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“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world we are individuals.”

This is shitty and I apologize! Hope you like it!


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▪ I see him as a …. idk… how to put it… modern!greaser?
▪ Lip piercings
▪ Tattoo sleeve
▪ Leather jacket with white edging
▪ Ripped jeans
▪ Probably doesn’t smoke as much as others
▪ Intimidating
▪ Doesn’t drive a car
▪ ‘Motorcycles are faster.’
▪ Probably breaks at least two laws a day
▪ Your waist is the permanent resting place of his arm
▪ Flirt
▪ Gives no shits
▪ You’re the Queen
▪ He’s the King
▪ Untouchable
▪ May or may not have gone to jail a few times
▪ Father always gets him out
▪ You’re literally used to the phone calls of him being in trouble
▪ He’s shown up to your front door bloody a few times
▪ Busted lip
▪ Broken nose
▪ ‘Hey, at least I won, babe.’ - JB
▪ ‘That doesn’t make it any better, JB.’ - You
▪ Hospital trips
▪ You constantly getting him out of trouble
▪ He loves you to bits for it
▪ Among other things
▪ Your thighs are heaven to him
▪ He likes to kiss your back
▪ Between your shoulder blades
▪ Your tummy
▪ Very romantic behind closed doors
▪ Anger problems
▪ Raised his hand to you once
▪ Literally broke the hell down after wards
▪ ‘I’m so sorry-’
▪ You both move on quickly, not wanting to linger
▪ Matching necklaces
▪ Late night walks
▪ He buys you everything you want
▪ Despite your protests to stop spending his money
▪ He does not listen
▪ You should really stop complaining
▪ He hears none of it any way
▪ He does what he wants in the end
▪ Proposes randomly
▪ Like he literally just suddenly sits by you one the couch
▪ Holds out the ring like
▪ ‘I’m not good at this, so yeah, marry me?’
▪ You smack him with a pillow
▪ Forcing him to at least get down on one knee
Two dirty jokes later
▪ He proposes all cute and shit
▪ He’s a tough guy
▪ But, his entire heart belongs to you

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I NEED some headcanons about delinquent/badboy/punk! AU with Kuroo and Iwaizumi with their s/o who is a kind, cute and innocent little bird (♥ω♥*)

every time i think of the typical “bad boy,” i think of greasers and i need to… not do that. i’m also working under the assumption that in this au, the teams are all gangs


  • More a modern greaser type bad boy. Leather jackets, white t-shirts, jeans, and boots. Just no hair grease. It probably wouldn’t work for him anyway.
  • Surprisingly gentlemanly from time-to-time. He’s big on lending you his jacket when you get cold and holding doors open for you.
  • Apparently, Kuroo talks about you a lot to his gang, so they’re very surprised to see someone so… unlike them with their leader. But you radiate so much positivity and offer them all compliments that they find it hard not to like you. Tora in particular is glad that you like his mohawk.
  • He may be a punk, but he is still a nerd through-and-through. Although, he’d never admit this to anyone. He’s got an image to keep. The only reason you know about it is because you caught him studying one time. You assure him that his secret is safe with you, but only if he helps you with your homework.


  • Totally a biker type (sans the bandannas). Two words, though: denim vests. You may be an innocent little thing, but even you can’t help but stare at those perfect arms of his. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got some cool tattoos on them as well.
  • He’s got a type and you’re it. He inevitably gets teased for it when you meet the gang the first time. Punk or not, he would have fallen for your charm anyway.
  • He doesn’t pick fights or anything, but if anyone comes at him they’re probably not going to win or come out unscathed. (Think Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!)
    • But he is fiercely protective of those he’s closest with, so if anyone has a problem with you for some reason—and that’s a rare occurrence in-and-of-itself—, he’s not above using intimidation tactics. If they try hurting you, he won’t hold back. You’ve witnessed grown men being tossed out of alleyways at the hands of your boyfriend.
Modern Greaser Headcanons!

