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The Most Dangerous Island on Earth - North Sentinel Island

Throughout human history a typical theme has been the domination of more technologically advanced societies over “simpler” or “more primitive” ones. In fact in the past 500 years, European societies would come to dominate the world, spreading their culture, often through force of arms or outright genocide.  More often than not, the meeting of Old World peoples with New World natives tended to end very badly for the natives. Many cultures were wiped out, many more assimilated or adapted their cultures with European culture. Today there are few places where people living have not in some way been touched by the modern world. One notable exception is North Sentinel Island, located in the Bay of Bengal.

Officially North Sentinel Island is territory of India, part of the Andaman Islands. In reality the people of North Sentinel Island are their own people, free from any known government or modern organization.  Apparently, the Sentinelese are very much happy to keep it that way. Throughout their entire known history, the Sentinelese have been known to viciously fight against any trespass or incursion on their small island. Going back to ancient times the Indians called the island “Cannibal Island”, and told many tales of the dangerous and ruthless natives who inhabited it. Those tales were passed on to the ancient Greeks after the invasion of northern India by Alexander the Great, and thus the infamous legends of the island were mention by Ptolemy. Marco Polo recieved word of the island during his travels to China, writing about the islanders, “They are a most violent and cruel generation who seem to eat everybody they catch.” 

Since then, every expedition to island has been met with extreme hostility, and as a result the island has been left untouched to this day. Throughout the 16th-18th centuries many an explorer or shipwrecked sailor met their end on the island at the hands of the Sentinelese. In 1867 a British merchant ship shipwrecked on the island, and its surviivg 110 man crew spent several days fighting off the islanders with guns and swords. Many were killed and wounded in the battle before rescue. This prompted an expedition of reprisal by the Royal Navy who landed marines on the island a short time later. Most of the Sentinelese had disappeared into hiding, knowing that they couldn’t fight a battle against such overwhelming force. In the end the British left in frustration with two elderly Sentinelese and four children.

Today the idea of angry natives attacking shipwrecked sailors or explorers might be something you’d only see in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, however Sentinelese resistance to the outside world continued so that even in the 20th century people tended to steer clear of the island. In 1974 a film crew from National Geographic landed on the island in modern boats in an attempt to make contact with the islanders with peace offerings of a box of coconuts, a baby doll, and a live pig. The Sentinelese met the crew fully armed and ready for war. As a result, a the National Geographic director took an arrow to the knee, the pig was mutilated alive, and the crew was forced to bug out under a hail of arrows and spears. 

In 1981 the cargo ship Primrose shipwrecked on the island, and the Sentinelese immediately surrounded the ship, shooting at the crew with bows and several times attempting to board the ship. The crew not only radioed for help, but asked for an urgent airdrop of firearms so they could defend themselves. The drop was delayed by weather but the crew were able to fend off the attacks with a pistol, firefighting axes, and flare guns. They were rescued after a week long siege. The Sentinelese dismantled much of the ship and used the scrap iron for arrow and spearheads. It’s remaining hull can still be seen from google earth.

The only known man to peacefully visit the island was an anthropologist named Trilokinath Prandit in 1991, who several times landed on the island with gifts which he left upon the beach.  When he did meet the natives they shot arrows at him and waved their genitals at him. However at one point he was able to make peaceful contact with some of the natives. However as as he left the island, the natives had a change of heart and began shooting arrows at him once more, he hasn’t been back since.

Today North Sentinelese Island is protected by the Indian Government and it is illegal to land there. The reasons for this are to keep the Sentinelese culture intact, and prevent the spread of disease from the island. Note that in history native peoples often suffered deadly diseases after making contact with newcomers. Another reason for creating a 3 mile exclusionary zone around the island is because in 2006 two drunk fisherman landed on the island and were murdered. Thus the Indian Government set up the contact ban to protect outsiders from the Sentinelese as much as protecting the Sentinelese from the outside world. In 2004 an Indian Coast Guard helicopter flew over the island to see if the Setinelese were OK after the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and to offer help if needed. The helicopter found that the Sentinelese were not only OK after the tsunami, but didn’t want anything any aid at all as they fired arrows at the helicopter.

 Today we still no nothing about the language, culture, and ethnicity of the Sentinelese Islanders. The only pictures we have of them are from the occasional illegal drone which buzzes over the island, and is typically met with a hail of arrows. It seems that despite seeing things such as ships, helicopters, and robotic drones, the Sentinelese don’t want fuck all to do with the modern world.

