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YA Fairy Tale Retellings

I’ve had several people ask for some YA retelling book recommendations, so here are a few of each! I marked my favorites with an asterisk:


Snow White

Beauty & the Beast

Sleeping Beauty


The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Peter Pan

Aladdin/1,001 Nights

Red Riding Hood

Hansel & Gretel: Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

The Little Mermaid: Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Frog Prince: 

Rumpelstiltskin: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

The Snow Queen


I’m an aspiring novelist. I’m currently in the process of trying to complete and publish my first book, which will be a modern retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s Annabel Lee, about the trials that two teenage boys face falling in love in an early time period. As an LGBT writer, I want to create more stories with diversity and representation available for teens and young adults.

I need to gain support, for this book. It seems a little silly to ask, but this will never become a thing unless there is a real following and genuine interest for the story. I was told that gaining interest on social media is the best and most efficient way to start my career and make a living from this.

Truly, this will NOT be able to happen without tremendous support from all of my followers, as well as anyone who wants to support diversity in young adult literature and young, aspiring authors.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you are at all interested in reading, knowing more about, or supporting me and this story, LIKE AND REBLOG this post. Gaining a following is one of the biggest and most important steps in gaining the momentum needed to self publish or to get a decent publisher, and any support, whether it is liking or reblogging this post OR following my blog, it would be IMMENSELY helpful.

Tumblr has always shown momentous support when it’s been needed, and I would really, really appreciate anyone who is willing to help get this jump started. I will be posting excerpts, updates, and recording my experience as it happens, as well as continuing my regular prompt filling that I do now.

Thank you SO much in advance, and please feel free to send me an ask if you’re interested in learning more!

Found out Trixie was in this play

So I googled “Brian Firkus” and I found some things.

Brian was in a religious play called CORPUS CHRISTI in 2011 performed at Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

It’s retelling of the New Testament….. A modern GAY  retelling of the New Testament and I’m fucking loving It! He played the Apostle Phillip.



I need a full video of this. PLEASE. 

Here is a video of the cast 

This makes the newest episode of UNHHH, that was about religion, even better. I just needed to share this with you guys. I couldn't keep this to myself. GOODNIGHT 

Why you should consider reading Receiver of Many by Kata Chthonia:
  • Persephone in this story is trully badass and scary as the Queen of the Underworld should be!
  • Persephone’s evolution from a maiden spring godess into the Queen of the Underworld is perfection in itself. In many modern retellings of this myth Persephone starts as a very naive, innocent girl only to quickly make a 180 change shortly after she meets Hades. Here she is very shetlered due to her upbringing, but the makings of the future Queen are inside her already. The evolution of her character is not sudden, but gradual, as she is slowly changed by these around her and what happens to her.
  • The wonderful way Persephone’s an Hades’ relationship is handled. In this story there are no magical solutions and quick happy resolutions. They are not immediately perfect with each other just because they love each other and at the beginning they even have problems building a normal, healthy relationship, because neither of them has any experience with this. It takes a lot of time and work and even then the relationship still has its ups and downs, is constantly exolving rather than remain in “forever happy forever perfect” stagnation.
  • The way Demeter is written. In too many H/P stories Demeter is turned into one-dimensional harpy, who has no other characteristic besides being an overbearing mother and usually not even having a good reason for it. Here her main motivation is still keeping her daughter safe from the world, but there is a good reason - from her perspective! - for such behaviour. She also has more complex personality than simple “Persephone’s overprotective mother” and her relationships with others besides her daughter are also shown and explored.
  • Even characters who are presented unfavorably are not one-dimensional, they have various motivations and personalities and are not simply evil or petty just for the sake of it.
  • Smut scenes are well-written and actually hot.
  • Author has an amazing gift of conveing emotions. Believe me, there are scenes that will have you almost crying and howling or laughting and jumping in joy along with the characters.
  • The amount of research that went into this story. Author really made sure that things are historically acurate and grounded in the original mythology. If you are a history geek or mythology nerd you will be loving every minute of it.

Endless List of Dream Roles (2/?) - Hans in Anya Reiss’ Spring Awakening

I really like this version of Hanschen. If you don’t know, Reiss’ Spring Awakening is a modern retelling of the play. In this adaptation, the kids also play all of the adults, which is a very interesting take on it, I think.