- Ponyboy and Johnny are sluts for memes.
- Soda and Steve are vine stars.
- Cherry, Sylvia, and Angela are Instagram famous.
- Ponyboy is secretly tumblr fandom famous.
- Dallas watches Keeping up with the Kardashians more than he did like to tell.
- Ponyboy is a fanboy.
- Dallas makes dubstep music (is that how you say it??).
- Steve and Pony argue constantly over Android vs. Apple.
- Pony has an iPhone 6+
- Steve has an android
- Pony, Cherry, and Sylvia spend about 87% of there time at Starbucks.
- Steve is a secret nerd who watches Anime.
- Soda caught Steve watching Attack on Titan once.
- Soda and Steve cosplay and go to anime cons all the time (secretly though).
- Pony really loves Takis
- Pony has a secret Wattpad,, and AO3 account.
- Along with playing football, Darry also took dance. Only Soda and Pony know tho.
- Darry thought Pony how to dance. Soda watched and laughed.
- Cherry and Pony have aesthetic tumblrs.
- Two-Bit loves McDonalds.
- Dallas once went to school with Johnny and told Johnny’s bully’s that he was his big brother and if the did stop picking on him he’d kick them to the moon.
- When Soda’s not home at night (working late, with Steve, etc) and Pony has a nightmare, Darry will let him sleep in his bed and play with his hair while singing “You are my sunshine.”
- The gang loves the song 7 Years by Lukas Graham.
- Johnny loves the song Gold by Kiiara.
- Soda likes to sing Lost boy by Ruth B to Pony at night.
- Steve and Soda’s favorite song is 679 by Fetty Wap.
- Dallas likes to sing Sky Full Of Stars and Another’s Arms by Coldplay.
- Curly and Pony’s first date was to the roller rink.
- Two-Bit saved up enough money to take himself and the gang to Disney land.
- Johnny and Pony plan on getting matching tattoos.
- Curly has a “Heaven sent, hell bent” tattoo on his forearm.
- Dallas once died his hair blue for some unknown reason.
- Tim loves Toddlers and Tiaras.
- Pony is a hipster
- The gang goes to see every new super hero movie they can.
- Pony’s two favorite super heroes are Superman bc he reminds him of Darry and Captain America.
- Sylvia’s winged eyeliner will cut you.
- Girls are always talking about Soda’s killer jaw line.
- Angela, Pony, Johnny, and Two-Bit all have snapchat stories like a Harry Potter trilogy.
- Dallas once had a nose ring.
- Soda jumped off the roof and broke his leg because Steve told him to “do it for the vine.”
- Steve saved up enough to buy himself a motorcycle.
- Darry secretly took online collage courses.
- He surprised everyone with his degree in law.
- Pony wants to get a degree in art and history.
- Pony also wants to open a book shop in Tulsa when he graduates.
- One by one the gang started moving into the house, helping Darry and Soda with the bills and stuff.
- Pony loved that the gang moved in bc it feels more like a family//and he and Johnny feel more loved than ever before.
- After a year of dating Paul moved in with the gang.
- Darry adopted Johnny shortly after he moved in.
- After Steve moved in he and soda started dating.
- Dallas was the last to move in,, shortly after moving in he started dating Tim.
- Pony started thinking of Darry and Paul as his ‘dads’.
- Johnny was like another big brother to Pony ((and so was Steve)).
- Pony would get picked on for being gay and Darry being gay (the whole two dad thing) and after a while Steve got feed up with it and broke someone’s nose bc they looked at Pony wrong.
- Pony loves Harry Potter.
- Johnny finally came out as gay.
- Two-Bit loves to skateboard.
- Cherry, Sylvia, Evie, Kathy, and Pony are the feminism squad.
- Dallas Winston is a fuckboi

(These are crappy and I apologize but I hope you like them! I’ve been saving these in the drafts for like two weeks 😅)

greaser boy - part I

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count:  1,294

A/N: I’m not sure if bad boy! Bucky is a thing, but I noticed the drought of these sort of imagines and decided to write one myself. Just imagine 1940s Bucky, with greaser style. Also, Peggy is in this because I thought, what the hell! If you want to be tagged just ask, I really don’t know how long this mini-series will be. 

