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Modern!AU: Lady Sybil Crawley x Tom Branson (Downton Abbey)

 you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter/ you are the best   thing that’s ever been mine.

The Persuaders!

The Steamm (Downton Abbey - Modern AU) Version

Tom Branson was born in Ireland, his family emigrated to America when he was five, he joined the Marines and after he left the service he played the stocks and became a self-made millionaire. 

Now he lives a playboy lifestyle in Monaco and investigate’s and solves crimes with his two rivals and best friends Matthew Crawley and Anthony Strallan.

Matthew Crawley was born in London and raised by his doctor parents, (Reginald and Isobel) he bucked the trend and became a QC Barrister, he is top in his field. After his wealthy fiancé (Levinia) dies in a hit and run. Levinia bequeathed her wealth to him. The culprit is brought to justice but the judge gives him a more lenient sentence.

Matthew is so disgusted with the British judicial system, that he up-sticks and moves to Monaco where he brings bad guys to justice with his two best friends Anthony Strallan and Tom Branson.

Anthony Strallan is from one of the oldest and affluent family’s in England, he was born in India. Not long after his birth, his grandfather died (Sir Christopher Strallan) and his father and mother had to move back to Yorkshire to take over the running of the family estate Locksley. He is the last in line to inherit the title and estate. 

After the tragic death of his wife Maud (During Childbirth), moved to Monaco and investigate’s and solves crime’s with his two best friends and rivals Tom Branson and Matthew Crawley.

The Crawley Sister’s have been taken hostage. The kidnappers have told the girls father (Lord Robert Crawley) not to inform the police, so he gets in contact with his old friend Sir Anthony Strallan.

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for the wonderful sybbelle as her S/T Secret Santa fanart: something sweet and romantic with modern Sybil/Tom.

Sybil couldn’t believe it. Her heart pounded in her chest as she saw him across the bar.

Ten years.

That’s how long it had been since she’d last seen him.

Ten years.

His hair had grown, his body filled out, he was even more handsome now. She wondered if she should approach him, wondered if he would even remember her.

How could she forget?

Her first love. The first boy she had kissed. The first boy she had touched and allowed him to touch her. The first boy she had offered her heart and body to.

Tom Branson.

The eighteen year old had burst into her life when he had come to work at Downton. She’d been sixteen and too young to understand, to young to know that an Earl’s daughter was never meant to be touched by the hired staff.

That idyllic summer had come to a screaming halt when her father caught them, sending Tom off, and she’d let him, because she’d been too young.

But not anymore.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she made her way across the bar.


He glanced up at her, surprised to be interrupted, the expectant eyes of his friends all turning to look at her.

Then she saw–the moment he saw her, truly saw her.

“Sybil?” he breathed, the soft lilt of his voice washing over her, memories, feelings, emotions, all flooding.

Their eyes met and all else fell away. She saw them laughing, standing in this very pub accepting congratulations, she saw her dress, his suit, the small ceremony. She saw their bodies once again entwined. She saw the smile on his face as she told him they were to have a baby. She saw the tender way he held their child. She saw their life together. She saw them growing old together. And she knew he saw it too.

She’d been too young, but not anymore.

This time she would fight.

"To Mary and Matthew, Edith and Anthony, Sybil and Tom—you're brave men, taking on the Crawley sisters for your wives—I repeat, brave men…but also very fortunate, if I do say so myself," Robert's eyes grew soft and tender as he looked at his girls. "Yes, very fortunate indeed.”

from chapter 1 of Who Wants to Marry a Crawley Sister?

inspired by @magfreak‘s “previously on…” posts about her wonderful story If Things Were Different, I am “borrowing” her idea of posting previous chapters in preparation for *deep breath* FINALLY posting an update in the next day or two!  WHOO HOO!


Sybil & Tom Appreciation Week DAY 1:

Favorite Tom Branson Quote:

“I’d wait forever…” (episode 2x06)

Downton Abbey Modern AU reimagining
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“Lazy Sunday” requested by @valoisqueens

“Mmmmmm…” Sybil sighed contentedly.  She stretched slightly, luxuriating in the feel of the muscular chest that cushioned her back.

