modern romeo&juliet

Things I want from a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet:

- Everyone is dressed in traditional costuming, but the script is in modern English.
- “Romeo, Romeo, why the FUCK did you have to be ROMEO?”
- Juliet talks like a rich white valley girl and wears a flower crown.
- She keeps taking inappropriately timed selfies and posting them on instagram.
- Tybalt won’t stop talking about his crossfit regime.
- Romeo only listens to My Chemical Romance.
- Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech is followed by Benvolio asking “Are you high right now?” (He is)
- Mercutio dabs on stage. Unironically. More than once.
- When the boys are all catcalling Nurse it’s super cringy.
- instead of “a sail! A sail!” You get “Hey Fatass!” “Fatass? I just see a boat!” “Weigh anchor! You’re gonna break the docks, Fatass!”
- Tybalt also dabs on stage, exactly twice.
- The first time is awful and his friends have to correct him.
- Tybalt dabs at Mercutio and Mercutio responds by doing a backflip and ending in a dab.
- The Tybalt/Mercutio fight is an absolutely serious dancebattle with no weapons.
- Mercutio still dies anyway.
- Tybalt tries to dance battle Romeo too, but Romeo keeps taking it too seriously and not dancing back.
- This is because Romeo only knows how to ballroom dance.
- Paris wears a trillby and calls it a fedora.
- Juliet Snapchats her own death.
- Romeo doesn’t have Snapchat.

fanfics before & after the riverdale finale

*before episode 13*


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- bughead: secret admiration

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- bughead: meeting the family

- bughead: modern romeo & juliet

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- bughead: the happily ever after

- bughead: marriage & family

*after episode 13*



- bughead: SEX ON THE FLOOR

- bughead: SEX ON THE ROOF








- bughead: SEX IN-

Romeo and Juliet in Modern Media

I was going to do a post about recent modern interpretations, adaptations and inspirations of Romeo and Juliet but with only one internet search it got way too overwhelming so I’m going to stick with a few (recent) examples I’ve come across.


Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Baz Luhrmann’s music video inspired film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Plenty of colour and a great soundtrack. Part of The Red Curtain Trilogy of theatre motif related films with Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge!

Shakespeare in Love

Will Shakespeare himself (Joseph Fiennes) is in the early years of his playwriting career when he meets Viola (Gwyneth Paltrow) and essentially lives out several of his own plays. Plenty of British stars in this film plus Colin Firth has a truly awful mustache.

Gnomeo and Juliet

Nutcase: same story, but with garden gnomes. Plus James McAvoy and Emily Blunt. Pretty brutal story for a children’s animated film.


Still Star-Crossed

Haven’t read this yet, but the novel by Melinda Taub is set post-Romeo and Juliet with Prince Escalus setting up Rosaline Capulet and Benvolio Montague in order to end the still-standing family feud. Of course that doesn’t go over well with the youngsters and they try to end the betrothal while keeping their families from going at each others throats. It’s also being turned into a TV show.

Prince of Shadows

One of my favourite books by Rachel Caine, set during the events of Romeo and Juliet but with a twist on the original story line. Benvolio Montague steals from the Montague enemies but falls in love with Rosaline Capulet. When Mercutio dies he curses both families, hence Romeo and Juliet falling in love.

If We Were Villains

M.L. Rio’s debut novel follows seven Shakespearean actors through a riveting murder mystery. They stage four plays over the course of the novel, including Romeo and Juliet. The best part is Rio sets up the characters’ drama almost parallel to the plays they put on. If you’re a fan of Shakespeare you’ll love this.


Love Story - Taylor Swift

Check out the music video: X

Verona - Koit Loome and Laura

Estonia’s Eurovision 2017 entry: X

Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits

A bit of a slower one: X

Fuckboy! Lai Guanlin

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.”