All parts of Greaser Boy are on my masterlist

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“I’m telling you Y/N, Mrs. Dott hates me,” Your best friend, Nike exclaimed.

“That’s because you called her a bitch and you said she looked like the Stepmother from Cinderella,” You said.

“Hey, she had it coming. As for the Stepmother comment, the resemblance is uncanny,” She continued.

“And that’s why you’re gonna fail American Literature,” You added and adjusted the strap of your backpack.

The school campus was nearly empty except for the cross country team that was getting ready to practice. You and Nike had just finished your community service at the school library. She fiddled with the keys of her car and continued to talk about which teachers she suspects of hating her.

The school day was finally over and all you wanted to do was go home, order a pizza and continue watching Game of Thrones. There are perks of being a good student. You managed to get ahead on your homework and you found yourself stress-free. You were proud to say that you had a whopping five A’s in the grade book. Nike, on the other hand, was freaking out over missing assignments. Of course, you would lend her your completed homework to let her copy.

You and Nike weren’t exactly part of the ‘popular’ group, cause there is no popular group. There is only a handful of well-known students that are all friends and you happen to be a bit close with them.

Steve Rogers, captain of the football team. He has never lost a game ever since he started playing. He has a big heart and is the most down to earth person you’ve ever met. Steve’s girlfriend, Peggy Carter is an exchange student from England. Plenty have tried to woo her, but the Captain managed to capture her heart.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are the smartest students at the school. They take every AP class, are always creating new inventions and are both quite dashing. Together, with brilliant minds like theirs, they can put Isaac Newton to shame. Everyone is convinced they’ll find a cure for cancer. Tony is well known for being a player and rich, whereas Bruce is just a quiet person who always seems to be learning new things through books.

Natasha Romanoff is one of your close friends. You’ve known her since freshman year when the both of you were assigned partners for biology. She’s one of those girls that you don’t want to mess with. She will make your life hell if you do. Her best friend is Clint Barton. They’re inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Clint is the star basketball player of the team. He has never missed a shot. The team has an impressive winning streak thanks to Clint.

Thor is an interesting character. He and his brother Loki are always arguing over stupid, yet simple things that can be handled easily, but they exaggerate everything. They’ll argue over anything. Girls, who’s hair is better, the last slice of pizza. Nevertheless, they throw the best parties. Something insane happened at Thor’s party? That’s nothing new.

Sam Wilson is a certified ladies man. His good looks can kill. He has, not only girls but guys at his feet as well. Sam is on the soccer team. He’s one of the best goalies. Of course, he’s also Nike’s crush since sophomore year.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are also exchange students. They’re from Sokovia and have only been here a little less than a year. Pietro is one of the fastest runners as the school. He’s the reason the track team’s been getting more wins that loses. Wanda always goes to his meets to cheer him on. She’s his biggest supporter. Wanda is really sweet. You have two classes with her and you occasionally copy off each other’s homework and notes when one or the other wasn’t paying attention.

“Rumor has it, we’re gonna get a new guy,” Nike said.

“Who told you?” You asked and slid into the passenger’s seat.

“Margery,” She replied and started the engine. “She claims that he’s a total bad boy. I think he got kicked out his previous school for getting into a fight. He’s from Brooklyn. His name is James or something like that”

“Exactly what we need, another troubled kid that will fight anyone that looks into their direction,” You rolled your eyes.

“Watch yourself there Y/N,” Nike stated. “You might find yourself falling for him.”

