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Eidos Napoli AW15

The brainchild of Antonio Ciongoli, Eidos has been slowly redefining the concept of tailored garments for modern men. Stepping away from the overly thought, stiff silhouettes mistakenly associated with tailoring, Ciongoli has created a brand that effortlessly portrays how men should dress. Eidos’ AW15 collection, The Correspondent, showcases a variety of polished garments suited for the occasion, whichever it may be - work, weekend or black tie events, chances are you could hardly look any better.

Would anyone even be interested in reading an AU where Sportacus (Alex) works as a part time Pet store employee, part time gymnastics instructor with his brother, Ithro (Níkolas).

Robbie works as a -kinda- full time tailor who on the side does mechanic jobs for people, with his own occasional inventions, and is the father of both Stephanie and Ella and raises them with the -little- help of his brother, Glanni.

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i was thinking that the idea of asexuality being too boring to portrait it on tv is less about the asexuality itself but the writers being unable to write a good plotline for a character that isn´t involved romantically/sexually with others.

This is true in many ways. It’s easier for writers to use tropes if they want to mass market something to millions of viewers. Modern fandoms are increasingly tailored to shippers who tend to go all out at the drop of a hat. I don’t mean to shit on fandoms, but in my experience queer communities are the ones who keep the franchise alive enough to be mass produced later towards and then targeted to heteronormative audiences which I think is inherently unfair, and a cheap cash grab.
Zayn Malik Has a New Look to Go With His New Single With Taylor Swift
The Fifty Shades singer steps out in a modern take on traditional tailoring.
By Edward Barsamian

It’s been a big week in the world of Zayn Malik. On Monday, his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s turn on the Victoria’s Secret show was aired on CBS wearing a pair of feathery wings. Then, last night, Malik and Taylor Swift released a duet, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever”, for the upcoming film Fifty Shades Darker. In New York today to attend the Billboard Women in Music event, Malik stepped out looking like a perfect modern gentleman in a tailored double-breasted blazer, windowpane trousers, and classic Chelsea boots. Quite the change from the robotic arms he sported at this year’s Met Gala.

Malik’s look has evolved since his One Direction days to include labels like Balmain and Versus Versace, but today’s ensemble seemed to strike a new balance between polished and youthful. Brass buttons lent the crooner an edgy vibe, which was only emphasized by his rockabilly footwear, while the collared shirt and tweed trousers added a touch of Savile Row swagger.

tailor made { mulligan x reader }

{ all writings will be set in modern!au unless specified otherwise! thanks for reading!! xx} 

 "Don’t move.“ Hercules said, a pin in his mouth. This was his latest design that came to life. Long hours of designing, sewing, and altering came down to this moment. He wouldn’t sleep at all if this wasn’t finished in time. 

 "I know, Herc.” You grumble, trying to stand still. You were getting restless–he could tell. You didn’t mean too. The hours just seemed to drag on. He gave you a break to eat and that was it. You had to remind him to eat too. 

 "How does it feel back here? Too loose?“ He pinched at the fabric near your lower back. The dress was raised up slightly from what you could see in the mirror andy out waist was more defined. 

 "Maybe just a little tighter. Who is this for again?" 

 "Eliza.” He said quickly and went back to his stitching. “Long time client. Gives big bonuses. You’re about the same size." 

 You nodded and held your arms out straight at your side. Herc worked his magic until finally, his hands stopped moving. You still didn’t move, worried that something wasn’t right. 

 Hercules made his way to the front and looked at you, but mostly his eyes were on the new dress. His lips were pursed together so you knew he was thinking. 

"Turn around, love.” He said gently and you obliged, picking up the soft green fabric gently and then spinning. You tried not to get dizzy but you loved the way that the dress soared when you picked up speed. When you looked back up at him, you saw him chuckling. He came over to steady you and held your hands in his. 

 "It’s lovely, Herc. I hope you know that.“ You insisted, giving him a big smile. "Eliza will love it." 

 "I really like it on you.” He said softly, and his little smile grew. “I almost don’t want to sell it." 

 "Oh, stop. Green isn’t my color.” You laughed nervously. 

 "You look beautiful in it.“ He smiled widely, cheeks tinted slightly. This is a side of Mulligan that not everyone got to see. It was adorable. 

"Would you like it, (Y/N)?” He dropped your hands and stepped back once more. He didn’t see your wide eyes to match your surprised expression. You blushed a little and rubbed your forearm, nervous and unsure. 

