modern farmer

adorejinhao  asked:

So I'm really into Kpop, but my friend is into Kdramas. She has recommended dramas , but I don't really know which ones to watch. Have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

ahh welcome to the kdrama world friend, i’d be happy to rec you some dramas to start with (and if you prefer a certain genre just send another ask!)

some classic firsts:

  1. healer (mystery/action)
  2. master’s sun (supernatural)
  3. my love from another star (supernatural)
  4. i hear your voice (supernatural/high school)
  5. school 2013 (high school/friendship)

recently popular/currently airing:

  1. w (supernatural)
  2. descendants of the sun (military/medical)
  3. shopping king louie (airing - comedy)
  4. moonlight drawn by clouds (historical)
  5. scarlet heart ryeo (airing - historical)

personal favs:

  1. witch’s romance (noona/dongesang pairing)
  2. age of youth (friendship/college)
  3. i remember you (mystery/police)
  4. reply 1988 (family/friendship)
  5. modern farmer (comedy)

note: although i didn’t write this in the descriptions, every drama listed has comedy/romance in it as well!