“As if, the last thing I need is a distraction from my school work. I’m not gonna get into a good college if I’m in La La Land, thinking about a no-good guy,” You huffed.

“You never know, Y/N, you never know.”

You groaned and reached for your phone. Mornings were always such drags. From getting up early to eventually sitting on a chair in Music History. Your eyes squinted at the light coming from the screen.

8:15 AM

You were suddenly fully awake and you were very late. It was a race against time as you pulled on a T-shirt and a denim jacket over your shoulders. At that point, you didn’t care how crappy you looked.

Your father never worked on these days, so you asked him for a ride. Your parents never dared trust you to drive one of their cars. Not after you accidentally crashed into the fence and caused major damages to your Mom’s Subaru.

You walked as fast as you could across the English hall. First period was in the band room and even though Mr. Smith never marked anyone down for being late, you wanted to get there on time because you actually liked the class.

You turned the corner and crashed into something hard and sturdy. They reached out and grabbed onto you before you fell back, that would’ve made you look like a complete fool.

“Whoa there.”

You looked up and were faced with a very handsome guy. His blue eyes were filled with mischief. A small smile played at the corner of his lips. His brown hair was perfectly quiffed. He looked straight out of an 80s movie. A teenage heartthrob that was a total pantie dropper.

“Uh-yeah,” You stuttered, dumbfounded. You mentally smacked your forehead at how you fumbled with your words. This guy was hot.

“You okay there, doll?” He asked. Oh, my god, you said to yourself.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He released you from his grip and let you settle down in your own body.

“Gotta be careful, don’t want you to get hurt,” He continued. His black leather jacket, white shirt, dark jeans and Doc Martens screamed greaser. He definitely looked like a modern day greaser.

“I’m new here, any chance you can direct me to the correct classroom?” He asked. You tried to ignore the fact that his voice was dripping with velvet and sex. His gaze was on you. You could practically feel him burning holes in you. With a shaky hand, you took his schedule and examined it. After explaining to him where each class was, you realized you had two classes with him. Fifth and sixth.

“Thank you,” He smiled and you nearly melted. “I’m James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.”

This is the new guy Nike was talking about. He sure lived up to the explanation. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Well Y/N I hope to see you around and if not, I’ll come find you. I want to see your pretty face again, doll.” He winked and turned on his heels before walking down the English hall. You released the breath you didn’t know you were holding. The conversation replayed in your head. Heat rushed to your cheeks when you remembered that he called you 'doll.’ You realized one thing: Bucky Barnes was gonna be trouble.

bad boy for christmas;

❅ Day 22 of the Christmas Writing Event ❅

member/group- jungkook/BTS

prompt- badboy!jungkook + a secret santa gone bad

listen to- this

(a/n- this is the longest one i’ve written for christmas and im not even satisfied with it…but i do love badboy!jungkook… pls request tiny blurbs about him or any of badboy!bts tbh)


At first, you didn’t know if this school was the place for you. It was just two weeks ago that you had joined in on classes here, but it wasn’t until they mentioned the words Secret Santa in your choir class that you realized this school definitely was the right place for you.

You bounced your knees excitedly, gripping your present you had bought for the person you had drawn. She was a sweet girl who had a pretty voice but rarely received any solos and you actually quite liked her. You sincerely hoped she enjoyed the presents you had ended up buying for her.

People began to filter into the choir room before you knew it. This class was your favorite of them all for many reasons. The most obvious reasons were that it was your last class of the day and you loved to sing, but the main reason was the fact you shared this class with the school’s favorite bad boy, Jungkook. 

The tall, dark-haired boy who was either smirking or glaring at somebody had captured your heart as soon as you heard his gorgeous voice flow through the room. He was the type to wear dark colors everyday and do his eyeliner just a bit more intense than everybody else. Honestly, it surprised you that he was the type to be in a choir class, but you definitely weren’t complaining.

