modern rockabilly


Charlie Thompson - Kathleen

“Her ambition is the movie screen.”


Aaaand here’s styling number 2 of the skirt (out of 2 for today, but likely a gazillion more times in the future). Mega obsessed with the top too (also from Pinup Girl Clothing). Feeling 100% bombshell.

Rockabilly Warden and Mistress.

Greaser Warden is of course based on that two second transformation he did in “The Superjail Inquisitor” (which caused me to fall in love with him all over again, frankly I’m ashamed I haven’t drawn more fanart of him). Rockabilly Mistress was a bit more of a challenge since Mistress’ canon outfit is firmly based on 60s fashion. She looks pretty diggity dang weird without the round glasses but round sunglasses just weren’t really a thing in the 50s so it kinda threw off the whole look. I also didn’t want her to look too much like Charise, who is very 50s looking but also very conservative. I ended up going with a more modern rockabilly look for her to keep her sexy and dangerous vibe.

Anyways, happy late Valentines Day! I hope you either got to smooch someone cute (even that was just your cat or dog) and/or eat a lot of chocolate.


If there is any one Rat Fink item anyone should ever own, its this one.  The 1960′s kustom car icon is brought into glorious 3 Dimensions thanks to a Japanese company called Dunk.  And yes, its made of vinyl!  The detail is staggering.  I feel like I’m getting punched in the face with tiny crevices and bumps each time I look at this thing. My Rat Fink, what big teeth you have! What a big nose you have! What amazing translucent plastic eyes you have! All the better to look awesome on my shelf with.  I think Big Daddy Roth would be proud.

I have no idea why, but somehow I think if Jacob lived today and were in a band, he would either make Rock'n'Roll/Rockabilly music or Gothic Rock like HIM. The latter probably came to my mind because he reminds me of Vex from Lost Girl since they’re both portrayed by Paul Amos… But yeah, that’s probably just me. Anyway, it’s fun to picture him singing on stage

image from madeinmasyaf