modern greek gods au

the golden twins ; apollo & artemis

« the sun and the moon. dearest brother and sister, opposites and incomplete. their love for each other is brutal, yet hidden under a veil of stars. they rarely agree on anything, really. one shining bright in the sky, the other guiding lost souls in the dark. but you know what they say about twins; they are two sides of the same coin. a golden coin. »

so i was thinking about another modern au where the greek gods have had to adapt to modern society and so they’ve picked up mortal jobs and hobbies and interests and i got really into it.

hermes is a late night comedian, since that’s the way that most information is transmitted nowadays, and he still gets to poke fun at his siblings.

poseidon is a high powered eco lawyer. he works on high profile cases along the lines of the bp oil spill. he has beach-side houses all over the world and enjoys thrill-seeking outdoor activities like cliff jumping and cave diving. 

hades teaches high school english, along the lines of the dead poets society. he lives near his school and brings his dog to school every day. he loves teaching british literature like shakespeare and john donne. his wife comes to visit him and they eat lunch together every day in his office, which always has flowers in it. 

apollo works as a librarian at a university, and he moonlights as a slam poet. he teaches archery at the local YMCA and stays in on weekends with a mug of tea and a good book or movie.

vesta makes ceramics professionally. she feels most at home among the wheels and glazes and kilns of her workshop. there are always candles lit in her apartment that don’t seem to go out. she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, who are her true family. 

dionysus works as a bartender. he owns a vineyard on the side but lets other people handle the corporate side of things. his favorite part of acting mortal is getting to know the people who come to his bar and connecting with them. he never forgets a face and he has a wall of pictures of his favorite customers behind the bar.

athena teaches middle school social studies/history because she’s discovered that she really enjoys working with children. at this age she can impart wisdom upon them and teach them logic and reason before they are too swayed by the opinions of the world.

zeus is a con artist and art thief. he never stays in a city for more than a week, but he has someone new in his bed every night. he frequents casinos and clubs and owns a villa out in California which is filled with more famous works of art than he ought to have.

hera is a very bitter and sarcastic wedding planer, like james marsden in 27 dresses minus the journalism bit. she is most famous among celebrity circles for having just the right “touch” when it comes to decor and menu planning and floral arrangements. she charges a ton but can work magic, from short-term planning to getting the bride’s wishes just right. she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage but it has bought her summer homes in hawaii and costa rica so she’ll sell the idealized vision.

aphrodite runs several dating sites like eharmony and okcupid, but also some like ashley madison that facilitate affairs because she rules more over the sexual side of things than the love side, despite her image to the former. she loves rap and hip hop and takes kick-boxing classes and always looks like she has makeup on. she anonymously supports planned parenthood because she wants to support safe sex and allow people to find the information and resources they need. 

artemis owns a climbing gym and leads outdoor climbing adventures for her clients and also her buddies. she has tons of tattoos and piercings and a secret love for pop punk music like fob and p!atd. on the weekends, she runs lgbtqia+ support groups for children and teens in her neighborhood, and always lets them climb for free in her gym.

hephaestus owns a tattoo parlor and has a reputation for the most lifelike tattoos that always seem to be exactly what someone had in mind, as if he magically could see their thoughts. he’s a total teddybear and has a penchant for classical music and teaches at-risk children in his city how to repair bikes and cars on the weekends.


Modern Aesthetics: Athena

“you are ten percent horror - don’t worry,

don’t worry, i’ve seen it.
you want to tear things apart,
watch them bleed and put them
back together again.

twenty percent of you craves that pain,
that sharpness that only you and your blade
can bring. you’ve pushed it down.
i know it’s hard. it’s okay. breathe for me.

twenty five percent of you is courage.
you don’t think you’re strong?
i’ve seen you take in that one more
breath when you’re sure it would be easier
just to stop. you can do this. i trust you.

fifteen percent is love, and you’ve
told me you love me, but i need to
hear it a few dozen times before
it starts to sink in. i love you,
honey, i’ve watched you
struggle and i’ve watched you
grow and i know you could
drown me, devour me with that

thirty percent is holy.
you claim you can’t see your
divinity, can’t feel it, but god,
i feel it every time i touch you.
you were made to be worshiped, darling,
and i’m happy to take up that task.” (x)


asked by mysteriousbooklover

king and queen; crown and sword; ruler and beloved. there were things looming in the underworld. souls amongst corpses and flowers amongst ruins. a somber kingdom built in cold bone and black ashes. it was often called « the kingdom where nothing was born », where light never dared to set a foot. well, that is, until persephone. because the day persephone set foot on this burnt bewitched ground, the day she held the ruler’s heart in her palm, almost burning at the warmth of her sun-kissed skin, a flower bloomed under her feet.”

Honey and Wine

That Greek God Modern AU with @peachpitsss

Credence/Newt, teen rating but may fringe at mature if you squint.