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There are apparently Hamilton OCs? Make one plz.

ok here are my hamilton ocs

blinda is a firefighter and also breeds goats. her tattoo is for maria reynolds who is her girlfriend

lord gamzee frinton-montcroix is the official royal messenger for his highness king george iii but is also secretly a time traveler from 2016 (in the present he is an olympic dressage rider which is how he keeps his buns primo firm)

ABRAHAN LINCOLM was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War—its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis.[2][3] In doing so, he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy.

chudley enjoys a walk on the boardwalk and a nice bowl of kibbles ‘n bits

i hope you enjoyed my hamilton ocs please draw fanart

some advice

so, you’re joining the hamilton fandom and want to produce content? great!! scared of the unofficial etiquette in this mess? let me help.
(disclaimer: this is an UNOFFICIAL guideline. i’m aware that this fandom is a problematic mess that’s full of discourse and the only adult ones tend to be actual legal adults. don’t fuckin @ me saying that hur durr i’m wrong and should rot in hell. this is based off personal experience.)

•Most pairings are accepted. The main ones are Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Burr, Hamilton/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, Jefferson/Hamilton, Washington/Lafayette, Maria/Eliza (or any Schuyler sister rly) and Mulligan/Lafayette. These usually have the most content, but also contain the most discourse. There’s also some major minor character ships out there; Lee/Seabury, Lee/KG3, Seabury/KG3 etc. I found Eacker/Philip H smut once. This fandom is literally the reason why Rule 34 exists. If it exists, there is porn of it.
•Polyamorous ships are widely accepted. I don’t ship any personally, but a few big ones are Hamilton/Eliza/Laurens, Laurens/Hamilton/Lafayette/Mulligan, Hamilton/Jefferson/Madison, etc. Basically, a lot of people like the idea of Hamilton’s cheating being converted into a happy, consensual relationship that’s polygamous, and that’s okay. (Please note I’m not equating cheating with polyamory. Hamilton being a dirty cheater doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with poly ships if you don’t want, but to me it seems particularly common, especially with the ships containing Hamilton and Eliza.)
•And I know you want to ask; what’s not accepted? Hard question. This fandom loves its angst, so there aren’t many ships that seem untouchable. For the love of God, though, don’t write anything that’s incestuous. I’m talking father/son, sibling/sibling. Don’t make any of Hamilton’s kids end up with the characters in the show. No, Washington/Hamilton doesn’t count as incest, although I personally can’t stand it.
•BASICALLY, don’t be a dick. Also, bear in mind that James Reynolds is the Umbridge of this fandom. If you portray his relationship with Maria as anything less than abusive, there will be riots. I’ve yet to see an (educated) James Reynolds apologist.