  • Guanlin is the student athlete type of fuckboy 
  • Takes advantages of his popularity as the star player in the basketball team to pick up girls 
  • Girls dig it when he approaches them after a game, sweaty yet hot as hell in his basketball uniform and asks for their number but they don’t realize that he also simultaneously ask 5 other girls before them
  • Text them for a day or two before making out with them and proceeds to just stop any contact with them
  • The locker room is also off limits at certain days after practices cause Guanlin uses it for his makeout session 
  • He’s the type to like a no strings attached relationship because he is super busy with practices and always has a competition every week and leaves him super tired for anything else
  • But he meets you one day during a basketball competition
  • You were the cheerleader captain of the rival team and Guanlin thought you were extremely hot and wanted your number lol
  • tbh you had no idea who he was when he asked you so you said no
  • He was offended for moment cause well, he wasn’t used to being rejected when girls in his school always welcome his presence with open arms 
  • But it was mainly because you just had 0 interest in a relationship and boys in general
  • You were more focused on trying to juggle your studies, sports and social life altogether
  • Also, boys in your school were super afraid of you despite your looks & personality because of how scary you are as the captain of your team
  • During practices, you did be yelling at your girls to be tighter so they wouldn’t fall off during stunts and by yell I mean full on shouting 
  • but they still love you cause you were a super good captain and always buy them food after practices 
  • ok so back to the plot
  • Guanlin basically made you promised him to give you your number to him if he wins the game
  • You had a lot of school pride in you so you were super sure that your school was going to win so you agreed to it, thinking it wasn’t a big deal
  • During the game, Guanlin kept glancing your way, even throwing a few smirks & winks to your direction
  • but what Guanlin got back was a look of disgust and he was like wtf why
  • You were seriously not impressed cause shouldn’t he be more focused on the game instead??? 
  • At the end of the game, unsurprisingly your school had won the match and you went to congratulate Seonho, the captain who was also one of your close friend
  • “Dude what did you do to attract Lai Guanlin’s attention? He literally just came to me and asked for your number.”
  • “Did you give it to him, Seonho?”
  • “UHHHHHHH sorry gotta go - “
  • That was how you ended up with an unopened text from an unknown number after you went back home saying he was Guanlin and asked if you were interested in watching the game he was playing next week 
  • you scoffed at his straightforwardness but decided text back saying that you wouldn’t go unless someone you were dating was playing
  • which he replied asking if that was a challenge 
  • You said yes * proceeded to tell him that however, it was impossible to get you cause he did have to stop his current ways and you know actually pay attention to the actual dating part 
  •  giving assurance to yourself that a fuckboy like him would have no interest in doing a thing like that & proceeds to leave you alone
  • That was the start of how Lai Guanlin, went full out to pursue you
  • He was determined to show he could win anyone, including you
  • every single day, he did walk over to your school to walk you home
  • At times, he did bring you a snack or even coffee 
  • your heart soften at the amount of effort Guanlin put to everything 
  • Gifts from were always something related to the sports you did
  • small things like sports tape and an energy drink with a post it note that had your name was always on the bleachers 
  • he did also send motivating quotes to help you get through the day
  • many people actually thought you two were dating considering that you were a lot happier and well, the locker room suddenly became vacant
  • it wasn’t long before Guanlin actually realized his feelings for you
  • he liked the way you laughed, a lot, it was something he was so tempted to set as his ringtone
  • how bright you got when you explained to him how you managed to hit this really difficult stunt 
  • You never flirted back with him, you were just honestly being friendly and he liked that
  • Conversations with you only made him focus and think and you and only you
  • It was never like that for other ppl and you were the only thing in his mind
  • You never treated him like he was the ace of the basketball team, more like just, Guanlin as himself
  • He could behave freely when he was with you, being a bit more childish than usual & you never judged him for it
  • He decided to text you to meet him at park nearby so he could honestly sort out all the swirls of emotions in him 
  • “I don’t really know to break this to you but I actually really like you and I’m not doing this for the sake of bragging. I just want you to know that so you could consider my feelings to you again.”
  • *cues awkward silence*
  • You couldn’t believe our ears like was this actually happening???
  • You decided to screw everything you knew about love and just went to kiss him on the cheek
  • “I don’t even know I like you too, idiot.”
  • people like to call you two the modern day Romeo & Juliet cause you guys were indirectly ‘rivals’ when you guys started dating
  • but everyone in you & his schools basically shipped you two? During games, your team would even tell you it was okay to cheer for Guanlin 
  • gives you lots of back hugs and posts a lot of photos of you on his Instagram
  • a super cute sports couple who just supports each other in every way possible
  • he tries to teach you basketball but ends up with you two giggling and sharing kisses
  • also being each other prom dates is a thing so you guys have two different proms to attend lmao 
Underneath the Same Sun ☼

Okay so this fic is inspired by the amazing headcanons @t0ziers​ wrote. And encouraged by a comment on said post by @richietoaster. Honestly I fell in love with the idea of a long distance Reddie AU and knew I had to write it. But I wanted to write it from Richie’s point of view. And some other facts are different. whoops.  Also huge shoutout to my name twin, @buttercup-irwin for inspiring me in general to write fics. This is my first official one. Here goes nothing ~

Chapter One  Chapter Two ✧ Chapter Three

Words ;; 1,824 ・゚ Pairing ;; Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak  & some hints of Stan Uris / Bill Denbrough (It)  ・゚  Warnings ;; Strong language, Talk of penises, 18 y/o boys kissing (omg)  ・゚

❝ — Richie Tozier knew he wasn’t internet famous. In the grand scheme of things, his shitty meme blog and dead vine account were nothing compared to all the models on Instagram paid to post pictures of their abs. But damn, 4,000 followers and some change was nothing to sneeze at in Tumblr terms. And he did it all without posting porn. His best friend, Stan, might not understand just how big of a deal that it is, but his followers knew he was top tier. If you weren’t following ‘trxshmouth’ - you were causing yourself a disservice.

