modern genetic engineering as science fiction


No, Generation X, you didn’t dream it. Those fuzzy, mid-1970s memories of some no-budget sci fi program with Jim “Gomer Pyle” Nabors and Ruth Buzzi from “Laugh-In” wearing costumes worthy of the third season of “Lost In Space” really happened.

Fi (Buzzi) and Fum (Nabors) were space and time-traveling androids from AD 2369 who landed in 1975 America and whisked away a kid and his babysitter across the cosmos and the timeline. The group was accompanied by the Dorse, a genetically engineered animal with the body of a shaggy dog and the head of a horse.

To its credit, the show actually did try to satire modern social issues such as depicting a future where obesity was the norm and being trim and athletic was criminalized, although much of the program’s topicality was probably lost on its juvenile audience.