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modern!Peter Maximoff runs a meme account on insta. his s/o runs a doffrent meme account. they start talking because one of them steals a meme from the other (they cant even remeber who stole what) but they do remeber when they found out the suprise they felt when they found out they live two blocks away from one another


The book I'm reading is Lost girl by Chandra Hahn. It's a modern retelling of Peter Pan and it's so fUCKING GOOD

First of all Wendy, Peter, The Lost Boys all have their own modern versions and TINK (Isabelle) IS MY FAVE.

Second: the author has her own fantastic creepy twist to the story which captivated me.

Lastly: so many famous scenes from the classic are reimagined and I didn’t think it would work bUT it does and I lOVE IT

YA Fairy Tale Retellings

I’ve had several people ask for some YA retelling book recommendations, so here are a few of each! I marked my favorites with an asterisk:


Snow White

Beauty & the Beast

Sleeping Beauty


The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Peter Pan

Aladdin/1,001 Nights

Red Riding Hood

Hansel & Gretel: Sweetly by Jackson Pearce

The Little Mermaid: Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Frog Prince: 

Rumpelstiltskin: A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce

The Snow Queen

modern marauders again

ok but listen:

  • remus was that person in the friendship group who was just aesthetic
  • he was the person who would just be talking and you’d take a picture of him and he’d be gorgeous
  • but he hated being in pictures
  • he’d rather take them
  • sirius was the person who wanted to go on road trips and go to the beach all the time
  • Peter was the one who would just get hyped at everything
  • “we’re gonna go to the beach today” “AW YEAHHHHHH”
  • james was the one who’d know when all the exciting events were
  • and drag them to concerts and fairs just to go on the rides
  • Sirius loved going to concerts because he said all the best girls could be found there
  • he’d have like fourteen numbers by the end of the night
  • his record was twenty one
  • but when he got home he tore them up or gave them to Pete
  • he had no interest in anyone there
  • he just liked to flirt meaninglessly
  • Pete would text some of the girls and make them fall for him
  • and when they met him in real life they’d still think he was cute and they must’ve been drunk because they do not remember him
  • james loved concerts because if he was lucky, he’d booked seats in the mosh pit with lily
  • and lily would be on Marlene’s shoulders
  • light bouncing off her hair in a mix of copper and scarlet 
  • but then Marlene would need to go to the bathroom
  • so she takes dorcas with her
  • and lilys left with Mary (who’s much smaller than her)
  • but james is there and they’re having a nice conversation
  • but fuck lily can’t see
  • and since james is taller than half the bloody people here
  • do you want to sit on my shoulders
  • and shes having such a good time up there
  • remus is literally apart of some candid photoshoot that dorcas is holding
  • and he looks absolutely gorgeous
  • so many girls have come up to him and get his number
  • but he doesnt get it
  • theyre just being nice
  • and dorcas literally facepalms because what are you talking about she was so pretty
  • but theres a small pink-haired girl in the crowd
  • laughing with her friends nearby
  • and she looks so carefree and just happy
  • that remus is drawn to her
  • so when she goes out to get a drink
  • he’s out as well buying some chocolate or something
  • “I’m Tonks” the pink hair girl holds out her hand
  • “Remus” he responds, shaking her hand
  • meanwhile Sirius is talking to Marlene at the very back of the stadium
  • both of them came with friends and aren’t really interested in the band
  • “I just came here to get wasted” Marlene shouts over the music
  • and theyre laughing
  • lily tugs on james’ hair and shouts “do you want to get a drink”
  • and part of him is dying of dehydration
  • but the other part doesnt want to lose contact with her
  • but he nods and grabs her hand to lead her out
  • “I don’t want to lose you” trying to justify himself
  • Peter is trying to locate Mary
  • the 4′ 11″ girl has to be here somewhere
  • and why would james and lily leave her alone
  • but all of a sudden a girl is hugging him and squeezing the life out of him
  • “I thought you guys left!”
  • “no. not without you. not ever”

Puck Personality @ Sidney Crosby


I have found my calling in life.  It is to promote this video. You all need to see this.

Talking About Plus-Size Fashion

In advance of this October’s exhibition, Items: Is Fashion Modern?, Michelle Millar Fisher and Stephanie Kramer speak with fashion historian Lauren Downing Peters and curator Clare Sauro about “plus-size fashion,” and what that means in a world where the majority of women’s bodies are not sample size. Read the interview here.

Modern Au Headcanons: Pevensies + their significant other

🔸Edmund and his s/o having a very dark sense of humor between them, like: Him sending a palace staff member to run into his s/o room shouting “The Just King is dead!” Or something super messed up from time to time just because he can. And his partner’s reaction being genuinely terrified the first couple times, but it eventually turning into an indifferent “oh, just throw his corpse down the balcony”, “make it look like an accident” or something like that

🔸Susan and her s/o reading the most ridiculous gossips about them on tabloids and laughing at them together

🔸 Peter always using as an excuse for his lateness at public events that his s/o took quite a while to look so amazing, and brag about it with things like “but I mean can we just apreciate ____ for a moment? I mean, that much beauty is not possible” “sorry I can’t stop looking at you” interruptions in the middle of his speech.

🔸Lucy passing her s/o sweet notes during long parliamentary sessions

🔸Also whenever she’s out for commitments they keep sending funny snaps to each other making ugly faces.

🔸Peter and his s/o becoming kind of a joke whenever they go together to support Narnia team at any game, because Kiss Cam always focuses on them. And yeah, if they kissed, it would be a good game for team NA.

🔸Susan giving or receiving piggyback rides through Cair Paravel and whenever a member of the parliament came across this scene they put on their best serious face, wait till passing by them and then crack out laughing.

🔸Cair Paravel releasing a set of pictures taken without Edmund and his s/o noticing showing their cutest moments