Out of all those 4,000 followers Richie had, he almost never spoke to any of them. He had mutuals that would sometimes tag him in their posts or follow forevers. But no one really, honestly knew the man behind the memes. That was until ‘pastelgazebo’ followed him. 

Keep reading

Request: Hi, I love your writing and I was wondering if you could write an imagine where you’re from Ireland and you meet Fionn through Cillian? Thank you so much xxxx

A/N: thank you darling 💕


“Uncle Cillian!” You shouted happily, spotting the man you had been searching for.

It had been awhile since you had seen your favorite uncle, he had been super busy with filming.

The two of you had a very close relationship. Your parents were both workaholics, so often you would go to Cillian with your problems. You were like a daughter to him.

Since you were a little girl in pigtails you would visit him on set. Because Cillian worked with Christopher Nolan so often, you had met the man many times. Chris absolutely adores you, he never could deny any of your requests.

Which is why he had arranged for you to stay on set for the duration of your winter break at Uni.

Cillian spun around at the call of his name, barely catching you as you flung yourself at him. You were vaguely aware of others watching you, but you didn’t care as you clung to the uncle you had missed dearly.

“Y/N, is tha you?” Cillian asked as he pulled away from you slightly. When he caught a glimpse of your cheerful face, he pulled you tightly to his chest. “It’s been so long sweetheart. You seem so grown up.”

“Seems tha Uni does tha to ya.” You told him happily, pulling away from him. He ruffled your hair affectionately, making you huff in annoyance.

“I’ve missed ya.” He smiled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “But wha are ya doin’ here?” He asked curiously, glancing down at you.

“Chris told me tha you guys were talkin’ about me the other day. He said ya really missed me, so he asked me to fly out for break.” You told him, causing him to smile brightly. “But let’s all be honest here. I really only came for Tom.”

A loud laugh sounded from behind you, making you glance over your shoulder. As soon as you saw Tom Hardy standing there, you moved out of Cillian’s arms and launched into Tom’s.

“How are you little love?” He asked, using the nickname he had given you back during the filming for Inception.

“I’m brilliant! Finished off me first semester o’ Uni with top marks.” You told him, pulling away to smile at him.

“Atta girl.” He said, ruffling your hair just like Cillian had moments before.

“Blimey. I’m not 12 anymore. Ya both can stop treatin’ me like it.” You glowered in annoyance, fixing your hair once again.

“Nonsense. You’ll always be 12.” Cillian spoke, making you roll your eyes.

“I’d have to disagree. She definitely doesn’t look 12 to me.” A voice sounded in a smooth British accent, making you look towards the source.

There was a boy, right around your age, standing there and staring at you. His eyes roamed your body briefly, before locking eyes with yours and sending you a cheeky smile.

“And who might you be?” You asked, taking a step in his direction. You noticed that there were 3 other men there, but your eyes were locked on the dark haired stranger.

“My name is Fionn, love. And I gathered you’re Y/N?” He asked, offering his hand towards you.

“You’d be correct.” You told him, taking his hand with a smile. Instead of shaking your hand like you expected, he pulled your hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to your knuckles.

Internally swooning, you smiled shyly at the boy, hand dropping to your side.

“It’s a pleasure to meet ya Fionn.” You told him, eyes staying locked with his.

“Trust me, the pleasures all mine.” He answered, his eyes growing intense as he continued to look at you. You could feel a flush begin to take over your cheeks, but you quickly batted it back.

“I’m Jack.” Someone spoke, but you found yourself unable to move under Fionns gaze. “Not that you seem to care at the moment.” There were a couple laughs from the other men, but you hardly even noticed.

“No! Nope, absolutely not!” Cillian suddenly said, startling you out of your eye contact with Fionn.

“Wha?” You asked, glancing at your uncle in confusion.

“Don’ ‘what’ me lassy. I know tha look. Under no circumstances am I allowing ya to be with a boy. No boys until you’re 30, remember?” He said seriously, sending a glare at Fionn. All of the other boys were holding back laughs, obvious amusement in their eyes.

“Uncle Cillian, you’re bein’ ridiculous.” You whined, rolling your eyes.

“Head back to me trailer, I’m gonna have a little chat with Fionn here.” Cillian said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No.” You told him, holding back the urge to stomp your foot.

“Tom.” He simply spoke, making you confused. Moments later you were airborne, finding yourself placed over a strong shoulder.

“Oh you’ve got ta be kiddin’ me.” You groaned, slapping Tom’s back slightly. “Don’ tell me you’re on his side! Put me down Tom!”

“Sorry little love, I don’t really like the way you and Fionn were looking at each other either.” Tom responded, laughing slightly as you squirmed.

“Ya both are actin’ nutters! So wha if Fionn and I are attracted to each other? I’m in university! I can make me own decisions!” You groaned in annoyance, giving up on trying to get down.

“Wipe tha smirk off your face Fionn.” Cillian growled, making you laugh slightly. “Go on Tom.”