•In terms of physical appearance, this fandom is a little wishy-washy on guidelines, unofficial or no. Tip: don’t whitewash if you’re drawing/writing them as their musical characters. Just don’t whitewash in general. This fandom seems to be okay with historical-era fanart and fanfic, which usually involves the characters looking like they did historically, but don’t romanticise them. Don’t romanticise them in general, but especially if you’re making them historical-era.
•SPEAKING OF ROMANTICISING, these characters were BAD PEOPLE. Jefferson owned slaves, Burr owned slaves, Washington owned slaves, the Schuylers owned slaves, evidence points to Hamilton owning at least one slave. Don’t let the Alexander apologists fool you; they were bad people historically. Don’t refer to them, ESPECIALLY I HISTORICAL CONTEXT, as ‘cinnamon rolls’. They were misogynists against the rights of women and minorities. Don’t forget that, no matter how much you like their characters. The Jefferson you like is portrayed by a black Jew; the Jefferson in history was a racist with a history of sexual assault and a slavery apologist.
•KEEPING THAT IN MIND, personality-wise, what we get from the musical is a little murky. Peggy is a great example of this. Fanon Peggy is very outspoken, sarcastic and a typical millenial. In the musical, she’s shy, hides behind her older sisters and very cautious. This is because of the fact that a) Peggy’s vocals are only apparent in one song through listening alone and b) historically Peggy was very similar to fanon Peggy. THIS DOESN’T MATTER. PORTRAY THEM HOWEVER YOU THINK SUITS BEST. Don’t let the musical force you to make Eliza’s main trait be ‘nice’. For all you Laurens stans out there, it’s okay to let him have interests other than art, turtles and Hamilton. Feel free to give them depth, complexities, flaws. Not only is it fucking refreshing amongst the collection of bland chatfics and high school AUs that seem to reduce each character to a single trait, it’s good for original character practice as well.
•THE SCHUYLER SISTERS get their own section. If you’re doing something historical, remember that they had other siblings. It’s generally agreed that Angelica and Eliza were closest, but Angelica and Peggy and Eliza and Peggy are shown in the musical as being close too (see Angelica dancing with Peggy and hugging her in Satisfied, and Peggy helping Eliza put away her letters and being dragged along with her in Helpless and The Schuyler Sisters). Sometimes it seems that fics reduce them to plot devices, minor characters or love interests; I won’t go all 'SJW!1!1!1’ on you but they are their own people as well, and flesh them out. (This problem is not as common in artwork, since art of them tends to focus on them either as a trio or Satisfied and Helpless companion pieces starring Angelica and Eliza.) Also, fun fact that this fandom seems to have overlooked - all three of them could play instruments.
-REVOLUTIONARY SET AND DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS. Things to remember include Madison and Hamilton being friends before Jefferson showed up, Jefferson and Lafayette being close, Mulligan historically being Hamilton’s biggest hypeman (oh, I wish I was kidding) and Laurens and Lafayette being close friends. As for Burr, he’s traditionally relegated to the strange outsider by the fandom. This is more of a personal view, but Burr started off as a member of the Revolutionary Set, and progressed into a Democratic Republican, and this fandom likes to forget that.
-THEODOSIA JR. Theodosia is never seen, only mentioned, which basically means everything about her is fanon. Literally. The only confirmed thing about her are her parents. This means Theodosia is good for inserting an audience-type character into; she’s an empty vessel, essentially, so anything you do to her involves zero fact checking. BEAR IN MIND that Theodosia is usually shipped with Philip, and that some members of the fandom will have expectations of her. Ignore those people. Theodosia is a shell of an OC, so as long as you don’t murder her in childhood or something, there’s no real discourse you have to be wary of. (Apart from Philip/Theodosia discourse, which is apparently a thing? But there’s discourse in practically every ship, so by all means, ignore that too.)
•UNMENTIONED/UNSEEN CHARACTERS. I’m talking Ben Franklin, John Adams, James Monroe, Governor Clinton, them. John Adams appears to be universally hated, John Jay is often used as a filler or plot device, and the others are just used as names. Don’t bother about continuity with them.

•High School/College Modern AU. This is a big one. There are flaws in it, namely romanticising too much and relegating major characters to 'minor’ status, but it’s so widely used that it’s good to know if you’re new here.
•Modern Government/Law AU. Another big one. Not as commonly used because ugh, research and maturity, but there’s a massive pro to them - more complex themes and 'child’ characters can be added because the main lot are usually older. My personal favourite.
•Chatroom AU. What it sounds - no real fic, just usernames and text speak. Good for laughs or plain fights, but bad for complex emotion, fluff, angst, or major plot. Also, they clog up the tags of less major ships, especially on AO3.
•Soulmate AU. A variety of soulmate AUs exist, but essentially boil down to having some kind of matching mark, etc. Amazing for angst, fluff, plot and character development, but not so great for humour or multi-chapter fics.
•Domestic AUs. Exactly as they sound. Massive fluff traps, no real substance but they’re amazing if you’ve had a shitty day and need something to cheer you up. Fan favourite.

So there you go! Everything you need to know if you’re entering the Hamilton fandom, give or take a few things. Don’t bash ships, don’t romanticise them too much, and take Ron Chernow’s content with a pinch of salt (he’s known for 'not finding’ easily accessible content regarding the women of the Hamilverse). Good luck!

  • Hamilton: *standing on top of a building* The stress of modern day government has caused me to go into a depression.
  • Jefferson: *yelling* Depression? Isn't that a fancy word for feeling bummed out?
  • Hamilton: Jefferson, you ignorant slut!
Wedding Series #13 Part 1: The Night Before (His POV)

A/N: I’ll have it from your POV after this! I hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie


“Hyung, are you okay?” Jin looked up as Jungkook took a tentative step towards him.

“Of course I’m okay! Do I look not okay to you? Why would you be asking if i’m okay?” Jin rushed out.

“Because if you chop up those vegetables anymore, there will be nothing left to put in the stew.” Jin looked down to see what is now practically onion zest from how finely he’d chopped the vegetable. He quickly dropped the knife and leaned against the counter, gripping the corner so tightly his knuckles turned white as he heavily sighed. He felt Jungkook approach him and place his hand on his back in a comforting way. “It’s okay for you to be nervous and have doubts.” He said as he rubbed Jin’s back. “It’s normal actually. But the reason why you’re having doubts will determine if you’re ready for the marriage.”

