modern science writing

To a planet called Ares,
with expanses of red sands
and water that runs red and brown
like the blood of its people,
with jagged red rocks
that protrude from the landscape.
A grim people would live here,
a people who are strong and severe.
On a planet called Ares,
where survival of the fittest
is the rule of the day.
To be king for a day,
is to be a God in this world,
where the rule of fist and might
is the dominion of this planet.
Are you an Ares, a God of War,
are you as austere as Spartans
to survive in this land?
—  A Planet Called Ares - CK

Follow to read the fantasy adventures of a half-demon warlock named Fox and an ordinary man with the ability to see demons.

Beyond Good and Evil is in essence a critique of modernity, including modern science, art, and politics, along with indications of an opposite type who is as un-modern as possible: a noble, affirmative type.”

—F. Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, “Beyond Good and Evil” §2 (edited excerpt).