The bell let out a shrill ring to signal that class had begun and you excitedly squirmed in your seat. Your teacher stood at the front of the room with a smile on her face as she explained to everyone the directions to the gift exchanging. It was quite simple, actually. All you had to do was get up from your assigned seat and find the chair that belonged to the person you had received and lastly, set the present underneath it. And when you returned, you opened your gifts all at the same time, to prevent any mess-ups of course. 

As soon as the teacher finished talking, everybody sprung into action. All the girls let out excited squeals and the boys laughed nonchalantly, like they didn’t care. You quietly weaved your way around people and sat the nicely wrapped present under the girl’s chair with a smile. Giving gifts was one of your favorite things to do, and you were glad that you got the chance to make somebody feel happiness.

You turned and walked back to your chair, feeling airy and cheerful. Your joyous mood increased even more as you caught sight of a box sitting under your chair. With a giggle, you sat down and clasped your hands together, waiting for a signal from the teacher to open up the presents. When she gave permission to begin, you quickly reached down and picked up your box. It was extremely light in your hands and you frowned. It almost felt like nothing was in it.

You tore away the wrapping paper and were presented with a cardboard box taped shut. You ripped the tape impatiently and opened the flaps of the box. Your stomach dropped as you saw your worst suspicion- it was empty.

Laughter exploded from a boy sitting not too far from you. Once you looked a bit closer, you realized he was laughing at you. His friends noticed your lack of a present and began to laugh just as obnoxiously. Your whole face heated up instantly and you felt more embarrassed than you ever remembered being. The teacher wasn’t even paying attention anymore, sitting at her desk with headphones in and watching something intently on her computer. The one time you needed help and she wasn’t available.

Yeah, you were a relatively new kid, but it didn’t mean that you had a lack of feelings. It also didn’t mean you were an alien in this school. You simply didn’t go here the same length as them and that somehow translated as being a weirdo. Honestly, you never expect them to be this cruel to you. Foolishly, you believed they had some decency.

In the back corner of the room, Jungkook couldn’t help but notice the scene that was unfolding in front of him. He watched the cocky, arrogant boys who didn’t even belong in this class begin to laugh at you loudly. He also watched your whole face turn red and your eyes tear up. Anger started building up in his stomach as he watched them tease you, asking to see what you had received with a mocking tone. If there was anything he hated it was people being unnecessarily rude to others.

Not being able to tolerate any more of it, he stood up and stomped over to the boys harassing you. He grabbed the leader by the shirt and pulled him up roughly, gripping his shirt in a fist. “What’s the problem over here?” he asks through gritted teeth. The boys eyes grow wide as he realizes he’s angered Jungkook.

“Uh, nothing! Nothing at all!” he exclaimed and nervously grabbed onto Jungkook’s wrist that was still pressed against his chest. Jungkook felt anger surge through his veins and it took all he had not to punch the kid in the face. If he was a more open person, everybody would already know about his crush on you and therefore understand why he was sticking up for you.

“Oh really? Because I think you were just tormenting Y/N over there.” He cocked his head to the side as the boy squirmed in his grip. Not only did Jungkook have a reputation of being a bad boy, but he looked like one too. With a plain white t-shirt, leather jacket, and ripped up black jeans, he closely resembled a modern day greaser. His black combat boots and tattoos didn’t help his case either.

“I-I’m sorry, we just thought it’d be funny!” the boy explained nervously. Jungkook rolled his eyes and shoved the kid back into his seat.

“Nothing is funny about making somebody feel bad. You’re just an asshole.” He scoffed and made his way over to you, trying to give you the nicest smile he could. “Hey, ignore those douchebags over there. They aren’t shit, okay?” He catches your eye as you tentatively look up, your eyes still filled with tears and cheeks still tinted red.

“Yeah…” you whisper and look back down, playing with your fingers. Jungkook sighs and reaches down to clasp your hand in his tightly before lifting you up from your seat.