“I swear ta god, if ya don’ put me down righ’ now…” You continued to utter threats to Tom the entire way to the trailer, making the boys laugh behind you.

“I wish I had some popcorn on me. This is some modern Romeo and Juliet stuff right here.”

“Shut up Harry.”

anonymous asked:

Second concept, Ford has a girlfriend who's on the Varsity LAX team and the boys have to try and be supportive when it's a LAX GAL



Why Strangers is more than just a song

A modern day Romeo and Juliet themed song about immediately feeling attraction to somebody, but it doesn’t depict the typical picturesque relationship most songs do. It’s a song talking about real people, real feelings, and real relationships without sugar coating it. Not a song that music producers think people want to here, but rather a song that people actually want and genuinely relate to. It’s nothing short of a raw uncensored love song. don’t get me wrong, it appears that not much love is being reciprocated in this song, but there is love. Long story short, Strangers depicts realistic non-heterosexual relationships that , contrary to what the mainstream music industry seems to think, does in fact exist. Strangers is more than a song about two girls in a relationship it’s a stepping stone for queer voices into pop culture. Something the entire world could really use right now.

Journal Entries

Gif not mine

  • Peter Parker x Reader
  • Word Count: 3,067
  • Warnings: Depressive themes, terribly written angst
  • This is just a way for me to write some recent feelings I’ve been having. I do not mean to offend anyone in anyway and I apologize if I do.

The school bell rang, signalling the students that class was over. Everyone immediately stood up, collecting their things and rushing out the door, probably to their locker or their next class.

Following the sea of students, I soon reached my own locker and began putting my books away until I heard Peter coming up to me. Smiling, I shut my locker and turned to face him.

“Hey Pete,” I greeted, not surprised that he looked like an absolute mess. I frowned slightly as I saw the faint discoloration around his eye, which was poorly covered by makeup.

“Let me guess, rough night?” I asked, both of us walking down the hall to English class.

“Nothing too bad, I guess I was off my game,” he sighed. “Honestly Pete,” I began, just about ready to lecture him again. “(Y/n),” Peter whined, obviously not wanting to deal with me.

“I know what you’re gonna say and I promise I’ll be more careful,” he reassured me. “You better Parker.” I would’ve said more, but we had already reached Mrs. Holly’s class.

Taking our usual spots, we both took out our books and faced the board, reading today’s assignment. We had to create a video review of one the modern takes on Romeo and Juliet. As Mrs. Holly began to explain the assignment, a folded piece of paper fell on my desk.

I quickly took it and looked at Peter, knowing it was him who gave it to me. Unfolding the paper under my desk, I briefly looked down to see Pete’s slightly messy handwriting.

You still on later tonight?

You see, we had agreed that if he helped me study for the math test, I would help him study for English. Placing the paper on my notebook, I quickly wrote ‘yes,’ pretending that I was taking notes. Folding the paper again, I tossed it back on Peter’s desk and watched as he smiled when he read my answer. Unfortunately, this did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Holly.

“Mr. Parker? Is there something you and Ms. (L/n) would like to share with the class,” she said loudly, putting both of us on the spot. I felt my face flush slightly as everyone turned to face us, some snickering.

“Uh, n-no Mrs. Holly,” Peter answered, crumpling the paper in his hand.

“Then please pay attention to the board. You haven’t been at your best lately,” she scolded, quickly returning to the lesson. ‘Sorry,’ I mouthed to Peter, feeling bad that he was called out.

‘It’s fine,’ he mouthed back, fixing his attention to the board. I soon followed, listening as Mrs. Holly’s voice droned on.

Pretty soon, the end of school same and since it was Friday, I was quite happy and relieved. I waited by Peter’s class, playing with my hands and watching the clock intensely. Finally hearing the students getting up to leave, I backed away from the door and looked for the brunet.

“Hey (Y/n), sorry if I kept you waiting, Mr. Collins sort of went on ranting about his personal life again,” Peter said, causing me to laugh a bit. “He does know he’s at school right? Not some therapy session,” I joked, leaning my head on Pete’s shoulder as we walked. We were pretty comfortable around each other seeing as though we’ve been friends since middle school.

We continued our mindless chatter until we reached our stop, taking our seats on the bus.

“So, how’s your writing coming along?” Peter asked. I’ve been working on a story about a girl who’s an artist, but ends up in a car crash which damages her hands. She goes through a series of tough events as she struggles with relearning basic hand movements with the help of her friend, Alice. The two build a strong relationship and eventually end up together, at least that was how it was supposed to go.

“It’s coming along…slowly. Surely, but slowly,” I admitted. A lot has been on my mind lately and I can’t seem to write anymore.

“Writer’s block?” Peter guessed. “Something like that I suppose,” I mumbled, biting my lip. Peter seemed to notice something was off and shifted uncomfortably. “(Y/n), what’s wrong?” He asked, reaching for my hand.

“Nothing, I’m okay,” I smiled, hoping Peter would move on and he did.

