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Seoul Cityscape 4761 by Krzysztof Baranowski
Via Flickr:
with Namsan Tower.


Big Screen 5366 by Krzysztof Baranowski
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in Seoul.


연애담 (Our Love Story) 2016

This indie film is a must watch! The film shows the journey of the relationship of two women. Yoon Ju, an art student and Ji Soo, a bartender. It’s a very realistic simple love story and i love it for it! It’s not overly dramatic, and just shows a lesbian relationship in modern day Seoul as real as it gets. 

What makes me watch this film over and over again is the dynamic of the two leads, their curious glances, subtle smiles, and as their relationship progresses, you can naturally feel it too. How their love starts with a burning desire for each other and then gradually fades away as they become distant in a literal sense as Ji Soo had to move away to live with her father again. It’s like watching a real love story not a film. It made me curious to the point that it made me ask questions like, could it have been all real? That’s how great they were. Plus I have a crush on the actress playing Ji Soo hahha she’s so beautiful.

Seriously, this film deserves all the attention! It’s currently my fave lesbian film released this year, beating The Handmaiden. I just really love how real and simple this film is. 

Many Times Kim Nam Gil Proved He’s The Cutest Actor

It’s time to adore Kim Nam Gil, the fluffy actor behind Heo Im - an oriental doctor from Joseon who time travels to the modern Seoul in the latest TVN drama Live Up To Your Name. 

Though Kim Nam Gil is famous for his dark image and revenge themed works, the actor is actually really positive and adorable in real life. He is known to live up the atmosphere in the filming set with his cuteness. Let’s see how many times Kim Nam Gil proved that he’s really the cutest actor in the industry. 

He’s acting like a puppy. 

He practices his giggly-gooeyness. 

He’s spinnin in glee. 

I am supposed to be cool but omg this height is crazy!

Fame scares him a little bit. 

He’s happy with his bike. 

Rollin on a shopping cart is also happiness for him. 

He is cute being topless. 

He is cute in dapper suit.

He is even cuter in traditional costume. 

Hug scene makes him want to run and hide… 

Don’t mind me, I just want to tap hearts on V Live. 

The female lead feels like grabbing his collar. 

Though sometimes he gets to protect it… 

He cringed in panic after acting cool. 

He makes weird faces. 

He enjoys his ice cream. 

At first he complained at the weird little heart gesture.   

but he mastered it fast and is proud of it. 

Acting a romantic scene makes him flustered sometimes. 

A simple kiss scene drives him crazy. 

Even hotter kiss scene weakens his knees. 

However, he still has so much fun at filming set.  

He annoys his co-stars with his jokes during interview. 

No no. It’s a misunderstanding. 

Coz he actually steals their hearts with his aegyo. 

No doubt. Kim Nam Gil is the cutest actor in dramaland.

Get Subconsciously Activated Into Killing A K-Pop Star, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Seoul

An exhilarating mashup of ancient and ultra-modern cultures, Seoul is one of the world’s most fascinating and lively metropolises. If you’ve only got 24 hours to spend there, here are the things you absolutely must do.

1. Play video games until you die at one of Seoul’s many internet cafés where they let you do that: Going to 24-hour internet cafés and playing video games for so long that you die is a national pastime in South Korea, and no trip to Seoul is complete until you’ve gone into cardiac arrest while on a sleepless, energy drink-fueled League Of Legends bender in a public space.

2. Check out the Olympic Cemetery where every athlete from the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games is buried: Pay your respects at the graves of Greg Louganis, Valeri Liukin, Florence Griffith Joyner, and all the other Olympic greats who were ceremonially laid to rest in Seoul in accordance with Olympic tradition following their inspiring performances at the ’88 games.

3. Wait in line with thousands of other Westerners for your turn to take a picture of a building with the word “dong” on it: Wake up early and head down to the Mapo district to join the mecca-like procession of Westerners queuing up for their chance to snag a picture of the nondescript building with the word “dong” on it—a deeply profound and nigh religious experience that brings countless travelers from all races and walks of life together in communal solidarity. You will leave changed.

4. Drink some hot Diet Mr. Pibb at an authentic Korean teahouse: This traditional local beverage may take a few sips to get used to, but once you acquire a taste for it, you’ll never want to start another morning without a boiling-hot cup of Diet Mr. Pibb again.

5. Get subconsciously activated into killing a K-Pop star: If you’re looking for a truly authentic Seoul experience, then do as the locals do and become a sleeper agent for a shadowy espionage organization and unwittingly assassinate one of the country’s most beloved pop sensations for sinister reasons that will never be explained to you.

Marry Me. (F)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader. 
Genre: Fluff. So. Much. Fluff.
Word count: 2.8k.

