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Eidos Napoli AW15

The brainchild of Antonio Ciongoli, Eidos has been slowly redefining the concept of tailored garments for modern men. Stepping away from the overly thought, stiff silhouettes mistakenly associated with tailoring, Ciongoli has created a brand that effortlessly portrays how men should dress. Eidos’ AW15 collection, The Correspondent, showcases a variety of polished garments suited for the occasion, whichever it may be - work, weekend or black tie events, chances are you could hardly look any better.

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i was thinking that the idea of asexuality being too boring to portrait it on tv is less about the asexuality itself but the writers being unable to write a good plotline for a character that isn´t involved romantically/sexually with others.

This is true in many ways. It’s easier for writers to use tropes if they want to mass market something to millions of viewers. Modern fandoms are increasingly tailored to shippers who tend to go all out at the drop of a hat. I don’t mean to shit on fandoms, but in my experience queer communities are the ones who keep the franchise alive enough to be mass produced later towards and then targeted to heteronormative audiences which I think is inherently unfair, and a cheap cash grab.

you’ve got stars in your eyes

i want you all to know that i love eren jaeger very much. happy late birthday my beautiful boy and happy season two to the rest of us!

special thanks, as always, to @baegerbombtastic, who reads my garbage whenever i send it, regardless of what we were talking about at the time, and thank you to @ereriere for telling me i’m not a failure for taking too many months to post this.


Pairing: Eren/Levi
Verse: Let There Be Light (a prince au)
Rating: T (but E for last chapter)
Summary: Stillness hits the dancefloor with all the weight of a summer storm, ending just as suddenly as it had started, and the index and middle finger of the Queen Regent’s right hand are pressed to Eren’s throat, her left pressed to the crook of her own elbow, while Eren’s fingers are curled around her wrist. It’s a scene from a fable that Levi had never retained over his decade of royal service, though Isabel had told it to him more times than he’d asked. 

The Queen drops her arms when silence settles back over the ballroom, dropping into a curtsy modest enough for a Regent but deep enough to show gratitude—and the marble beneath Levi’s feet vibrates with applause. Nobles ten paces in front of him chatter back and forth in languages he doesn’t know, but some words are familiar, if only because of the context. 

Prince. Regent. Beautiful

Levi wants to agree, can feel the force of it climbing onto his tongue, scraping the insides of his cheeks.

When he looks back toward the center of the ballroom, he finds Eren’s eyes on him. 

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chapters:  i | ii | iii | iv | v | vi | vii | viii | ix | x

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The Lie of Function Over Form

Years ago, my father and I had distanced ourselves from an Asiatic sword style that was more pyramid scheme than martial art. He was looking for something new, something exciting. It is here that he stumbled upon HEMA.

I certainly took some convincing, we had been a part of the SCA when I was a kid and I still have tortured memories of handmade armour, hobo-style leather work and a shit tonne of duct tape. The SCA seems like a lot of fun, but the backyard shenanigans of dishevelled knights was of no interest to me.

For months I pooh-poohed, that is until I came upon this photograph. 

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I have been informed I should never tell anyone when I buy clothing from a thrift store. I should say “its vintage” instead.

Also I should never gleefully inform someone I bought an article of clothing for $2. I should instead say “it was a gift.”

I don’t think people realize half my happiness over finding something amazing in a thrift store is the fact I only paid $2 for it. Its like I’m a treasure hunter! Why would you try to lie to people to make it sound like you paid a million dollars for it? That’s a trick question. I know why. I just think pretending to pay absurd amounts of money for goods is a ridiculous game that wealthy people play. I’m much more interested in the “I found this for $2 and it looks AMAZING” game.