[Pictured: the top left corner is Ekow Quartey in the 2014 premiere production directed by Benn Kidd and the other three are of Simon Gagnon in the 2015 production with The Rotunda Theatre.]

If you take the long view 
the wicked do not flourish. They are like plants
with showy flowers but weak and shallow roots.
The virtuous are well grounded in dharma
and through devoted discipline, they weather
bad times and good, seeing them as the same. 
Like the demons before them,  wicked people
lose direction, and fall prey to discord. 
Given to restless searching after pleasure,
true and lasting happiness eludes them.


Mahabharata: A Modern Retelling by Carole Satyamurti

Feminist Fantasy Part Two

Part One here, high fantasy version, for @heretherebebooks@mlledevoltaire @i-mindtraveller @ladyknightkel and @logarithmicpanda

Urban fantasy authors

Sarah Rees Brennan: Plays with tropes, snappy dialogue, and wonderful representation of WOC and queer woman. 

Laini Taylor: Women and female relationships are very important in her books.

Richelle Mead: Female friendships featured as central relationships in each of her series along with WOC as protagonists (also, vampires done well). 

Lish McBride: I mean, there’s a werewolf faerie warrior princess along with many other awesome females. 

Maggie Stiefvater: One of the most unique writing styles and features losts of different relationships between women. Lots of magical realism.

Sarah Cross: Dark, super creepy, modern fairy tales, featuring lots of women. 

Kami Garcia: Female characters with who have lots of angst and female friendships. 

Margaret Stohl: See Kami Garcia 

Alex Flinn: Modern retellings of fairy tales, often with the female lead taking charge. 

Cassandra Clare: Many female protagonists and relationships, featuring WOC. 

Marianne Curley: Time travel with women and a scary evil female villain. 

Rachel Hawkins: Laugh out loud female protagonists, and familial and platonic female relationships. 

Brigid Kemmerer: Vastly different female main characters and they have some awesome arcs and they talk about rape culture and different standards for genders.  

Holly Black: Creepy books with lots of women, including WOC. 

Kelley Armstrong: Paranormal fantasy with WOC and queer woman.

Kendare Blake: Fantasy books mixed with horror. 

Feel free to add more to the list!!


Urban Gods:

↳ Apollo

A home for almost lovers, Apollo isn’t the type to stay in one place at a time. He still makes the sun rise, but he prefers to do it from his apartment in Chicago where the rooms are filled with empty canvases. Apollo has become used to his visions now, prophecy of the end of the world. Of course, most of them get turned into song lyrics for karaoke at bars or stuck in his throat when a girl named Daphne and a boy named Hyancinthus glance his way. People who can’t take no for an answer and try to steal his attention, often end up going mad and screaming about a burning light.

The process of watching my aggressively white republican 58 year old mother slowly become obsessed with Hamilton has been the most entertaining thing I’ve ever witnessed omfg because starting from when I got obsessed with it to last night she,