Can you do a really fluffy scenario where one of the members (preferably maknae line) blindfolds the reader and proposes to her a rooftop on new years eve ? You are amazing, thanks and I love your works! ❤ i chose taehyung for this scenario, hope you like it <3

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Just friends ~ Part one

Originally posted by choi-top-hyung

A/N ~ Ok so this chapter is short, I just wanted to set the scene before I pull at you heart strings with fluff and then yank it out of your chest with angst. Welcome to hell bitches, this is the beginning of your ends @tabis-eyebrows and @naanaa92

Theme ~ Best friend AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~Fluff/Angst

Series Masterlist

You starred blankly at the computer screen sat in front of you while tapping your finger on the large oak desk trying to find some inspiration for your next article. Anything would do just to get your creativity flowing but nothing. not even a single word.

You slowly scanned the room hoping to derive something from the extravagant objects strung around your office. A single orchid on a small hall table against a bare wall, a Greek goddess statue in one corner, some kind of leafy indoor plant in the other corner, that you weren’t even sure if it was real as you had never seen anybody water it and a large painting hung from another wall.

Your eyes stopped on the painting and you tilted your head as you examined it. You loved art but you could never understand what the painting was trying to convey, you much preferred fine art to contemporary. To you it was just a bunch of parallel lines with a few colourful squares, nothing more. But you kept it across from your desk because Seung hyun had given it to you for your birthday.

You had met him and the other members of big bang when you had to interview them for the magazine you worked for, you and Seung hyun hit it off almost right away and over time you had become good friends. Your personalities fit perfectly, you were childish and loved to make others laugh, no matter what you looked like in the process. But you also had a darker side, a side you never liked to show anyone, instead opting to shut yourself away and Seung hyun understood that perfectly. He never pushed you into anything you didn’t want to do or make you talk about how you felt, he would just be there when you needed someone beside you, as you did with him. You smiled to yourself as your thoughts got lost in the memories of his bingu moments, trying to make you smile at the most inappropriate times.

You were snapped out of your trance by a knock on the door.

“Come in”

The door opened and in walked your boss. A balding man with a comb over, approaching his 50’s who always wore a suit and drove the most ridiculously expensive sports car you had ever seen, apart from Jiyongs. You were convinced that he was having a mid-life crisis but then again almost all of the business men you knew in Seoul were the same way.

“Ahh Miss _____ you look stunning as always”

He was always like this and it made you uncomfortable. Even though he had never actually done anything to be deemed inappropriate you couldn’t help but feel weary in his presence.

“Thank you. what can I do for you Mr Lee?”

“I wanted to talk about the last article you sent me”

“Is there a problem sir?”

He stepped closer towards your desk.

“The subject matter is fine, as a modern day magazine I don’t mind exploring new pathways but I feel..”

He paused as he slowly made his way around the room and sat on your desk, his body facing you, his knee brushed against your own and you shifted in your chair at the sudden contact.

“I feel like the quality of your writing was not as good. You see Miss _____ we need to engage our readers by telling them a story. We need to be as enthralled about the subject as if it were our own passion.”

“I’m sorry sir. I will rewrite the article and send it back to you right away”

A smirk formed across his lips.

“It’s ok _____-ssi but I think it’s best if we go over it together….just to make sure”

He lent forward placing his hand on your exposed knee. You stared at his hand for a while before looking back up at him wide eyed.

“O-of course Mr Lee”


He gave your knee a little rub before removing his hand. he stood from the desk and made his way to the door.

“I will have my secretary call to book a time around your schedule” he said before leaving.

You opened the front door to your studio apartment and threw your keys and handbag on the corner lounge as you gazed out your balcony doors at the glittering city lights adorning the night sky and sighed.

“I had better get some work done”

You sat down at the dinner table and opened your laptop. you flicked through the files looking for the last article you had submitted when you heard a knock at the door.

You opened the door to find the members of Bigbang grinning back at you. Seungri and Daesung with arms full of food, Seung hyun clutching at a box full of what you could only assume was wine, while Jiyong and Taeyang stood empty handed.

“What are you guys doing here?” you asked as you furrowed your brow at them.

“Don’t tell me you forgot our date noona” asked Seungri with a cheeky grin

“Shut up Seungri. Are you going to let us in or would you like us to take our party else where?” Seung hyun asked while he pretended to walk away.

“Is it Friday already? Aish I’m so sorry, I completely spaced. I’ve just been so busy with work I totally forgot” you apologised as you opened the door wider allowing them to come inside.

“It’s ok noona, we can relate” Jiyong reassured you as he kissed you on the cheek and then entered the apartment.

“I can’t, how could you forget about us?” Seungri pouted at you.

