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I got in the movie business because I grew up watching my father’s films,” he continues. “It’s a balancing act; he did a lot of popcorn movies, but there’s been a shift in the last 30 years, and those movies are [particularly] moving and inspired me to want to be in film and be a part of, you could say, film history. My ultimate goal is to try to be in more great films that affect people.” As for whether the father and son will team up on screen in the near future: “I’ve been slipping my dad scripts; the problem is, he’s told just about every story, so you have to find something new. But he’s excited.


Each day passes as we look back as ask ourselves where it went. It seems as though the days fly by faster and our hours suddenly end earlier. As time simply seems to pass us by, we must be deliberate and mindful of how we spend each second. Let us not simply focus on our career or our future, but also focus on our happiness. If we are not where we had hoped to be in our lives, let us work to focus on achieving this as to accomplish the goals we had set for ourselves. As we do, truly incredible things will come our way and we likely will feel the sense of completion that we long for day in and day out.

People say all the time, ‘Well, I don’t understand how people could have tolerated slavery?’ 'How could they have made peace with that?’ 'How could people have gone to a lynching and participated in that?’ 'That’s so crazy, if I was living in that time I would never have tolerated anything like that.’ And the truth is we are living in this time, and we are tolerating it.
—  Bryan Stevenson, 13th on Netflix

[Steve and Bucky are competing for Tony’s attention]

Steve: [spills water on his shirt] Oh, what have I done? Now my shirt is all see-through.

Bucky: [grumbles] And so are you. I know what you’re doing. 

Tony: So do I, but I am enjoying the show immensely.