  • Originally thought it was just a modern, musical retelling of Hamlet
  • Got super confused over who the hell Alexander Hamilton even was (“Mom, you’ve worked in banking for over 40 years!”)
  • Became massively offended that Ben Franklin does not appear in the show
  • Did not understand the concept/importance behind the non-white cast and refused to listen to my explanations or read articles I sent her because they were “too long to hold her interest” (“Your five minute attention span is everything wrong with the human race.”)
  • Started just rolling her eyes every single time I mentioned it and speaking to me in that whole ‘that’s nice, dear’ not listening tone. (“Molly, it’s just a silly show, it can’t be that big of a deal.”)
  • Started getting annoyed when she was around my friends and we’d talk about it
  • Was just downright confused when I had a New Years party/sleepover and everyone kept singing songs from it
  • (“Who actually likes rap music anyway? It’s dumb.”) (“Mother, You haven’t listen to it.”)
  • Turned on the daily news just in time to discover Leslie Odom Jr. is from Philly like we are, decided to become lowkey obsessed with him. She does this weird thing where she makes it her goal to know every actor from Philly or the surrounding suburbs
  • But then, refused to listen to any of his songs from Hamilton, instead decided to focus on the fact he played Paul in the obc of Rent
  • Kept talking about Leslie???? Still would not listen to the show. I grew weary
  • After a few weeks, she appeared to forget her weird Philly obsession with Leslie, resumed the eye rolling every time she heard the word Hamilton
  • One time I was watching the History channel (as I’ve grown up doing) and they were having a marathon about the Founding Fathers. My mom walked into the room the exact second they started mentioning the Hamilton/Burr duel, proceeded to lowkey make fun of me for being too obsessed with the musical, apparently forgot about the past two decades of me already being a history loving nerd
  • Later that day, I caught her watching the history channel just as they were talking about Alexander Hamilton. She claimed she had started watching because they mentioned Ben Franklin and was just about to change the channel. That night over dinner, she started spouting random facts about Ham that she had learned from the program
  • Started saying when we go to NYC in April, we have to win the lottery- not because she wanted to see the show, but because she wanted to see me see the show
  • She saw Lin on a talk show and found him utterly delightful
  • I took the opening and sent her a bunch of youtube videos of Lin. She quickly became obsessed.
  • You don’t understand. I’ve never seen this woman fangirl so hard like she does with Lin.
  • Started off claiming she was a fan because she “just likes Latin men”, but quickly started talking about how he just seemed so nice/funny/talented/smart/etc
  • Found out he wrote In The Heights, which we couldn’t afford to see when it came to our area a couple years ago, but she had really wanted to see because it was getting such good reviews
  • Kept mentioning our upcoming New York trip, saying how we absolutely need to win the lottery (“I don’t want to really want to see the show, but I want to see him. I’m a fan of the Lin guy”)
  • I made her watch the Grammy performance. She legitimately burst into tears during it and tried to deny the fact she was crying even though she went through half a pack of tissues
  • (“This doesn’t mean I like the show, Molly! It was just very good and the pause he took for applause at the beginning really got to me!”)
  • Went to a family party, and her sister, my aunt Kathy, randomly started talking about how much she wanted to see the show. Listen to me, guys. Kathy is possibly the most boring person on the face of the planet. She can have an 'exciting’ conversation about buying packs of applesauce to eat with her pork and doesn’t realize no one cares. So her wanting to see Hamilton caught my mom off guard.
  • Apparently, she had seen the 60 minutes interview online, and thought “the guy was so charming and it looks so good”. ( @linmanuel , apparently you have a way with seducing 50/60+ year old suburban moms. Congrats?)
  • My mom stopped complaining if she heard me blasting the album, but still made no mention of wanting to listen to it.
  • Freaks out every time James Corden mentions Hamilton on the Late Late Show, aggressively wants him to do a Carpool Karaoke with Lin (which I agree would be RAD AS HELL) 
  • Kept talking about how amazing Lin is every single chance she got. If she met someone who hadn’t heard of him or the show, she made sure they learned everything.
  • (“Okay, Molly, we’re getting closer to the New York trip. The key here is to VISUALIZE. If we can VISUALIZE ourselves winning the Ham4Ham lottery, we WILL win. Stop rolling your eyes! You need to take this seriously!”)
  • Started getting really mad at me because she’s all happy-go-lucky-dreamer thinking we’re actually going to win the lottery and I’m standing there like “Mom they pick like 20 people out of thousands. Have you seen our luck? We’re not gonna win.”
  • Honestly she’s so pissed at me for thinking logically about this omfg
  • Has begun liking every single thing Lin posts on facebook. But the thing is, most of his fb posts just link to his twitter, and twitter is blocked on her work computer, so this woman is just liking everything he posts with absolutely no context.
  • Yesterday, she watched that live Q&A Chris Jackson did at the White House. Sent me a facebook message saying “I’m not entirely sure who he is, but I support him”. I responded by sending her that Ham4Ham video of him singing with Elmo, to which she responded “OMG I REALLY SUPPORT HIM”
  • Finally figured out that it’s called Ham4Ham because they sell the tickets for 10 dollars and that’s the bill that Hamilton is on, thought it was the most clever thing in the world
  • Last night I could literally hear her listening to all the White House performance videos she could find, didn’t say anything
  • She walked downstairs at like eleven pm, saw me on the couch, loudly sighed in defeat, and whispered “I need to see this fucking show”
  • Spent an hour talking about how amazing it looks and how talented everyone was and how much she needs to see the damn show.
  • Dedicated 15 minutes of the hour to talk about how adorable she thinks Daveed Diggs is. She didn’t know Daveed’s name so she just kept calling him “The Tall One”
  • (“Lin was free styling!!!! With Obama holding the words!!!! It was so cool!!!!!”)
  • (“I didn’t listen to all of the songs they did because I want to experience it live, you know?”) (“Mom, you should just listen to the songs. Better chances than with the lottery.”) (“MOLLY!!!!”)
  • There was a whole part where she was like “Why is room where it happens such a good song???? I don’t understand??? Why are Hamilton and Jefferson even fighting???” and I was like “Do you know anything about Thomas Jefferson?” and she said “Well it’s good music but they need to chill”
  • My mother used the word chill end me
  • “But Lin and that Tall Guy are just so adorable and everyone was amazing!”
  • She literally just called me from her work as I’m typing this because she had to give someone a bunch of ten dollar bills and it 'feels different what the hell’
  • So yeah my mom is now absolute Hamilton Trash and it’s amazing and hysterical God Bless America
An Unexpected Mess

