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Found out Trixie was in this play

So I googled “Brian Firkus” and I found some things.

Brian was in a religious play called CORPUS CHRISTI in 2011 performed at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

It’s retelling of the New Testament….. A modern GAY  retelling of the New Testament and I’m fucking loving It! He played the Apostle Phillip.



I need a full video of this. PLEASE. 

Here is a video of the cast 

This makes the newest episode of UNHHH, that was about religion, even better. I just needed to share this with you guys. I couldn't keep this to myself. GOODNIGHT 

The mage-templar war in modern terms

Imagine that one in every hundred people could shoot bullets out of their fingers. That’s just a thing they can do, at any time. Normal guns still exist and people own large numbers of them, but only one in a hundred have guns for hands.

Now the NRA doesn’t like this, they want to protect normal American citizens from these gun-handed freaks, so they start giving special training to some of their members to police these public menaces. Then they round all the gun-handed people up and put them in special fortresses where snipers point guns at them every hour of every day, ready to kill them if they make any threatening hand gestures.

The NRA are heralded as heroes, and gun sales spike as more normal people buy guns to protect themselves from gun-handed maniacs. That public approval never wanes even after the NRA starts chopping the hands off of gun-handed people they can’t control, or who make them nervous, or who they just dislike. There will be a Senate bill next month to chop the hands off of every gun-handed person in America. It has widespread suppport.

Amidst all this persecution the gun-handed people take a vote and by a narrow margin they decide to leave the NRA fortresses and live in normal towns like normal people paying normal American taxes.

The NRA response to this is to declare war on all the gun-handed people, starting with the ones who decided to stay in the fortresses they set up. When congress declares this illegal and orders them to stop they secede from the United States and start waging open warfair in the countryside shooting anyone they see making inappropriate gestures with their fingers.

THAT is the mage templar war. That is why no one ever sides with the Templars and why it’s not a moral gray zone.

The big, bad wolf

Take a cab to Grandma’s, go on.

Don’t look back.

Ignore the wolf whistles of the boys

who always stand on the corner.

But it’s extra money you can’t afford.

You might still get one later.

How will you get back home?

Walk quickly to Grandma’s, shh.

But footsteps.

Ignore the man behind you

he’ll turn the corner soon.

But he’s been there for a while.

It’s getting dark and colder.

Maybe it’s time to head back?

But there’s a café - you can see it, a light.

Safety there.

Others can hide you from the wolf whistles

and from the man still behind you.

Buy yourself a coffee and wait inside.

By the time you come out,

Why, surely he’ll be gone?

Hurry out and peek quickly around, he’s gone.

Sigh softly.

Now it’s time to hurry yourself along

free from dangers on the street.

It’s only a few minutes down cold roads.

That’s not too long.

Surely nothing can happen before then?

Run down the street to safety, then freeze.

It’s open.

But Grandma’s old and tired

she probably just forgot.

Look shakily behind you.

Nobody’s to be seen.

It won’t be anything, will it?

Grandma’s not in the house, that’s odd.

You should go.

But there’s someone in the kitchen

crashing around behind the door.

There’s the bedroom – run!

Noises from the cupboard.

Do you dare to check?

Softly touch the door, don’t look.

The noise stops.

The whole house over has all

gone quieter than a gasp.

Creak open the door with bated breath.

Beware as you inch open your eyes.

Will you sneak a look?

A push to your back, a shove!

You must fall.

Try to hold yourself back

from the teetering edge of the knife.

Cold hands touch you but do not grip.

Your Grandma sleeps like ice.

Can you feel a pulse?

Time passes softly, some dream.

Thought stops.

Nothing to do but sit and feel

the dark that stops your heart.

Then light comes screaming sharp - bright and hot.

Strangers stand around your tomb.

To condemn or to help?

Book Review- TEN by Gretchen McNeil

Ten teens at an island house for the weekend; it should have been fun. Instead, a scenario worse than any horror film could create unfolds. After a grim and foreboding video plays the first night, one by one the teens are murdered in increasingly horrific and strangely symbolic ways. Clues surface around the house, loyalties shift, and accusations fly. The killer wants to make them pay, but for what? The mystery grows along with the death toll, and with no way to contact the mainland and a ferry not scheduled to come back for days, it appears the teens are trapped. And the more they try to escape, the worse their situation becomes. This modern retelling of Agatha Christie’s iconic And Then There Were None brings back the suspense and intrigue of one of literature’s most famous stories into today’s adolescent world of social crisis. 

I was lucky enough to attend an awesome writer’s conference last week, and Gretchen taught at it. She described the set-up for this book, and I immediately had to buy it. I’m a sucker for this type of plot, and I wasn’t disappointed by the story. It’s something you physically can’t put down, and the thrill is palpable. While the characters themselves weren’t the best– often bland and utterly unrealistic– Ten is still a book worth reading for any mystery or thriller fans. It kept me guessing till the very last page! 

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[News] Mermaid-sellers and cast reunions lined up for Legend of the Blue Sea.

Legend of the Blue Sea is the modern retelling of a Joseon classic fable about a mermaid caught by a fisherman, who was then saved and released back into the ocean. In the new drama, a mermaid struggling to adapt to human life in Seoul and a cynical con artist meet and fall in love. With the main cast now confirmed, the production team for the much-anticipated SBS fantasy romance drama is seriously getting down to business.

There’s been a flurry of casting, and it’s hard getting everything straight especially with so many talented names being thrown about. Of course, we have Lee Min-ho (Heirs) andJeon Ji-hyun (You From Another Star) as our main leads. They have already headed to the Palau Archipelago to start filming their underwater scenes.

