modern sofa and chair


Good wood - Jaroslav Juřica has created a colorful collection that aims to bring a fresh approach to seating. The ‘Candy Collection’, for JELÍNEK Collection, is designed around the ergonomics of sitting, featuring curvy, round shapes and solid oak frames to offer a comfortable experience. Love the pop of colour too, would juxtapose nicely with concrete and brick…


As some of you may know, I visited GD’s Café Monsant on Jeju this week!

The weather wasn’t that great but it was still a nice trip. The first thing I have to say about this is - his café is an actual place where his instagram account became real lol. At the entrance there’s a huge pink neon sign with a cheesy quote, then there are different tables, chairs and also a sofa, some modern abstract art, a tiny flower garden in the middle of the café and some happy quotes on the windows. Also the music was just like the music files he’s always posting in the middle of the night. The employees were dressed in all-black hoodies, pants or skirts, caps and bomber jackets with the Monsant logo. The location of the café is amazing! It’s directly next to the beach with black rocks coming out of the crystal clear water. Sadly you can’t really see it on the pictures since it was pretty cloudy that day. On the last photo you can see the pizza and strawberry juice my friend @uncledaesungfish and me had. We ordered Today’s Pizza which was a pizza with chicken, cheese, rocket salad and sweet potato, which was quite extraordinary just like his entire café. If you ever have the chance to go there, I would definitely recommend it! :)


for SIMS 3 LOVER’s(✿◠‿◠) UPCOMING 29

 How about you, a new, living room, modern, for your sims 3.Here Clean Modern.
1 sofa, 1 living chair, 1 lounge chair to creat corner, ceiling light metal , but you change the color if you want, console deco with frame deco and 3 vases deco, 1 coffee table modern lica style, 2 cushions deco for the sofa , 3 differents paintings for wall recolorable , some elements, 1 vase big , 1 vase more small.
A new modern corner for your interiors sims 3.
I use my set i game sims 3 last update.
i creat my set with TSR workshop.
Animation of the lounge chair, distorted. but we want a corner sofa so that it was.
i use pralinesims wood walls link in recommanded items. thank you for this fantastic wood walls
Collection file:


Woltex bedroom by Jomsims

Here a new bedroom for your sims. modern and confortable .
1 modern double bed in 3 colors. 1 end table for bed in 3 colors. 1 table beauty with decorative make up and beauty accessory table texture metal and found in category en tables. 1 dresser modern with deco in 3 colors.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed 3 colors textured.1 deco cushions and blanket for bed light textured and colored in 4 colors. blanket and cushions deco found in category RUGS. 1 designer desk in 3 colors. 1 chair desk in 3 colors. 1 sofa modern in 3 colors. and 1 metal fireplace designer .