modern times

  • Aries: Fight Club
  • Taurus: True Grit
  • Gemini: The Matrix
  • Cancer: Mermaids
  • Leo: 16 Candles
  • Virgo: Casablanca
  • Libra: The Breakfast Club
  • Scorpio: The Godfather
  • Sagittarius: Modern Times
  • Capricorn: Cinema Paradiso
  • Aquarius: Alien
  • Pisces: The Seven Year Itch

Charlie Chaplin & Paulette Goddard ~ Modern Times, 1936 

Isn’t it a bit harsh, Enjolras? But who I am to judge anyway like it wasn’t my idea. 

Yep… having fun again. This is a thought about how the modern day Enjolras and Grantaire would’ve looked like. And this is a police station. They met at the police station. I haven’t been at the police station yet

I think of Enjolras of nowadays as a protester, civil rights activist (because someone loooooves the word “citizen”. A lot), maybe even an dissenter. I thought to make his sign on one of the issues of the day, but then desided to stay with the romantic sign (it’s a line from “A la volonte du peuple”. I don’t think I needed to spell this out, you all know all the refences I put in my works, but just in case). I’m not sure - people can be arrested for the protest in Europe? Or is it just us?  Anyway, he’s here. As for Grantaire… he was just wandering the streets, drunk, and… policemen picked him up. Nice backstory, heh. 

And camscanner trully is amazing=) I’m so glad I install it. But it probably can’t fix the photo taken in the light of a table lamp. It the night. Under the angle.