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Paper planes

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Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Gender of the reader: Not specified

Summary: The Reader and Alexander exchange paper planes

Word count: 736

Warnings: Soulmates!AU; Modern!AU.

For you, one of the most beautiful things in life was having a soulmate and communicating with them through paper planes. It was simple and exciting, writing messages to someone you were destined to be with but didn’t know yet.

One day, having mustered up all the courage you could, you decided to write your first letter to your soulmate. You sat at the desk in your bedroom, paper and pen in front of you.

[Hi! I’m (Y/N). How are you? I don’t know what to write, so… tell me about your day?]

Okay, it was probably the lamest first message ever sent to a soulmate.

You folded it up carefully and sent it out your window, watching how it flew steadily and disappeared in the distance.

An hour went by. Two. Three. And still no response. Maybe they couldn’t write back? Maybe your plane hadn’t reached them yet? Maybe you had no soulmate? You shook your head, clearing up your mind from that last thought. You would wait.

The next day you woke up to a light knocking on your window. Confused, you got up and drew the curtains.

“What the fuck?” There wasn’t only a paper plane, there were FIVE of them, and by the looks of it they were all written on both sides. You opened your window and the planes got in, landing on your bed in line. You picked the closest one and noticed a small ‘1’ on a corner when you unfolded it.

Turns out it was a 5-pages-essay on how awful their day had been and how ‘everything bad in their life was Thomas Jefferson’s fault’. Wow. Your soulmate hated him to the point of forgetting to give their own name.

Just then, another paper plane landed next to you. This one was significantly shorter, it only said:

[I’m Alexander. Sorry for the rant! I got overexcited for receiving your letter and I had had a stressful day as you must have deduced by my letters, so I wrote it all down. Sorry again.]

“Alexander” you repeated to yourself. “That’s a nice name” you said smiling.

Days and months went by, Alexander and you exchanging letters almost daily. Soon you had to buy boxes in order to keep all of Alexander’s letters safe and organized: he wrote like he needed it to survive! Plane after plane you learned that his last name was Hamilton, he lived in NY, he was bisexual, he called his group of friends (John, Hercules and Lafayette) the Revolutionary Set and hated Thomas Jefferson (whose resemblance to Lafayette was beyond scary, in Alexander’s opinion) more than he hated losing a debate, and boy did he hate it.

When you both felt that you trusted each other enough, you agreed to meet up.

That takes us to this moment: you waiting inside Caribbean Cafeteria, waiting for your coffee and trying to calm down your nerves. But no one can blame you, you’re about to meet your soulmate face to face for the first time!

Next thing you know, a paper plane lands in front of you.

“(Y/N)?” You hear a man’s voice say. You look up and you swear that your heart is pounding stronger than ever. A handsome man is approaching you. His hair, tied back in a ponytail sways with every step he takes. His brown eyes are bright with emotion and fixated to yours. His smile is sincere and beautiful. “Oh my God it’s really you!”

You don’t know when, but you’ve stood up and Alexander is hugging you and you can feel he’s slightly out of breath. You relax in his embrace before laughing lightly.

“I guess you’re Alexander, then” you comment jokingly.

The door opens again and three men step inside coming in your direction. Right then, Alexander breaks the hug, steps behind you and puts his hands on your shoulders.

“Guys! Look at my (Y/N)!”

Some curious costumers turn to look at you all while the Revolutionary Set cheers.

Suddenly Alexander moves away from you, blushing.

“I’m sorry! I got ahead of myself. You’re just… so much better than I had imagined and maybe I overreacted a bit.” He says smiling sheepishly.

“It’s okay, you dork. You’re pretty handsome yourself– I mean– coffee?” You offer to them, trying to distract them from the fact that you just called Alexander ‘handsome’.

Maybe you were getting a bit ahead of yourself too.

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