Jin looked up at him. “What if she decides that I’m not what she wants? What if we go through this whole wedding, and she just packs up and leaves me? I don’t know if I could handle that.”

Jungkook smiled at him. “And that’s how you know you’re ready. You’re not worried about not being single anymore. You’re worried about what would happen if you become single again.”

Jin let out a half hearted laugh. “When did you become so wise?”

“I’ve been hanging out with Namjoon hyung a lot. You should try it, you might learn a lot from him.”

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“Come in!” Yoongi called out as he heard someone knocking on his studio door.

“Hey, hyung.” Hoseok walked in and set a cup of coffee on the desk in front of him, glancing at the computer screen to see that Yoongi was editing together a video of pictures of the two of you, a song that he had never heard before playing in the background. “What’s this?”

“A wedding gift for y/n.”

“And the song?”

“A part of it.” Yoongi made one final click before deciding to take a break and turning around in his chair to look at Hoseok. “Thanks for the coffee.” He said as he picked up the cup, inhaling the scent before taking a sip.

Hoseok’s eyebrows furrowed at how calm Yoongi was. “Are you not nervous?”

“Why would I be nervous?” Yoongi looked up at him.

“Because you’re about to marry the love of your life.”

“Exactly. She’s the love of my life. There’s no reason to worry.” Yoongi said, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Well, okay then.” Hoseok said, shaking his head at his friend’s logic.

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“I know she wants to stick with the American tradition of not seeing each other for 24 hours before the wedding, but maybe we should just call her.” Jimin said to Taehyung as they stood in front of his and Hoseok’s shared room.


Jimin simply opened the door to reveal Hoseok curled up in a cocoon of blankets in his bed as an answer. “He’s been switching from jumping all over the place talking about how excited he is to…well, that.”

“I’m not dealing with that.”

“Come on, Tae.”

“He’s your roommate, so have fun.” Taehyung patted him on the back before quickly leaving.

Jimin sighed as he cursed Taehyung in his head before sitting on the edge of Hoseok’s bed. “Hyung-”

“What if she leaves me at the altar tomorrow?”

“She won’t.” Jimin assured him. “And even if she does, then she wouldn’t be worth being this upset over.” Hoseok peeked his head out of the blankets to look at Jimin. “I’ve seen the way she looks at and acts around you, so trust me when I say there is no reason for you to be having these feelings.”

Hoseok sat up. “You’re right, I’m being ridiculous.” He jumped out of bed with a bright smile on his face. “Have I told you where I’m taking her for our honeymoon?!”

“Only about 20 times, but I’m glad to hear it again.”

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“Now, a lot of people are against marriage because it’s a ‘government construct’. But marriages happened way before our modern governments were even in place. Even neanderthals had ceremonies and rituals they would do to bring couples together. The only difference is now governments like to give benefits to couples who are married, which I don’t agree with, because why should two people who choose to marry each other get more money than someone who doesn’t feel the need to marry to prove their love for their partner? I mean,-”

“Hyung, I’m more than happy to listen to your philosophical rants, but right now I’m trying to go to sleep.” Taehyung groaned as he stared at the wall, long having given up on playing Overwatch once Namjoon had started his rant.

“Sorry, I guess talking is helping calm my nerves.” Namjoon admitted, glad that the lights were off so Taehyung couldn’t see his face.

Taehyung turned over in bed so he was facing where he knew Namjoon’s bed was. “What was that you were saying about marriage and the government?”

Namjoon turned his head towards Taehyung’s face. “I thought you were trying to sleep?”

“Yeah, but what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t help ease your nerves? I can sacrifice some sleep in return for you being happy.”

Namjoon smiled and continued on with his previous rant.

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“Jin hyung.”

“Yes?” Jin walked over to join Jimin off to the side of the studio, away from where everyone else was gathered.

“Am I making the right choice?”

Jimin’s question shocked Jin. “What do you mean?”

“I’m completely, head over heels, in love with y/n. And I do want to spend the rest of my life with her. But I can’t help but be worried.” Jimin leaned his head back and hit it against the wall behind him.

“If you know you’re in love with her and want to spend the rest of your life with her, then what do you have to be worried about?”