“Seungri cut it out, she doesn’t need you bothering her with your horrible attempts at flirting” Seung hyun scolded as he pushed him out of the way and into the apartment. “But he is right” Seung hyun whispered to you with a grin as he went passed.

You closed the door behind them and began to clean up the table, removing your things so you could all sit down and eat.

“What are you working on?” Seung hyun asked pointing at your laptop while opening one of the many bottles of wine that he brought.

“Oh it’s nothing, I just have to redo one of my articles. Mr Lee thought it lacked passion” you said rolling your eyes and you heard Seung hyun tisk. He never liked your boss and told you on many occasions.

“What’s it about?” Daesung asked genuinely interested.

“The modern art scene in Seoul and some up and coming artists” you replied.

“Oh why don’t you get hyung to help you?” Jiyong asked.

“I personally know he would love to help you” Seungri said with a cheeky grin, Seung hyun hit him across the back of the head as he placed the wine bottle on the table and went to the kitchen bringing back some wine glasses.

“It’s ok, Mr Lee wants to work on it with me”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Seung hyun said through gritted teeth as he focused on pouring the wine into the glasses.

“And why not?” you asked raising your eye brows.

“Because he’s a creep and he has a major thing for you” Seung hyun said with a tightly clenched jaw.

“Ah, you’re over reacting. He’s my boss, it’s not like that” You said shaking your head.

“I’ve seen the way he looks at you and I don’t like it, this is a bad idea” Seung hyun said in a stern voice.

“Well I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself, besides he’s my boss, it’s not like I can just say no. It’s fine, really” you said assuringly.

“Just promise me you wont be alone with him, I don’t trust him” Seung hyun sighed as he slid one of the glasses towards you.

“I think that’s just the comb over hyung” Jiyong joked causing everyone to laugh.

“Shall we eat?” you said trying to change the subject, you couldn’t promise him something you knew you would have to break. He was your boss and you had your own office, you were bound to be alone with him, in fact you were this afternoon and nothing happened, not really.

The six of you sat around for what seemed like hours eating, drinking and laughing at the guys tour stories, which mostly consisted of Seungri making a fool out of himself some way or another.

“Noona, you should take some time off and come with us one time” Taeyang suggested.

“It would be fun but, I don’t want to deal with all those crazy girls that follow you around all the time” you laughed.

“Well how about a weekend away at Jeju?” Jiyong asked with his famous gummy smile.

“Great idea hyung, how about this weekend?” Seungri chimed.

“But I have so much to do, I have to finish my next article plus, go back and fix the other one” you said biting your lip, you couldn’t deny you were tempted. You had been working a lot lately and had barely had any time to have fun and be you.

“I thought you said Mr Lee was going to help you with that” Daesung asked.

“Well yes but, I wanted to have it done before hand, to show him that I’m capable of handling it. It’s hard being a foreign woman in Seoul, I have to prove myself more then anyone else”.

“Ok well how about you come with us tomorrow, we will give you some time to work on whatever you need to work on and we can hang out in between and just to sweeten the pot, we will even pay for the whole weekend” Jiyong said fluttering his eyes at you.

“Ah, ok. But, you have to promise to let me work when I need to” you said pointing a finger at him and he gasped.

“Of course” Jiyong said with a over the top shocked look like he was offended.

“Well it’s a deal then, I guess we should head home and get some rest for the big weekend” Taeyang said as he got out of his chair, the others followed one by one heading to the door, Seung hyun last with you trailing behind him. When you got to the door Seung hyun stopped and turned to face you.

“Don’t work late tonight, we’ll come by to pick you up at seven” he smiled at you as he placed his hand on your arm.

“I promise I wont work late, see you tomorrow” you smiled back at him.

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1층에 남성 컬렉션을 배치하는 등 특별히 남성들의 쇼핑환경 개선에 노력했으며 2층에는 여성 컬렉션과 가죽 제품을, 3층은 다채로운 홈 제품을 전시해 새로운 공간구성을 보여줬습니다. 특히 3층에 마련된 VIP 라운지에서는 남성복 맞춤 제작을 할 수 있는 공간도 마련돼 있어 기존보다 차별화된 서비스를 제공할 예정이라고 하네요.
또한 지하 1층에 위치한 ‘아뜰리에 에르메스’에서는 국내 여섯 명의 젊은 예술가들이 모여 기획된 ‘오 친구들이여, 친구는 없구나’ 전시를 7월 23일까지 선보입니다. 더불어 5월 20일과 21일 양일간에는 프랑스 아티스트 ‘위고 가토니’의 라이브 퍼포먼스가 진행돼 메종 에르메스 도산 파크를 방문하는 모든 고객들에게 즐거움을 선물할 예정이라고 하니, 이번 주말엔 메종 에르메스 도산 파크에서 여유를 즐겨보시는 건 어떠세요?
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