and need an urban modern environment with lots of Space for all the Things you love to do?

Well then this is the right Opportunity.

These modern and sleek Townhouses were designed by skilled Architects and Designers.

Enter the first Floor and a large open Kitchen with a Dining Isle welcomes you and your Family.The large Windows let in light and Air and the open Floorplan gives you a feeling f a much bigger Space.

The First Floor also leads you to the leveled Backyard,an open friendly space with lots of Room to express yourself.

The Second Floor is an open Space where the Family Activities can be done.

Watching TV, reading or enjoying the View down to the first Floor are the Things you can do here.

The third and fourth Floor are divided into Rooms to give each Family Member the Privacy we all need once in a while.

Three Bathrooms, Walk in Closets and Buidin Closets adds more Space.

The Roofdeck is a Place to enjoy the Live.

Listen to the sprawling Heartbeat of the City, give your Green Thumb the Place he always wanted and have a Look at the whole Neighborhood.

Each Unit is equipped with modern and State of the Art Appliances,Climatic Units and Plumbing.

Things you need to know:

-Lotsize is 2x3,

-Buid as an Apartmentlot with 4 Units,

-still Residential Lot in case you want to change something (don`t you dare!!! :D ),

-Lots of CC was used,so be careful and check the Lot with CleanInstaller for any unwanted or missing Stuff,

-Only one Unit was furnished,all others still need Furnishing exept for Kitchens and Bathrooms!!!

A large Amount of CC was used.

Due to Game Limitations or CC Policies,not everything was packed with the Lotfile.Be sure to check the File with Cleaninstaller to look for any unwanted or missing Custom Content

I want to thank all the amazing CC Creators who made all this great Stuff,without you the Gae wouldn`t be the same.

It`s Picture Time….

And here is the Place where you can get it:

I hope you will enjoy living in these Houses.


Casa unifamiliar, Fuente de Neptuno 22, Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México, México 1965 (remodelado)

Arqs. Carlos Ortega Viramontes y Moisés Becker

Townhouse, Fuente de Neptuno 22, Lomas de Tacamachalco, Muacalpoan, Edo.Mexco, Mexico 1965 (remodeled)

qn | part one [taehyung]

qn: every night

“Why do you always call me out so late?” “Because it feels like only you and I exist.”

prompt/intro || part one || part two || part three || part four ||

It starts when you go abroad as part of your last year of university. Always wanting to work in healthcare, you knew it would be an amazing experience to get a chance to volunteer in hospitals overseas and practice your skills. “It would be nice to get away”, is what you told yourself. “Try something new.”

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