“So, your place or mine?” I asked as we walked into our apartment building. “At least buy me dinner first,” Peter joked, feigning surprise. “Oh shut up, y’know what I meant,” I said, slapping his arm and pressing the elevator button.

“Let’s go to yours. Aunt May has a few friends over and I don’t want to bother them,” Peter explained, entering the lift. “Alright, well my mom doesn’t come back home till 10 so we should be good,” I said.

Once the elevator reached our floor, we headed towards my place. I lived right across from Peter so that was pretty nice. Unlocking my door, I switched on the lights and shrugged off my jacket, draping it over a chair and headed to my room.

“You want anything to drink or eat? I got chips and some soda if you want any,” I offered, tossing my backpack on the bed.

“Nah, I’m good. Let’s just get started,” Peter replied, taking out his math books. I sighed and reluctantly got out my own. “What, I thought you wanted me to help you,” he said, taking notice of my behavior. “I know, I know. I just didn’t think we’d study right away,” I mumbled, taking a seat on my bed. Peter sat next to me and slung his arm around my shoulder.

“How ‘bout this, if we study a whole chapter, we can watch movies for the rest of the day,” he offered. I looked over to him and smiled. “Supernatural marathon?” I asked. Peter laughed and nodded his head. “Supernatural marathon. Now come on, we need to help you pass this test,” he reminded me. I opened up to the chapter and glanced over the problems, sighing. “I can do this,” I mumbled to myself.

“I can’t do this,” I groaned for a third time, laying my head down on my pillow. “Come on, we just have a few questions left. Just rationalize and si-” Peter was interrupted when I threw a pillow at him. “Can’t we just take a break now? The test isn’t till Wednesday,” I whined. “Fine, but we are gonna continue this tomorrow,” he said sternly. I was going to complain once more until Peter tossed his books on the ground, laying down next to me. I stared at him confused until he patted the spot next to him, signalling for me to lay down to. I obliged and laid down, crossing my legs and staring at the ceiling.


“Yes Pete?”

“Can you do that thing again,” Peter asked, looking at me with pleading eyes like a child begging for ice cream.

“Fine,” I laughed and stood up to turn the lights off. Immediately the plain ceiling was replaced with a painting of the night sky, stars littered all over the place. I first showed Peter this when we had our first sleepover. I was in my freshman year when I decided to paint my ceiling with glow in the dark paint.

I laid back down in my spot and looked over at Peter who stared in awe at the painting. While he was busy watching that, I was busy watching him. His eyes shined with happiness, his dark brown hair slightly messy and ruffled. A melancholy smile graced my lips as I caught myself looking at him with more than just platonic love again.

I admit, I did have some interest in Peter, but I brushed it off as friendship and nothing else. Besides, he seemed so content with his life now, I couldn’t possibly ruin that. Peter seemed to notice my staring as he looked back at me, causing me to blush and look away.

“Something on my face?” Peter asked with a cocky grin.. “Yeah, just a smidge of stupid,” I replied, laughing. Peter feigned hurt and soon sat up, looking at me mischievously. I raised my eyebrows in confusion until he attacked my sides, beginning to tickle me.

“Wait no, I’m sorry!!!” I exclaimed, having a laughing fit. “I’m not sure if I believe you, after all, I am stupid,” he teased, tickling me again. I reached desperately for a pillow and gripped on tight when my hand found one. I wacked Peter in the face, making sure not to hurt him, and got him off me. At the same time however, the sound of something falling caught both of our attentions.

On the ground, laid a notebook. Its cover was a soft orange with different patterns of flowers on it. Peter looked in curiosity while I stared in shock. Before I could do anything, he picked the book up and looked towards me, anxiety beginning to fill my senses.

“What’s this?” Peter asked, looking at the book. “It’s just my old writing journal, nothing too important,” I lied, reaching for it. “Can I read it?” He asked, beginning to flip the pages. I snatched the book out of his hands and put it in my desk cabinet.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t. It’s something I don’t really like sharing,” I said, a little shaken up.

“(Y/n)?” Peter stepped closer to me, about to place his hand on my shoulder before quickly looking out the window, his face showing concern.

“S-sorry. There’s a bank robbery, I-I gotta go,” he excused himself, rushing out of my apartment.

I let a deep sigh of relief and closed my eyes, too tired to deal with anything else.

It was well into the night now and with each and every minute, I grew more and more worried. Peter hadn’t come back yet and I had tried calling his cell many times, each going to voicemail.

I sat in my bed, crissed crossed, looking out the window. I had given up on trying to reach him, it seemed pointless now. Grabbing my coat, I was about to head out to find Peter when I heard a knock at my window. Turning around, I saw him still in his spiderman suit, which was a little torn with blood stains on it. Quickly opening my window, Peter stumbled inside, steadying himself with his hand on the wall.

