modern lucifers

Lucifer stands on street corners
Chain smoking cigarettes,
Full of cheap whiskey and self-loathing.
He still remembers walking this world
Before his Father sculpted man from the mud

It was green and pure and perfect back then
Back before he ruined it in his petty jealousy
Now this world is grey and dead, or dying
And Lucifer envies that as well, wishes he
Could fade out of this mess he’s made

He knows he’ll never find forgiveness,
Because he will never be worthy of it;
Even after all these years Lucifer still
Doesn’t understand his Father’s love

This will never end with his head on a pike
Because Evil doesn’t die bloody
Evil dies on the devil’s lips 
As he prays for forgiveness;
It dies as God forgives him

—  Prodigal Son (k.m.p.)
For all people that enjoy TV Shows. Return Dates

Fear The Walking Dead: August 21

From Dusk Till Dawn: September 6

American Horror Story: September 14

Gotham: September 19

Lucifer: September 19

Scream Queens: September 20

Brooklyn 99: September 20

Marvel Agents of Shield: September 20 

Chicago PD: September 21

Modern Family: September 21

Grey’s Anatomy: September 22

Chicago Med: September 22

How To Get Away With Murder: September 22

Once Upon A Time: September 25

Quantico: September 25

Marvel’s Luke Cage: September 30

Shameless: October 2

The Flash: October 4

Arrow: October 5

Supergirl: October 10

Chicago Fire: October 11

Legends Of Tomorrow: October 13

Supernatural: October 13

Jane The Virgin: October 17

The Vampire Diaries: October 21

The Walking Dead: October 23

Grimm: October 28

Teen Wolf: November 15

Sense8: December 24 (Not sure about this one)

These are all the TV Shows that I watch if you have more feel free to add them!

September is my favorite month of the year because after months of a desert wasteland of TV, all of my shows come back and it’s like I’ve found that magical oasis!!

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Seal of Lucifer, the Destroyer:

This is the Lucifer most known – he is the Punisher. However, unlike the modern Christian demonization, Lucifer the Destroyer does not dwell in an eternal, subterranean hell awaiting those who turn away from YHWH – no, he walks among us. While no longer does he serve the Tyrant God, his goals remain – punish all those who bring “evil” into the world (hypocrisy, bigotry, lies, pain, strife, hatred, etc. – all the things born only in the corrupt mortal mind, but permeate outward). He is the destroyer of Illusions, Lies and all that poisons the mind and delays Enlightenment/Salvation/ Saṃsāra (call it what you will). In a sense, he is much like Kali – but on a smaller scale (Kali does not only work in mortal affairs but functions as an integral cog of the Cosmos at large) – in that he destroys misconceptions, confusion, greed, all those things that cloud the mind, so that Lucifer, the Morning Star (and all of his incarnations as prophet, sage and spiritual leader– “The Devil” of Old) might lead you onward.

hello yes inkskinned I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this but honestly you’re amazing. your writing is powerful and touching and it has kept me afloat more times then I’d care to admit. in particular I love your poems that incorporate greek mythology purely bc that is my jam and they’re art.

but like, you’re so kind??? how one person can be so kind I don’t understand bc I know humans and I’ve seen the ugliness, from my family and my mother’s illness and that asshole that catcalled me when I was 12. but you are so beautiful (and I mean both your mind/soul and your body bc I’ve seen your selfies and hot damn) and so kind and you mean so much to me.

sorry for being creepy I just had one good day in like forever