“I’ve heard all these stories about couples who had wild passionate romances, only for all of that to disappear once they put the marriage label on it.” Jimin looked over at his hyung. “I don’t want the love to disappear.”

Jin sighed. “Look into the future, how you see yourself with y/n.” Jimin nodded. “What do you see?”

“I see us, sitting around the kitchen table at dinner with our children, joking and laughing as we talk about our days.”

Jin nodded. “And is that scene loveless?”

“The exact opposite.”

“Then what are you worried about?” Jin smiled at him before standing up and offering his hand out to Jimin. “Let’s get back to practice so we can finish and go home to rest before your big day.”

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“And when we get to the place I rented, we’ll immediately start trying for a family.”

“Please make him stop.” Jungkook said as he banged his head against the table.

“I’m trying to tell you my plans for my wedding, but if you can’t appreciate that, I’ll take myself somewhere else!” Taehyung dramatically closed his laptop and picked it up off the table before stomping out of the room. “Oh, Hobi hyung!” He sang as he entered Hoseok and Jimin’s room.

“Yes, Taehyung?” He froze as he looked up and saw Taehyung pulling up a presentation. “Oh, no.”

“You’re the only other person here and Jungkook has already rejected me. Oh, yes.” Taehyung gave him an evil smile before plopping on his bed and starting his detailed explanation of the day to come.

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“Am I too young?”

“Depends on what you mean.” Yoongi responded to Jungkook’s question without looking up from his phone.

“Too young to get married.”

“There are countries that force 8 year olds into marriage.” Yoongi finally looked up. “You’re old enough.”

“Are you sure?”

“I mean, if you’re ready for marriage is really based on if you’re mature enough for it. So if we’re talking about mental age, then no, you’re probably not old enough. If we’re talking about actual age, you’re at a perfect age to get married.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I’m right.” Jungkook threw a pillow at Yoongi, then immediately ran to his room and locked the door to avoid his wrath. “I was definitely right about the mental age.”

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The Royal Palace of Caserta was begun in 1754 by the French Bourbon Kings of Naples as a country escape just a few miles outside of the congested city. It is the largest of the many palaces inspired by the great Chateau of Versailles that were built all over Europe by monarchs that wanted to recapture the expression of absolute power and influence that Louis XIV and his heirs commanded from Versailles. From St Petersburg to Madrid dozens of such copies were built in Baroque splendor with varying degrees of success, many falling short due to thier creators emphasis on size and to be larger than the original. Caserta is massive in every measure except warmth, charm or comfort. The enormous scale of the state rooms is the same as its private chambers and its gardens. All the unnecessary space left me with a feeling of emptiness and waste when I visited last year. The monumental Grand Staircase was worth the visit however and is one of the most beautiful creations of architectural majesty I had ever stood upon. It is impossible to not to be impressed standing in this regal staircase, a true masterpiece of Baroque Architecture. Adding to the sadness of the palace was the fact that most of the building is unfinished, unused and falling into ruin perhaps due to the lack of tourists but more likely due to the financial burden of keeping up the colossal edifice even by the modern republican government of Italy absent a monarch and purpose.


Noodle: “Love, I’m glad you’ve decided to move in with me. We’re going to have so much fun making our lives together! But before we cart the last of your stuff over here, I have to let you in on some things. Nothing big, just a couple of quirks my parents have. That’s all.”

girl: “Yeah, okay!”

Noodle: “My dad, the goth one, screams a lot. It’s annoying, but it’s just something we’ve learned to deal with over the years. You learn to tune it out after awhile, but I bought you some noise-cancelling headphones to make the transition easier. By the way, don’t go into his room. He dabbles in the dark arts and it’d be disastrous if you were to get mixed up in all that.”

girl: “O-okay!”

Noodle: “And my dad, the bald one, will come up to you and rant about his distrust of the government and modern technology. If he tries to convince you to switch to an old brick phone or something, just nod and smile politely until he goes away. He’s not always like that, I promise! Oh, and sometimes he gets possessed by demons and spirits, so watch out for that and come find me if you suspect he might not be the only soul in his body.”

girl: “Um… okay!”

