modern norse mythology au

one thing about modern au’s is…

Thor. And his family. Like, does norse mythology just not exist? Or is Odin just really, really attatched to norse mythology? Did he adopt a kid just to keep with the theme? 

Does anyone notice that? Is everyone side-eying this dude and his pseudo-god family? 

Modern Norse Gods AU - Sigyn

Fidelity and Mourning

She was like fire, hair of flame, heart of steel, towers surround her heart. She is loyal only to one even while others try to gain her heart. She is kind and then she is cruel. A woman who creates through her art and desire for adventure. Her love for Loki may be unrequited and simply friendship, she knows this yet she still remains true to him, a true power pair striving to achieve in this world and the next. Fighting her own battles she is not afraid to march to her own tune, not simply a quiet girl. Inquisitive, bright, observant and compassionate. She will also be there for those in times of true pain, what would a one day queen be if she was not? 

A World of Firsts - First Date

TITLE OF STORY: A World of Firsts
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fluff, Humour
FIC SUMMARY: A modern AU take on the tale of Loki tricking Sigyn into marrying him by killing Theoric and taking his place. 
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: This is the prize for my 1000 Follower Giveaway winner, lolomonster​, who requested a modern AU. Originally my brain went Loki-in-a-suit » FSOG, but I haven’t read/seen it so I couldn’t parody it properly like I wanted to. Then I saw this artwork by thetallsara​ (true, it’s a modern AU of Hades and Persephone, but I see some parallels between them and Logyn, even if no one else does) and thus the idea was seeded.

Anywho, lolomonster, I hope you like it, even if it didn’t up being what I originally planned. xoxox    

First Date | First Kiss | First Love

I hate Thursdays, Loki grumbled as headjusted his green and grey tie for the umpteenth time. Every time he put onhis suit (the less formal of the two that he owned) he regretted agreeing towork one day a week at his father’s Fortune 500. It was a joke really, but oneday a week spent in the IT department kept his father off his back and freed up the rest of his time for study and working part time in a used bookstore that he loved (and planned to buy when the owner retired - not that he’d tell his father that). The crosswalk sign turned green and Loki moved with the herd of nine-to-fivers on their way to get their mid-morning caffeine fixes.

As Loki waited for his name to be called, he fidgeted with his tie again before moving to the sleeves of his white dress shirt and folding them back. He was going over all the things he needed to get done that day if he wanted to keep his father away from his cubicle when the most amazing scent began to chase away seemingly indelible smell of coffee. It reminded him of the gardens at their house in Paris, the one his mother insisted on keeping maintained even though they visited maybe once every five years. Loki glanced casually about him until he spotted the source – a beautiful girl with flowers in her wild brown hair, a green florist’s apron around her waist, eyes the colour of warm honey, and Oh god, she caught me staring!

Loki almost gave himself whiplash as he turned fixed his eyes on the espresso machine, his fair complexion turning lobster red as the seconds ticked by at an excruciating pace.

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