“Aww, Herc, no. Give it to Eliza. You need the money. You said it yourself." 

"Yeah,” Herc bit his lip, seeming to be in a debate with himself. “I’m going to make you a dress one day, and you can have it on one condition.“ 

“And what’s that?” You gave him a look, a little confused yet still interested. 

 "I get to take you out in it.“ 

 "You just want some free advertisement.” You teased and Herc laughed too, coming closer to wrap his arms around your waist. 

You were slightly taller than him because of the pedestal that you were still on, but the difference wasn’t much. 

“Show off all your pretty designs … Good business for you." 

 "No,” he frowned. “Not at all. You’re beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful. Me taking you out would tell the whole world that." 

 You smiled sweetly and he picked you up gently and off of the pedestal. He kissed your cheek. 

 "Better yet, I can help you out of this dress.” He purred, kissing your neck and making you turn red. You arched your back slightly and raised your neck a bit, giving him more room to kiss you and he obliged. 

 "Is that a promise?“ You sighed happily. 


The Lie of Function Over Form

Years ago, my father and I had distanced ourselves from an Asiatic sword style that was more pyramid scheme than martial art. He was looking for something new, something exciting. It is here that he stumbled upon HEMA.

I certainly took some convincing, we had been a part of the SCA when I was a kid and I still have tortured memories of handmade armour, hobo-style leather work and a shit tonne of duct tape. The SCA seems like a lot of fun, but the backyard shenanigans of dishevelled knights was of no interest to me.

For months I pooh-poohed, that is until I came upon this photograph. 

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Ways to say I love you prompts: #56 with modern emperors 👀

“It brings out your eyes.” Eamon said with a smirk.

Auren gave him a look that fell somewhere between wary and amused. It had been a productive afternoon. If Auren was stuck here- and he most certainly seemed to be- then he couldn’t wear borrowed clothes forever. Not least because Eamon’s wardrobe contained far too much colour for his taste. There was an almost palpable relief to get back into respectably rigid greys and blacks, and Eamon did have excellent taste in suits, but this…

He touched the cashmere scarf. “It’s green.”

Eamon grinned. “Of course.”

“Our eyes are the same.”

“You know they’re not.”

Catching one wiry arm, Auren tugged the other man closer so they were both visible in the tailor’s mirror. “See?”

Two pairs of cool blue eyes met their gaze. Eamon glanced back to see if the tailors were still occupied elsewhere. Seeing that they were he wrapped his arm around Auren’s waist and let his hand slip under the band of his trousers. Immediately Auren’s eyes shifted to a deep emerald green.

“I’ve no idea what alien thing let’s you do that, but they’re almost always green when you look at me.”

“Is that so?” Auren asked against his lips.

“Mmhmm…” The kiss went on far long that could ever be proper, but tailors serving Eamon’s industry were more than used to inappropriate behaviour. At least no one had died.

“I suppose I’d better let you buy it then, but you need one in blue. Blue suits us better.”


Overwatch Modern AU: The Tailor

Taking place in my Modern AU world (aka “Coexisting”)
Originally I had no intention of continuing but in light of a certain comic coming out….

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Amelie didn’t mean to panic.

But she did. 

The voice on the other end barely had time to reply before she shouted,”Where are you?! Are you ok? You didn’t show up to our usual place and I swear to God if you-”

“Whoa whoa whoaaaa easy luv, relax I’m ok I just…got a little held up at work” 

Amelie immediately slowed her pace, she was taking long strides towards the small coffee shop with the intention of turning it upside down if it meant finding Lena but luckily that didn’t need to be the case. Her cheeks burned at her impulsiveness, “….right of course…”

Lena giggled, her playful tone instantly bringing a smile to her face though she fought it, “Aw….you worried about me?”

“Hmph, just making sure you’re not running off with another girl. I just finished burying the last one” 

“What can I say? That tip jar needs filling. Besides….I don’t think I’m going to run today” 

At this she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the sidewalk, “…I’m sorry what” 

“Ah…yeah I just…it’s stupid but I’m ok I swear, I just don’t want to today” 

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I’m bringing this account back so give this a like from my NEW side muses, Tristain and his boys. It will be set in a fantasy setting– unless you only do modern, meaning I will tailor it to your muse– and the muse will be randomized unless you specify. I might open this up to my main muses instead, but only if you IM me with who you’d prefer… and even then it will be highly selective for them.