“Peter, what did I tell you,” I said. Luckily it wasn’t anything too bad, just a busted lip and a black eye. Peter only groaned in response, causing me to lead him to my bed so he could sit down.

“Just wait here okay?” I said, walking into the bathroom for the first aid kit. I sighed when I was only met with an empty box, I knew this would happen someday.

“Peter! I’m gonna head to the store okay? The kit is pretty much empty,” I called out. I heard Peter give a faint ‘okay’ as I left.

Peter sat on (Y/n)’s bed, he had already changed into his old pajamas that he had left over here from previous sleepovers. His side hurt a lot, but he didn’t think too much of it. He had worse injuries before.

Time passed and Peter found himself getting bored. He walked over to (Y/n)’s desk, picking up and playing around with a few things until he looked at her desk cabinet. He knew it wasn’t his place to invade her privacy, but she said it was an old writing journal. It was probably filled with embarrassing fictional stories, nothing too personal.

Opening the cabinet, he grabbed the orange notebook and flipped to a random page.

Entry - Dec. 25, 2016

Today’s been pretty great. Peter gave me a necklace and I admit, I felt bad for only giving him a drawing. His gift was so much better than mine, but he reassured me that he loved it. I came up with a new story idea and I think it was one of my best. I’m quite proud of it actually. It’s about this girl who’s an artist. She ends up in a car crash which damages her hands and now she’s going through life trying to relearn how to use her them again. I’m debating on whether or not it should romantic towards the end, but we’ll see. Anyways, Christmas has been great, everything is fantastic now.

Peter felt himself smiling at the memory, no wonder (Y/n) didn’t want him reading this. It was a diary. He did feel a little bad though and went to put it back in the cabinet when he accidently dropped it, the book opening up to a random page.

Looking down, he read the date and furrowed his brows.

Entry - February 21, 2017

I’ll be honest, I haven’t exactly been ‘myself’ lately, whoever that is. Recently things have changed, well more specifically me. I know I said I would get better last time and I thought I was, but I guess not. I’ve been feeling down lately, not all the time though. I still smile and laugh with my friends, I still feel happy and have hope in myself, it’s just not the same anymore. For some reason, whenever I get home and I’m by myself, I feel sad and I feel worthless. Well, I feel worthless all the time actually. I love my life, I have a great family, I have amazing friends, and school is going great for me, but I can’t seem to enjoy it. I feel lonely and empty. I’m stuck in this ridiculous cycle of starting the day out happy only for the negativity to crash down on me, knocking me under…I’m tired of everything. I’m tired of the constant unwanted thoughts in my head, I’m tired of being over critical of myself, I’m tired that I’m constantly getting headaches and that I can never sleep at night. I hate that I let myself get this way. I am aware that this isn’t right, I am aware that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other people, I am aware that I should not feel this way. I want to talk to people about this, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid that they’ll be disappointed in me, I’m afraid they’ll think less of me, I’m afraid I can never be the person they want me to be.I promised myself that I would stay strong. I promised that I would stay strong for my mom when my dad abandoned us, I promised I would be supportive of my sister when she moved away to work in film. I promised my teachers that I would keep my grades up and go to good college. I promised Peter that I would always stay by him no matter what, when his uncle died and when he told me he was spiderman.I promised people so many things, but I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I’m tired and I want a break, but I can’t. Not when so many people depend on me. I don’t want to let them down, I don’t want them to be ashamed of me, but everything has a breaking point and I’ve reached mine. The only problem is that I’m too afraid to get help and that kills me.I want to just disappear and wait until the pain subsides or just disappear completely. I’m tired and all I want is a break.

Peter felt shocked and confused. He never thought (Y/n) would be going through all of this and he felt disappointed that he never realized what she was going through.

“Peter! I’m back,” I yelled, shutting the door with my foot. When I got no answer, I became confused and went into my room. I placed the bag with all my supplies and went to look up when I saw Peter sitting on my bed, his eyes red. His hand was behind his back, like he was hiding something.

“Why?” Peter asked me, his voice cracking a bit. I stared in confusion until he held up the orange notebook.

A lot of things happened that moment. First, I was scared and I was shocked. I was scared that he thought of me differently now and shocked that somebody else knew what was going on. Then I felt violated and betrayed, I had told Peter to leave it alone, but he ignored that and invaded my privacy, I felt a little angry.

“Peter-” I began only to be interrupted by the same question.


“Why what?” I asked, becoming a bit aggressive. “Why I didn’t tell you? Why do I feel like this? Why what?”

“Why did you ever think that I would think less of you, that I would be disappointed in you?” He asked, tears running down his cheeks.

I felt tears stream down my face and my heart clench. “Because, you think of me as a dependable person, you think of of me as a friend. I liked that you thought of me that way, I didn’t want you to think of me as a person who is too weak and can’t get help. I don’t have some complicated reason as to why I thought you would think of me like that, so if that’s what you expected, I’m sorry.”