Noodle: “Finally, my dad, the tall one, will sometimes slip into my—sorry, our—bed and sleep there. This is perfectly normal, do not disturb him. He just gets scared when he’s alone at night. Don’t worry, there’ll be enough room to fit the three of us! Aside from that, if you see him crying, tell me immediately so I can take care of it. He does that a lot.”

girl: “Oh…”

Noodle: “Oh, and Katsu likes to leave hairballs and piss puddles by the side of the bed, so make sure to check your surroundings before you get up or else you’re in for a nasty surprise!”

girl: “Huh…”

Noodle: “Wait, how could I have forgotten? The house is haunted.”

superfans of tsoa who think that the whole iliad is patrochilles-centred make me wanna rip my eyes out.
like dude.
we are talking about a masterpiece composed centuries ago, dealing with the major themes of all history, born in Greece which is the motherland of philosophy and all the modern way of thinking, governing and living
I tell you, I’ve been studying ancient greek and Greek literature for years. I am definitely not gonna deny the relationship between achilles and patroclus (it even has a name in Greek, it’s called pederasty and it’s not the only one), I ship them very much, but really, there’s a lot more than catches the eye in that book.
honestly talking, if you wanna fangirl over some gay couples, that’s alright. but please, don’t take the fucking iliad as a fanfiction written for teenagers.

Success! The Modern Slavery Bill was passed yesterday in the UK!

This new law requires large businesses to increase transparency in their supply chains. It also raises the maximum penalty for traffickers from 14 years to life in jail and requires them to financially compensate their victims.

LIKE to celebrate the UK’s efforts to end modern slavery! 

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How bad a king would Renly have been? He seems to treat the position like a popular kid would as homecoming king

Very bad. Here’s a couple things I’ve written about him.

Likening Renly’s Rebellion to Robert’s Rebellion is a pure surface-level read of the Rebellion. To say that Robert was looking to become a king because he was a great warleader and warfighter is an active denial. Renly is doing it to give his rebellion a greater sense of meaning, a noble purpose beyond: “Hey guys, you know what? I think being a king is just really awesome.” Robert’s Rebellion is not an usurpation of the Throne, it was a war over whether Aerys’s actions were permissible for a king, and the rebel’s position was that, if you perform actions like this, you lose the right to rule. To equate it to Renly’s naked power grab, or any of the other feudal ‘pissing matches’ that Rohanne Webber believes are so vital to noble power is a mistake at best, a deliberate misread at worst. Robert’s Rebellion was neither a naked power grab nor a fight for pride…it came down to very real questions of tyranny, (one wrestled with in our own world by philosophers like Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau, thinkers whose writings have a profound influence on our modern notion of government). 

Other full write-ups are here and here. @goodqueenaly has one here, @racefortheironthrone​ has his CBC’s on Catelyn’s ACOK chapters and a full essay here, and @poorquentyn has a write-up here.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Last GIFs from An Ordinary Man. Now we come to That Scene. That Scene You Know What I Mean.

I am puzzled by Mr B’s acting choices here. It’s literally the oddest thing d’Artagnan could have asked for, yet Athos doesn’t blink, move, answer or do anything but stand there and look pretty while d’Artagnan yanks him around and steals his clothes. And why Athos’s scarf and not Aramis’s sash, for instance? Have they practised this? Is this something one of them thought D’Artagnan, and so that explains the utter lack of surprise?

Bizarre. But also slashy as hell

And now he is most sincerely dead.

And once again, the others just…don’t react.

As his baggy little bum strides off into the west…. :)

D’Artagnan quite properly refuses to be the King’s murderer.

But is prepared to be the King’s surrogate when the dignity and welfare of a brave man’s widow and child are at stake.

I couldn’t make GIFs of that scene with Louise and Rochefort at the end. I was so angry with Louis. I don’t care how scared he was. He promised Pepin he would reward his kindness and bravery, and did less than nothing for his family. He promised clemency for Bruno, and he killed him.

And yet the Musketeers, betrayed, belittled and abandoned by their faithless, worthless king, still serve, protect and support him because it’s their duty.

That’s what heroes look like.

Did Pepin’s little girl grow up and remember the words of a soldier on that terrible day? Did she long to know the real story of his death and seek d’Artagnan out while he was captain of the Musketeers? Did he tell her the truth, because Louis was dead then too?

Pepin and his family deserved better. But this was France under the monarchy, and people like them had no justice or power because the government wasn’t about civic fairness and comity, but simply entrenching the position and increasing the wealth of the king and their nobility.

I leave it to you to work out what modern equivalents absolute monarchy has in so called modern and enlightened western governments today.

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I've just read your post about Steve and PTSD (post/119400101825) so, do you have any new thoughts about this after watching CACW?

(x) Hmmm. CACW didn’t really get into Steve’s depression and lack of belonging as much as other movies. I mean, the writers touched on those themes (especially in the letter to Tony in the end), but I didn’t feel like they explored them in the same way AoU did. 