A chuckle tickled her ear.  “Happy?” her husband asked, a cheeky but charming note in his tone.

Sybil smiled and leaned back even more.  “I am,” she murmured, sighing happily again.  “I love days like this.”

Tom lifted an eyebrow at that.  “You do?” he glanced outside, noting how hard the rain was coming down, making it near impossible to see anything.  “It’s cold and gray, not to mention pouring kittens.”

Sybil giggled at his words.  “True,” she sighed, snuggling further into the crook of his arm.  “But that means spending our Sunday indoors where it’s nice and warm…” She practically purred those last words and Tom felt a pleasurable shiver run down his spine.

Despite the rain and spring chill outside, they had turned their Sunday into a pleasant one, complete with coffee and waffles in bed.  After their impromptu Sunday bedroom brunch, Sybil snuggled in Tom’s arms, and together they read the Sunday paper.  All in all, it was a rather pleasant day.

“And your sister said ‘the honeymoon phase won’t last’,” he chuckled, his lips pressing into her hair.

Sybil giggled.  “And that was two years ago.”

Tom laughed at the memory and Sybil turned her head, grinning up at him before tilting her lips to meet his in a sweet, loving kiss.

“Aye, a perfect way to spend our Sunday, Mrs. Branson.”

A wicked twinkle seemed to illumine Sybil’s eyes then.  “And it’s about to get better, Mr. Branson.”

Tom’s interest (and something else) rose at that.  “Is it…?”

Sybil removed the newspaper from his hands and tossed it aside, before proceeding to show him just how.

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Downton Abbey Modern AU
Father’s Day aesthetic

Thomas Barrow

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AU where Tom and Matthew are hired assassins, and they’ve just been given the names of their next targets: Mary and Sybil Crawley, the Prime Minister’s daughters.

It was just supposed to be another job, it wasn’t supposed to be different from all the others.  But that was before the Crawley girls had gotten under their skin…

But love is the least of their troubles.  When two hit men can’t deliver on what they were paid to do, then someone else will have to do it.  Now not only do they need to watch Mary and Sybil’s back, but their own as well.

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gothamgirl28  asked:

Moving in

“No, not there—there!”

Matthew frowned and looked at the spot where his wife was pointing.  “I don’t see a difference…”

Mary rolled her eyes. “It’s obvious!” she groaned.  “If you put the fern there, it won’t get any sun!”

Matthew still looked confused.  “But…it’s the same place.”

“No, it isn’t! Honestly, Matthew…” Mary groaned, putting a firm hand on her husband’s chest and pushing him aside.  “Based on where both Sybil’s armchair and lamp are standing, when the sun hits the window, the furniture will create a heavy shadow that will block any light from getting to the fern, unless you move it just a few inches to the left!”

Poor Matthew, he looked even more confused.  “Sybil?” he called out to his sister-in-law, as if she could translate Mary’s words.  

Sybil just giggled and shook her head.  “Mary takes after Granny; she has an eye for plants and how they should be arranged. Just take my advice and don’t bother questioning her—it will save you the headache.”

Mary gave Sybil a sour look, but then gave her husband a haughty smile, before folding her arms across her chest.  “See? Even Sybil says you should always do as I say.”

“She hardly said that!” Matthew argued, though he did follow her odd instructions on where to place the fern he was holding.  

Sybil smiled, liking right away how the fern brought some life to her new flat’s living room.  The walls were a dark brick, so anything that brought some color to the room was good.  “Thank you both, again, for helping me with the move.”

Matthew smiled warmly at her, but was interrupted from responding by Mary’s exasperated groan. “Where is he?” she muttered, tapping the screen on her phone and checking to see if she had any new texts.

Now Sybil was the one who looked confused.  “He?”

“My friend, Tom,” Matthew explained.  “We’re in the same rugby club that meets on Saturdays, but when I told him I was going to miss this week’s practice because I was helping you with moving in, he asked if he could be of any help, and…well…” Matthew winced as he rolled his shoulders, his back still aching from hauling in Sybil’s armchair. “…Let’s just say, he’s a great deal more built for this sort of thing.”

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