modern times dvd

As I was preparing for this concert, this thought came to mind. ‘Will I be able to put on a satisfactory concert before I die?’ 'Are concerts supposed to be like that?’ 'Are they supposed to leave you with regrets?’ As I keep putting on concerts… somehow I always felt that I was lacking in some areas, so I wondered to myself, 'Is it really alright to keep putting on concerts like that?’… Before I step onto all these stages, I wondered about these things, but when I actually stepped onto the stage, I don’t have such thoughts at all. I felt that it’s not about whether I’ll be satisfied or not with my performance, but this is just something I have got to do. That’s what I thought as I did this concert. So it seems I’ll just have to keep performing. It’s not about whether I’m satisfied or not, but something that I have to do in order to stay alive. While having fun… I think my future concerts will have a certain philosophy too. They’ll carry more weight and I think I’ll become a more confident singer with a higher self-esteem as well. Thank you everyone who joined me for this concert.
—  IU (Modern Times - Epilogue concert DVD)