The one thing that did stand out about Steve in Civil War, though, is how quiet he was. He wasn’t picking fights or actively stopping the Accords – he only said he wouldn’t sign. This wasn’t the kid from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run from a fight, or the man who got up in Fury’s face about the helicarriers. Steve didn’t get angry, he didn’t stand up and yell, he didn’t give a speech that embodies the Captain America ideals. He was just quiet.

It’s a big step away from Captain America in previous movies. Steve has always been a little bundle of righteous rage, but the times we see that in CACW are so brief: when Tony talked about ‘protecting’ Wanda, and then in the last moments when Tony tried to kill Bucky. That’s it. Steve only fought to protect the little guys from bullies, but he didn’t fight in typical Cap style – because unlike AoU, we see Steve more than we see Captain America in this film. 

Steve chose not to sign the Accords because he personally didn’t believe in them – he didn’t go around trying to convince others not to sign, he didn’t stand up to Ross and say ‘Fuck you’, nor he didn’t speak to the public, and I think it’s because Steve was already done with being their Captain America. Finding Bucky and ensuring his freedom was Steve’s last mission, the last thing he needed to do as Cap. This whole movie had Steve tying up loose ends: he said his final goodbye to Peggy, killed Crossbones, set up the new Avengers, he kissed Sharon (which was a long time coming, apparently), he saved Bucky, and then he threw down the shield. This was the end of Steve’s fight.

Civil War was the final straw, in that Steve became so separated from what the government wanted Captain America to be that he had to walk away. The ways in which the modern government wanted to use Captain America are not what Cap was created for, and that’s been a running theme in his storyline. Steve Rogers can’t keep being the government’s soldier, deployed to kill when they choose, and here he rejects those ideals entirely; he’s lived long enough to see where it’s headed. So in concluding Captain America’s arc that started decades before (in helping Bucky, in the arms race, in the fight for world freedom), Steve can finally walk away from the shield. He has Bucky and Sam, who are his home and family, and he’s not needed as Cap anymore – at least, not in the way Steve chose to embody the hero. He no longer belongs, because Captain America is an ideal, not a job. And that’s where Steve got lost for a time. 

I wish that CACW had touched on that a little more; I wanted to see Steve talk about the suit, or the ideals, or how the existence of Captain America fundamentally can’t align with strict regulation that inhibits freedom. I wish they had spent more time exploring Captain America’s place in the modern world (or lack thereof) instead of a few lines in the end. The theme is there, but it’s so subtle and muted, and I feel that’s where Civil War failed in concluding Steve’s narrative. We needed more insight.

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You always equate anti-zionism to anti-semetism, so are you saying all Jewish people are zionists?

Yes, the overwhelming majority of Jewish people, in Israel, in the United States, and in the diaspora, are Zionists.  Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people have a right to political and cultural self-determination.  That’s all.  There are many different flavors to Zionism, from small numbers of violent Jewish nationalist terrorists who believe in a completely Jewish Israel, to people who don’t believe in states at all.  I myself support a two state solution, with an equitable division of water and land and guarantees of residency rights.

However this is not the only thing that makes a great deal of anti-zionism antisemitic.  First off, there’s the simple fact that anti-zionism is a cover for antisemitism, when for example students at CUNY protest tuition hikes by calling the administration “Zionist”, it’s a pretty blatant use of antisemitic dog whistles.  Money=greedy Jews.  When people claim that police brutality in the US is because the police trained in Israel, it’s obvious they’re trying to blame the Jews for America’s racism.  When anti-Zionists kick Jewish people out of a march because a star of David is somehow a symbol of Zionist violence instead of a symbol of the entire Jewish people, and when criticized respond with a neo-Nazi slur (Zio), anti-Zionism is a cover for antisemitism.  When Jews in leftist spaces are interrogated to make sure they fit an arbitrary standard of ideological purity, interrogations that gentiles are not subjected to, this is anti-Zionism as a cover for antisemitism.

Likewise, old antisemitic canards find their way with depressing regularity into anti-Zionist rhetoric, for example, the idea that Israeli doctors murder Palestinian children for the organ market, that Gal Gadot personally murdered Palestinian babies and gloats about it, or that Israeli children all somehow are bloodthirsty monsters, wanting to kill Palestinian children is a form of blood libel, an anti-Jewish canard from the actual Middle Ages.  The idea that the Jews, excuse me, the Zionists, control the media and the governments of non-Israeli countries, for example the US, is an old old conspiracy that is at least as old as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, first published as propaganda by Tsarist Russia.  The same goes for accusations that Jews, excuse me, Zionists, control the banks and financial systems of the world.  It’s easy to see old fashioned antisemitism being repurposed and repackaged as anti-Zionism.