“Let’s get out of here. You deserve a nice present,” he says, sending a vicious glare at the group of boys. By now, everybody was watching your every move and although you still felt humiliated, the sensation of Jungkook’s skin on yours was beginning to make up for it.

He lead you out the door, not caring that he had left without telling the teacher. For some reason, you knew he would escape her wrath anyway.

“You don’t have to pretend to be all nice to me now, they aren’t around,” you told him softly and tried to pull you hand away from his. This only made him grip it harder.

“Who said I was pretending?” he snapped and you flinched back a little, not used to people being so direct and curt with you.

“I-I don’t know, you’ve just never talked to me before,” you stuttered, feeling flustered. It was true, Jungkook had never uttered a single word to you before.

He huffed as he guided you to his car. “I just don’t really know how to approach you, I guess. You’re more of a good girl, and you like things like Secret Santa and pleasing the teacher while I rarely come to school on time,” he explained and opened up the passenger door. He expected you to get in, but when you just stood there, he grumbled. “What are you doing? Get in.”

“I don’t know where you’re taking me,” you replied simply and he blew air out, causing his bangs to fly upwards.

“I’m trying to take you on a date to make up for what just happened and because I may kinda like you and I don’t know how else to do this, so get in the car before I die of embarrassment,” he rambled on as you smiled up at him. The feeling of butterflies tickled your stomach and you obeyed his request. You couldn’t believe that the hot bad boy in your choir class had just asked you on a date…well kind of.

He hopped in on the driver’s side, starting up the car and speeding out of the parking lot. As he pulled up to the intersection and directed his attention elsewhere, you took a moment to observe his features up close. Besides the obvious things you had already taken note of, you noticed he had small gauges in his ears instead of regular earrings and his lip was pierced with a black ring. It must’ve been a habit for him to bring the ring in between his teeth, because he did it multiple times. You also noticed how his dark brown hair had tiny hits of dark purple to it, like he had added highlights too it.

“Why are you staring at me?” he asked suddenly as he pulled out onto the road and you turned your head away from him in a flash. He laughed and reached over to pat your leg. “It’s okay, I would stare at me too.”

He drove downtown, keeping quiet the whole way. The only sound was the radio playing a punk-rock station that you actually listened to often. You hummed to the songs under your breath and Jungkook noticed it out of the corner of his eye. He didn’t say anything, but he smirked to himself at the idea of you, the sweetheart, listening to punk music.

Jungkook pulled into the parking lot of a retro-looking diner. You hadn’t managed to come here yet, but it looked very promising. “This is my favorite place,” he admitted as he unbuckled his seatbelt. You nodded and took it in. The place was decorated for the occasion, with some of the typical things like snowflakes in the windows and lights hanging from the roof. But then there was also things like the display of Santa’s on motorcycles setting on the sidewalk as you walked in and a glowing pair of “rock on” hand symbols greeted you at the door that set this place apart from the rest.

You got out of the car and followed Jungkook inside, still observing the place. It really did look like it was copied and pasted out of the ‘50s, with the jukebox lit up in the corner and black and white checkered floors. The booths were red, just like the bar stools that lined the place. Many neon signs and pictures of old cars hung around the diner, decorating the walls tastefully. You could definitely see why Jungkook digged this place.

“Hey Abe, table for two please,” Jungkook announced as he walked through the door with his arm confidently around your shoulder. The man you guessed to be Abe gave you a smile and pointed to a random booth.

“Pick you seat, I’ll be right with you.” He winks at you as you take a seat across from Jungkook, your knees knocking together under the table and feet tangling together accidentally. Yet, he was completely at ease. You, however, felt anxious for the upcoming events. How were you supposed to talk to him for an hour? What would you talk about? Was he pulling another prank on you?

“Stop thinking so much, we’re out of school,” Jungkook whined at you. You didn’t notice you had been so deep in thought that he could notice it.