Peter stayed silent and I sighed, letting the silence take over a bit before breaking it. “I’ll just clean you up and you can leave if you want. I won’t force you to stay here,” I mumbled, going over to the bag of supplies when I felt something latch onto my hand. Looking down, I saw a string of webs attached to it before I was tugged back. I stumbled onto Peter and his arms wrapped around me tightly, burying his face into my hair.

“I will never leave you, never you hear me,” I heard him whisper before pulling away, his hands cupping my face. “I love you and I promise I will stand by you no matter what.” Peter placed a kiss on my forehead as I felt tears running down my cheeks. I pulled Peter into another hug and cried, knowing that I had somebody I could turn to now, no longer having to write another journal entry.

Royalty//Jung Jaehyun (Prince!AU)

Originally posted by 3jisol-archive

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: Fluff, suspence? A lot of shit tbh

Summary: You had fallen for your best friend; too bad he was a prince, and you weren’t of royal decent.

Author’s Note: THIS SCENARIO IS VERY LONG. Around 13.6k words to be exact. If you find a pronoun that isn’t a gender neutral pronoun, please let me know! 

Information for the scenario:

(Y/F/N) - your first name

(Y/L/N) - your last name

(Y/P) - your prefix (like mister or miss.)

I hope you enjoy the read!

xoxo Sara

“Why are you climbing through my window?”

At that moment, you felt like a modern day Romeo and Juliet; climbing through the windows of the palace without anyone’s knowledge, to see the person who you had feelings for in secret. The only difference between the actual story, and what was happening right now, was the fact that he didn’t know how you felt, nor did he feel the same.

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Characters: Jimin x You

Genre: ceo!jimin || arranged marriage (I have no idea at this point)


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It is tiring to be standing in front of all these people. All of them looking up at him expectantly, waiting upon his next words like hungry wolves. He is the bait that is dangled in front of them, and once he is dropped, they will pounce and devour until nothing is left.

The cameras flash again in his face, and the white spots swarm in his vision. Loud chatter fills his ears from his spot on the stage and he resists all temptation to turn on his heels to walk away. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

Amongst all the chaos, he is slightly calmed down by the sight of one person who remains unmoving. You stand – stoic and without expression – hands folded in front of you in a manner that is the same if not more serious than him.

“Jimin,” he hears you say the two syllables.

They fall flat, a name that over the years has accumulated many emotion but now, contain nothing.

He looks at you, standing beside him with your face towards the crowd in front. With a deep breath, he walks up towards all the reporters and opens his mouth. They all drop silent and wait.

“Yes, we are divorced.”

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Park Jihoon Soulmate AU

Okay so this wasn’t requested but all the other boys had a soulmate au and I just didn’t like that Jihoon was the only one without one?? It’s a little short and stuff but here we go! (I think Sunday is now my upload day)

• Your soulmate key isnt exactly helpful,
• At all,
• But it’s more of a sentimental thing,
• You would be frustrated about its uselessness but you’re a firm believer in fate being fate and the time will come when you meet your soulmate,
• So while a clue, any clue, would have been nice, you where chill,
• Because on your wrist glowed a timer, recording how long you’d lived on earth,  Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, until it would stop when you met your soulmate,
• Which is damn exciting because it could be AnYmoMEnT,
• But then whenever you meet someone new you always check your wrist because what if it stops and you don’t notice?
• A damn tragedy ™
• So you also have a habit of holding your wrist because you can feel it ticking down and it’s reassuring to know you haven’t missed them yet,
• Some people looked down on your soulmate sign, thinking it was useless or ugly, which is frustrating,
• And some people pity you, especially when their signs are obvious, which is slightly irritating but, like I said, you chill AF so yanno, ya don’t mind as much,
• So your school is the practice place of the town’s orchestra, which you just so happen to have a place in,
• You make up half of you orchestras flutes, because the flute is pretty and sounds pretty and that’s just how you roll,
• But although you’re in the orchestra, you haven’t actually met everyone yet?
• Just sorta turn up, play and talk to the other flute, Jaehwan, and occasionally the other woodwinds around you,
• And because the strings look scary okay,
• They just look so elegant and their elbows could break a jaw when they’re playing fast and sometimes they s c r e e c h  at a pitch to rattle your brain,
• And coming from someone who sits next to piccolo’s, that’s high,
• Although the piccolo player in the orchestra is adorable and their control is 10/10 so it sounds godly,
• But you still notice everything that goes on in the orchestra,
• Like when two of the French horns fell out and it was a complete battle between the two on who could play louder and better and smooth for a week until the conductor nearly had a mental break down,

