modern propaganda

The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth. Modern dictatorships have become far more sophisticated still in how to achieve their ends. They learned that by constant bombardment, your senses become overwhelmed. You start to doubt, to shrug your shoulders, to tune out, and that makes you vulnerable. Instead of pushing one lie, one fake, they can push a dozen, or a hundred, and that’s pretty good odds against one lonely truth. They win when you say: ‘Who can be sure what really happened?'
—  Garry Kasparov

why watch american sniper when you can watch generation kill

I hope that this kind of shocks them into recognizing that this 
untrammeled dishonesty and manipulation is going to have some consequences. I’m always, always concerned with people who say ‘listen to my words I will interpret reality for you and provide it to you’,  the only reason that people want to give you an interpreted version of reality rather than people honestly saying things is because they don’t want you to see reality, they want you to become dependent upon their perceptions rather than actual reality that disempowers everyone.
—  [source]
Modus Operandi

* Erase the aspects of our history that inspire pride in favour of a deceptive narrative that casts us as villains ill deserving of our achievements.

* Nip in the bud any optimism for the future via the combined propaganda machine of media, academia and modern politic smokescreen; propaganda designed to dull our primal instinct to defend and preserve our culture and traditions.

* Put us in an almost schizophrenic mindset by flooding our nations with those who are followers of a violent, warmongering cult, yet tell us we are to embrace them as own and to accept the growing pains that accompany them.

* Feign shock and outrage at the predictable chaos that ensues, all the while rubbing their hands together in glee at the combined prospect of an unlimited, ever cheaper workforce, and the prospect of expansion of the welfare state that perpetuates the already troublesome trend of an indolent, lazy and apathetic populace.

Modus operandi of the power brokers.  

Casual reminder that lying manipulative fascist assholes always prefer you wasting your energy to stop them being lying manipulative fascist assholes

Casual reminder that you should support media outlets which report how and why these fascist assholes are lying

Casual reminder to research how modern fascist / totalitarian propaganda is dispersed and utilized to confuse and obscure the truth (see Politico’s “Putin’s Russia” for a snapshot of what a well crafted propaganda machine looks like…then go research COINTELPRO)

Casual reminder that you should save the majority of your energy for researching and participating in direct action and resistance against said fascist assholes’ actual intentions and actions