Then there’s the fact that there are so many double standards with regards to how Zionism and Israel are treated.  The Israeli government has done some really horrible things, but so has every other modern government.  Somehow the crimes of Israel are held up as a sign that the whole country needs to be done away with when it’s Israel, but not when it’s France, the US, or Pakistan.  Also, Zionism is talked about in leftist circles as some sort of uniquely terrible ideology, often compared (utterly reprehensibly) to Nazism, yet the dreams of self determination by other oppressed peoples of the world are treated as valid and noble in those same leftist circles.  Jewish self-determination and a desire to have a state in our ancestral homeland is seen by much of the left as settler-colonialism, and the Jewish people posited as invaders.  The fact that we were driven from our home and then treated as pariahs, to be enslaved, murdered, and abused wherever we went, is washed away and we are told our home is not our home, and that we should go back and live with the people who so recently tried to kill us.  Interestingly, calls to dismantle the US and Canada, actual settler-colonialist states are much less common. 

It’s never acknowledged by anti-Zionists that it’s possible to support both Jewish and Palestinian self-determination, or both the Jewish and Palestinian people.  It’s never acknowledged that it’s possible to have two people who are indigenous to the same area, or to have forms of oppression that are not settler-colonialist.  It’s never acknowledged that the majority of Jewish people in Israel are descended from Jews who spent the diaspora outside of Europe, in the Muslim world or in Ethiopia or India, and so are absolutely not European.  It’s never acknowledged that the vast majority of Jewish people in Israel are descended from people who came to Israel after being expelled from their previous country.

There are certainly ways to criticize the Israeli government, the means by which Israel was established, the treatment of Palestinians, and the occupation of Palestinian territory, in ways that are not antisemitic.  But that is unfortunately not what most people are doing when they call themselves anti-Zionist.

By the way, I went and did a search of posts on my blog with the terms, “Zionist”, “Zionists,” and “Zionism,” and I found very little.  This is not something I post about all that often.  Furthermore, aside from a joke I made about a fellow Jewish person appropriating Fire Nation culture, and a post about how Christian Zionists suck because they want all Jews in the Holy Land for the end times to happen and for their god to kill us all, the rest of the posts were about obvious cases where “Zionist” had been used to mean “kike”, where anti-Zionism was a means to express blatant antisemitism.  So I would like to know who “you” is, since obviously it’s not me specifically.  Does it by chance mean, “You Jews”?

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After the modern day government fell, the Galran force took over to try and spread their evil across the world.

A revolutionary group, the Alteans, rose up and divided the powers of good and evil into two parts of the world, eager to reclaim tranquility.

It was a giant game of capture the flag, dividing the nations and that kept the place at an ever going war. There was a flag kept at the center of each force, heavily guarded and defended so they kept power.

Runners were the ones who crossed the Altean/Galran border to take the chance of stealing the other sides flag. It was the hardest job, and required much skill.

Protecters were the ones that guarded the flag at all times, armed and ready to shoot down any enemy that dared take their flag.

Sneakers were the ones that crossed borders and took disguise on the enemy side, pretending to be apart of it. They helped develop strategy and gather information.

Those who weren’t old enough or unable to go onto the field were kept underground, away from harm.

Lance McClain was a Runner. He had been through training since he was ten years old and was one of the quickest, and quirkiest, members of the Altean force. He was accompanied by Pidge, Hunk, and ex-prisoner Shiro.

Keith Kogane was a Sneaker for the Galran force. He had practiced long and hard for his role, and now that he was 18 is finally being sent across the Altean border.

What happens when the said Galran Sneaker starts to become attached to the Alteans he runs into, and decides that maybe the world is worth preserving after all?
What will be the consequences?

And who will win?

Actual text from Steven Universe season 1 episode 31

Ronaldo: “I know what the diamond means! (referring to the diamond on the $1 bill) Polymorphic sentient rocks! They’re here to hollow out the Earth! It’s part of the great diamond authority!”

Ronaldo actually figured it out.

Polymorphic sentient rocks, aka gems, are here to hollow out the earth (the kindergarten), under Yellow Diamond’s authority.