On AO3 Here (forgive my ugly mobile format):

“Dionysus is represented by city religions as the protector of those who do not belong to conventional society and he thus symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason and which can only be attributed to the unforeseeable action of the gods.”

You never felt doubt, until you looked into the eyes of a British man wearing his strange, pagan amulets, smiling nervously before he looks away and takes the leaflet from your lifeless fingers.


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8/? aethestics 

⤗ Apollo

Apollo is one of the most important and complex of the Olympian deities in classical Greek and Roman religion and Greek and Roman mythology. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless, athletic youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of music, truth and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.



And so he goes to Earth and does an art degree because obviously he’s fucking amazing at art but once he’s done that he’s like um what now — so he does every arts degree he can find (accelerated courses, obvs) which keeps him busy for a few years

But then he’s bored again and he doesn’t know how to do what he loves without being the best, which is actually pretty depressing because he literally cannot get any better

Then he stumbles across a street artist who specialises in anti-government graffiti and he TOTALLY DOESN’T GET IT so he’s like explain this to me mortal how is this art

And eventually he falls in love with this street artist but he doesn’t want to be a dick like his dad so he’s all nah I’m gonna woo them so hard, earth-stylee

So he’s like Erato help a bro out here because obvs he is bezzers with the Muses (he directed their choir but I bet they just messed about and got drunk and inspired really random people by accident which actually goes a long way towards explaining Britain’s Got Talent)


But it totally works (but only because he’s terrible at poetry and the street artist finds it adorable)

ALSO ALSO ALSO: They have no idea who Apollo is which makes him super annoyed because he has like 20 degrees by this stage - at least - and this artist is like lol you’re on the streets now what’s your tag?

So love is born and all the other Muses are so pissed that he didn’t ask their opinion when wooing this dude/lady/other that they curse him to dance for a whole week nonstop, and his new love nearly cracks a rib from laughing


THE MODERN OLYMPIANS (females & males)

There is something dangerous about a teenage goddess. These abnormal, peculiar youths. One possesses a skilled tongue, silky and delicious, yet so dangerous, curled in a pool of poison. Another only wakes at the howling of her huntresses and another could make the world quake, her wit as her only weapon. One is beautiful and indispensable, she feeds the world with lies and burning ashes. Another tie souls to each other, leaving them to rot and decay together until only one survives and another became so sad and overpriced that she became something no one could receive, no one deserved. These girls were queens, rulers amongst men and feral beings that slowly learned, by the centuries, how to tame their darkness.

Modern greek gods au

Apollo talking about how you need to vacinate your kids
Hades telling everyone that the stuff they watch on supernatural shouldn’t be imitated
Artemis explaining how the amount of people you do/don’t have sex with doesn’t determining your self worth
Aphrodite telling everyone that regardless of their gender it’s perfectly fine to enjoy being feminine

“Wow, that’s incredibly obvious” 
“…Yeah, thanks for that”

Eren owns a flower shop and Armin’s shirt is a Game of Thrones joke 

Modern Hades/Persephone Eremin AU, or, “The God of the Underworld leaves his house in his pajamas to grace the mortals with his presence and also touch his husbands butt.” 

“All gods who receive homage are cruel. All gods dispense suffering without reason. Otherwise they would not be worshipped. Through indiscriminate suffering men know fear and fear is the most divine emotion. It is the stones for altars and the beginning of wisdom. Half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood.”  Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

Louis ↠ DIONYSUS the God of Wine & Festivity.
Modern Greek Mythology AU.

He was one of the most important Gods of everyday life
and became associated with the idea that under the influence
of wine, one could feel possessed by a greater power.
On one hand he brings together joy
and ecstasy - on the other chaos and misery,
reflecting both sides of wine's nature.
He was a God that stood for the untamed nature of life.

Greek Gods AU → Corporate

Olympus Industries is run by the ruthless Aries after the death of his father Zeus. Navigating the murky waters surrounding corporate espionage, Aries also has to navigate his family. Hera is his mother-in-law, twenty years her late husbands junior and mother of the young Demeter. Apollo and Dionysus, adopted into the family, stand to gain from the collapse of Olympus Industries if Aries cannot avoid a legal battle against his sister Aphrodite who demands ownership of the company as the ‘rightful’ heir and oldest.

Today on “Mixing AUs”

 What about a modern day greek gods AU with punk!Alec as Hades? :D

Punk!Alec with glasses trying to decipher the name of the dead because the three Fates have terrible handwriting

Punk!Alec being deeply offended whenever comments on his underworld palace as ‘depressingly dark’ because it’s ‘tasteful black’

Punk!Alec pouting because mortal never believe that he his indeed the rule of the underworld. 

And whoever gets the role of Charon having the hobby of singing cheesy pop songs, but not having quite the talent for it, but Alec doesn’t have the heart to tell them.

I blame annlightwood and perihelial