chapter: 2/?

characters: ot6, jongup-centric, himchan/jongup, inter-ot6 friendships (and bickering)

rating: t (swearing)

genre: modern retelling of the hobbit, texting/group chat au, comedy/crack, hobbit au, modern au, office au, crime (?)


Jongup: good morning! :)

Yongguk: What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning, or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or perhaps you mean to say that you feel good on this particular morning; or are you simply stating that this is a morning to be good on?

Jongup: what the fuck

or: In which Jongup has been added to a group chat with some strange people he’s never met, who seem to think he will go on a questionable ‘adventure’ for them.

read here


Urban Gods: 

↳ Artemis

Artemis isn’t really big on hunting in the green jungles anymore. She hangs out in crowded cities where men think every thing belongs to them. While her eyes aren’t as all seeing as her older brother, she still sees every woman that gets harassed on the street. The suspects usually end up pumped with lead and left to bleed out while one of her nymphs is watching over the victim. The goddess of the hunt is always on the prowl.


The Royals is based on a novel called Falling for Hamlet, which is a modern retelling of 
                                                 H A M L E T

what if the next Finnish literary classic is called seven sisters

what if the seven sisters run off into the forest to escape the conformity of society and do whatever the fuck they want so basically exactly the same plot as in seven brothers

(including all the ridiculous hilarious scenes like being trapped on top of a rock because of cows, or running naked through the forest because of wolves)


the seven sisters do NOT return to society to become ~good citizens but rather continue to do whatever the fuck they want without being shamed for it or despite being shamed for it

(naturally this does include the possibility that one or two of them return to society of their own volition, just, you know - without the morality lesson that’s inherent in seven brothers and that in the context of a modern retelling with a female cast would be pretty gross amiright)

Top Cartoons/Anime I Saw in 2016


1. Erased

Erased is a compelling mystery and time travel anime that has moments of greatness.

2. Romeo x Juliet

An exciting and compelling modern retelling on Shakespeare’s play full of swashbuckling action and touching romance

3. Snow White with the Red Hair

A delightfully cute and charming fairy tale romance

4. Noragami Aragato

Aragato is a worth continuation to Noragami. Bring on Season 3!

5. Orange

An emotional and heartfelt love story that brings touching emotional moments and romance.

6. Re:Zero

A familiar yet entertaining adventure that sucks you into the world.

7. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

A funny and delightful rom-com that has a cast of likable character and clever comedy

8. Full Metal Panic

Thrilling mecha anime that has cool action and good character moments.

9. Relife

A relatable comedy that accurately explores the struggles of a millennials.

10. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Yet another stuck in the world anime, but the cool visual style and unique take on the trope is enough to make it worthwhile.


1. Rick and Morty

Outrageous and hilarious, Rick and Morty is a highly entertaining show has smart writing and some creative ideas

2. The Loud House

Fast-paced and fun animated family show is one of Nick’s best in years.

3. Lolirock

A fun and cute tribute to the magical girl genre.

Previous Year

Tops Cartoons I Saw in 2015

Anime: Yona of the Dawn, Sound Euphonium Gangsta

Cartoons: Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Tops Cartoons I Saw in 2014

Anime: Your Lie in April, Noragami, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Parasyte

Cartoons: Amazing World of World of Gumball, Littlest Pet Shop, The Modifyers pilot