• (Okay maybe the whole orchestra noticed that),
• And how whenever one of the cello’s have a break they stare dreamily at one I the clarinets,
• Like how there’s a new violin,
• But boy, how could you not notice him,
• His timing is perfect to the exact second,
• Because having a ticking clock on your wrist really helps with keeping time,
• How his arms move as if he’s one with the music and and how his face switches between at total peace and an intense concentration,
• Your heart aches to talk to him, to praise him, to duet with him,
• Because you swear you can hear his violin over the others,
• But tbh it could be the 3 other violin’s playing exactly the same piece,
• But your STUBBORN and IT IS his violin,
• But you have no idea how to approach him?
• Because your orchestra doesn’t really mingle, and he’s a string and your a woodwind,
• Jaehwan, one of your best friends, labeled it as the modern Romeo and Juliet because this is just as dramatic okay,
• You just have to get him to notice you,
• I mean you killed a solo the other day so he must have seen you but whether he’s noticed you is totally different,
• So when your school starts talking about their annual summer show auditions,it’s like the light has been shown to you,
• You know the boy is from your school, he sometimes shows up to practice in uniform as it’s straight after school,
• And you know he’s in the class opposite yours, because Jaehwan has leads everywhere,
• How does he get all his info? What’s a lie and what’s real? He’s a mystery, really,
• So when you slide open Jihoons’ classrooms door you’re on edge™
• This is the dude you’ve literally dreamed of having a duet with, so if he rejects you now you might as well just sell your flute and move to the country to become a recluse,
• You scan the classroom, it’s lunch so only half full, students sleeping or chatting or desperately cramming because you never know when the next surprise test will pop up,
• (Always prepared),
• But you spot  Jihoon
• (Jaehwan also provided you with his name like the great best friend he is),
• Luckily for you he isn’t asleep, but sat On a desk talking to Woojin, who you know from the one year you decide to try badminton and needed a partner,
• You take a deep breath and make your way over, Woojins friendly presence calming you slightly,
• It may seem like you’re making a mountain out of a molehill but something about Jihoon daunts you a little, probably because he’s a string player,
• Woojin sees you first, smiling widely in greeting and at that moment you want to get down and thank him on your knees,
• “Hey, y/n, how ya doing? Got another new Hobby in mind? I was thinking, what about figure skating?” Woojins teasing makes your cheeks redden but your mouth curve into the smile,
• “Really? I was thinking we could take up horse riding. But I’m, uh, here to talk to Jihoon,”
• Jihoons eyes land on you, but where you expected to feel more nervous you suddenly feel more at home, as if you’d known Jihoon all of you life,
• “Hey Y/n, first flute, right? You always stand out when we all play together,”
• Jihoon’s kind words warm your heart as well as your cheeks,
• “Ah, that’s the thing. Your playing is beautiful, so I was wondering if you’d like to do a duet for the summer show?”
• You imagined you’d feel jumpy or anxious, but the shy smile that spreads in Jihoon’s face is peaceful and the enthusiastic shine in his eye is reassuring,
• “Oh thank god, I was just trying to figure out whether you’d say yes if I asked you,”
• “I’d be stupid not to say yes to you,”
• And damn if u two ain’t hitting it off straight away,
• You swap phone numbers, which makes your stomach twist and heart flip,
• But as you turn to walk away, a warm hand quickly reaches out carefully wrapping around your wrist and sending a shock Through your arm and up to your head,
• You turn around, totally shocked because like???? What’s up????
• But Jihoon stays silent, another shy smile on his face, he simply holds your own wrist up for you to see,
• Your numbers glow unchanging on your wrist, there’s no longer a ticking in your blood,
• The complete sense of peace you felt when you first met eyes with Jihoon makes total sense,
• And you feel a little stupid you didn’t notice your constant beat had disappeared,
• As if it wasn’t already clear enough, Jihoon slowly holds his wrist up next to yours, his numbers also stopped,
• It’s overwhelming - You always had a feeling of being on edge, tense, although it felt completely normal,
• But now you feel at home, at ease, at peace, the old feeling now seeming terrible, Jihoon looks calmer than you’ve ever seen him and looking at Jihoon’s timer he had to deal with a few extra month than you,
• But you can’t quite believe it, and neither can Jihoon, that the person that is destined for you was just a few seats away, working his own magic with a violin as you worked your own with a flute, both of you unaware,
• Although not totally unaware, your trust in fate well placed, as the fact you were always drawn to him, his music always standing out, now makes sense,
• “Right in front of me, y/n, a few rows away,”
• You pull each other forward, wrapped in each others embraces, grins splitting your faces,
• Honestly, the hug is just to make sure it’s all real,
• So the two of you completely sweep the floor at the summer show,
• It’s difficult learning timing all over again without the ticking flowing through your blood, but the two of you manage together to find your own new rhythm,
• And omg has a duet ever been more heartfelt ever? You basically combine to make one badass note making machine,

• Julliard? You laugh in the face of Julliard,
• You’re always tracing the numbers on the others wrist,
• Like ‘wow, it took us this long to find each other,’ and you cherish every single second after that,
• Because you spent that long apart, gotta make up for lost time,
• And then you’re always playing together, making up new pieces to express what words can’t,
• And there’s really nothing more intimate than watching someone perform something that was made only and especially for you,