From the start, Writer Park Ji-eun (You From Another Star, Producer) reportedly had these two actors in mind when she wrote the script. She also called longtime friend Na Young-hee (Lucky Romance) to come join her in Legend of the Blue Sea. The actress has confirmed and this will be her fifth project with Writer Park, and her second project with Jeon Ji-hyun. They played the epitome of a comical bickering mother-daughter pair in You From Another Star.

In addition, veteran actress Hwang Shin-hye (Passionate Love), who can usually be seen in weekend makjangs and tearful melodramas, has received the script for the series and is positively reviewing it. Likewise, Sung Dong-il (Pied Piper, Answer Me 1988) is currently in negotiations to join the cast. For the first time in a long while, our neighborhood ajusshi may play the bad guy, who wants to sell the mermaid to the highest bidder.

Two other heavyweight talents who have confirmed are Lee Hee-joon (Yoo-na’s Street) and Moon Sori (Golden Age of My Life). Recently, both have been deeply steeped in the Chungmuro world, and so Legend of the Blue Sea will be their comeback to the small screen. Young rising actors Shin Hye-sun (Five Kids) and Lee Ji-hoon (Mirror of the Witch) have also joined the cast as supporting characters.

Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama Legend of the Blue Sea starts airing this November, after rom-com Jealousy Incarnate finishes its run.

So Netflix has apparently green-lit an Anne of Green Gables miniseries. Written by one of the head writers of Breaking Bad.

I literally cannot even wrap my head around an edgy modern retelling of an orphan on a farm of Prince Edward Island. What is she going to do? Waste hours on a shit satellite connection trying to put together a raid group with Diana while Gilbert griefs them?

pka42  asked:

For the writing meme: I'm intrigued by the modern-day Little Women AU, so... FIRST for that?

I still have not decided whether this is basically just a modern retelling of the one “Amy Burns Jo’s Manuscript” chapter with “AO3 Account” subbed in for “Manuscript”, and “delete” for “burn”, or whether I intend to be ambitious and expand it further.  For purposes of your request, let’s say it’s limited in scope to that chapter.

The book chapter starts with Amy looking to Meg and Jo for company because Beth is boringly playing the piano. (AS SHE DOES. Beth, honey, kittens are great and pianos are great but maybe one other hobby just to mix it up?).  And so Amy is terribly bored. (AS SHE IS, because Amy, too, maybe needs like one more hobby besides Art and Sticking Clothespins On Her Body Parts.) (Although I imagine in this modern version she probably does something dumb she picked up from Seventeen instead of the clothespins.  Or not Seventeen?  Whatever actual tween girls read for dumb-and-possibly-harmful beauty tips these days.)  (This paragraph has so many parentheticals that even for me it’s a little ridiculous.) (Get a grip, Slippy.)

And so, my version might start similarly, something like this.  A new name for Marmee will be needed because who the hell is named “Marmee” anymore or indeed ever, but hell if I know what teenage girls call their mother these days. So for now she’s just Marmee.

Also I am tagging @mishafletcher because she is the reason this, and quite arguably anything else I’ve written in the past year and a half, fic or otherwise, exists.


Amy had spent an unsatisfactory half-hour being dramatically and noisily bored with very little to show for it, first at Marmee and then at Beth, before changing tactics.

Marmee, apparently, felt that a little boredom was good for the soul and perhaps indicated that one should apply oneself to one’s neglected schoolwork or pick up one’s scattered sketchpads and pastels. Beth had tried to entertain her, but Amy could go her whole life without ever hearing another word about Minecraft. The aesthetics alone offended her mortally.

And so, her last hope for entertainment: Her older sisters.

Leonardo DiCaprio actually went through a LOT to get his iconic role in “Romeo + Juliet”

Leonardo DiCaprio actually went through a LOT to get his iconic role in “Romeo + Juliet”

If you grew up in the ’90s, there is no way you’ve forgotten about your love for the modern retelling of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Romeo and Juliet. Starring forever babes Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, this film celebrated both young stars at pinnacle points in their careers. Remember, this was before DiCpario’s success in Titanic, which leads some people to wonder: How did he nab his role in Romeo + Juliet, anyway?

As Baz Luhrmann, director of the film, recently told iHeart Radio, the director immediately knew DiCaprio looked exactly the part of boyish yet charming Romeo, but that didn’t mean the young star simply walked onto the set and was handed the part.

20th Century Fox/

In fact, as Luhrmann explains, the director had DiCaprio fly to his home in Australia and shoot an entire movie. That’s right: In order to get the role, DiCaprio and some friends literally flew to the director’s home and put together a short film version of the play. Talk about commitment to the role, am I right?

20th Century Fox/

As Luhrmann gives us this nugget of information, though, it does come with some provisions. He promises iHeart Radio that the short film will never be publicly released. He also refuses to tell us who exactly was in DiCaprio’s friend group, though Vanity Fair guesses it was members of the “Pussy Posse.” (Hey, we didn’t come up with the name, okay?)

A friend group many people recognized in the ’90s, the “Pussy Posse” generally included actors like Kevin Connolly, Lukas Hass, and Tobey Maguire, along with DiCaprio. Were they actually in a short film version of Romeo + Juliet? Did they accompany DiCaprio to Australia to help him land a leading role? We will probably never know, but we can definitely wonder.

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rhys-feyre  asked:

Hi! I'm currently reading an advanced reading copy of Hag Seed by Margaret Atwood (it's a modern retelling of the Tempest), and it's amazing! One of my other favourite books is Orlando by Virginia Woolf :)

I’m not a fan of Shakespeare so I don’t know if I’d like it, but I did just read the plot summary of Orlando and it sounds pretty wild. It’s interesting that a book like that was written back then!

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want one?

A bullshit moe harem anime that serves as a modern retelling of George Orwell’s 1984:

“Little Sister Can’t Be Doubleplusungood!”