Abe soon appeared in front of your table with a notepad in his hand and a pencil rested between his fingers. “'What can I get for you two? We have Christmas specials going on, of course, if you’d like to hear them.” He looked at you both expectantly but Jungkook shook his head.

“I’ll have the regular. Give Y/N over there the best dessert you have in stock today. It’s her first time here, so make it good,” he replies with a smirk and Abe rolls his eyes but writes down what Jungkook says. You can tell the two are friends by the way they interact and you suddenly wonder just how many times Jungkook has been here.

Abe leaves you and  Jungkook alone and again you wondered what his intentions really were. It’s not that you believed he was a bad person, but him all of a sudden being so open and nice to you didn’t seem right. Even if he claimed he had a crush on you, it wasn’t enough for you to fully trust him.

“What are you thinking about this time?” he suddenly asks as he dumps a sugar packet onto the table. He begins to make designs in the sugar absentmindedly as he awaits your response.

You shake your head. “Nothing really. Just about today, I guess.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes and grunts. “If it’s about those asshole boys, forget about them. I know they hurt your feelings, but they really aren’t worth it.”

“No, that’s not it. I mean…this time yesterday I would’ve never guessed I would be going on a date with you. And yet, here I am.” You sigh. “I just can’t believe it is all.”

Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but didn’t get a chance to reply. Abe had reappeared and sat down two plates of food, cutting him off. In front of you both now sat two plates- a delicious looking chocolate cake on yours and a burger with fries on Jungkook’s. “Enjoy!”

You took a big bite of the cake and a sweet, delicious flavor filled your mouth. “Oh my God, this is awesome,” you mumbled and stuck your fork in for another bite. You held it up to Jungkook’s lips for him to try, which caused him to blush ever-so-slightly before taking it into his mouth.

He chewed for a moment, then looked at you with a smile. “I agree, I’m definitely going to get me some of that later,” he said with a wink. He was trying to be cleverly suggestive, but the only thing it did for you was cause your cheeks to grow hot with embarrassment.

It was peaceful as you two ate, sharing your plates of food and exchanging your best stories. Jungkook had done a lot of risky things that you simply couldn’t believe, like spray-painting the school’s outer walls and trespassing on Mr. Potter’s property to sneak and drink beer. But he found your stories just as interesting, because, well, quite frankly, he had never experienced the goody-goody life style.

“You actually use the school library? What for?” he asks as you tell a story about being a library aid.

“A lot of people use the library, Kook,”  you reply, but instantly feel like slapping a hand over your mouth. Did you just call him by a nickname? Did he notice?

Of course he noticed. “You called me Kook,” he teased and reached over to pinch your cheek, but you avoided him swiftly.

“Shut up,” you grunted but that only egged him on.

“So you think we’re close enough to be on a nickname-basis, eh? Fine by me. That just means I get to come up with one for you.” He stops and thinks for a moment before catching your eye again. He didn’t say anything as he stared at you, which made you flustered.

“What? Tell me my nickname!” you urge and he leans forward confidently.

“How about My Girl?” You want to laugh at the horribly cheesy thing he had just told you, but the laugh gets caught in your throat as he reaches under the table and grasps one of your soft hands in his rougher ones. “It had such a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?”

You swallow thickly and nod very slowly. It happens quick, and you barely have time to adjust before you feel Jungkook’s lips against yours.

They’re surprising soft, and the feeling of his piercing is a new sensation that you honestly enjoyed. He tasted like the cake you had fed him, but there was also hints of leather and mint in there that you couldn’t tell were figments of your imagination or not. The way his lips molded to yours was one of the best feelings you could ever experience and you couldn’t help but wonder if he had kissed other girls the same way.

When you two finally broke apart for air, he kept his face close to yours with a haughty smirk still plastered onto his face. “Now wasn’t that a much better present than what those boys ever could’ve bought you?”

It was a no brainer. “Definitely.”