pepskitstark  asked:

How do you think Andy and Haley would be as parents?

We know that Andy is so really good with kids, he was a male nanny and a good one. I think Haley would be a good mom, too. We have seen her babysit her siblings in the earlier seasons, her cousins and baby Joe too. They would be a good team of parents.

But I think first, Haley would freak out a little. Like, she won’t be sure if she could be a good mom and would be asking a lot of stuff to Claire over the phone for at least the first year of her baby. And Claire would be very, very happy to help her and be a superstar grandma.

I can imagine Andy telling Haley something is a way and Haley thinking its not, so she asks Claire and Claire agrees with Andy, and this happens at least five teams a week. But he will be very patient about it, he may not even notice at first, because Andy would be for sure extra excited about being a daddy.