modern events

i’m LOVING the 70s/80s(?) aesthetic of the netflix a series of unfortunate events but i couldn’t help thinking about a modern version………..

  • Justin Trudeau: Canada, did you call me for something?
  • Canada: u-um, I was just wondering if you'd come to watch a hockey game with me? I usually do this with America or England, but they seem to be busy, so...
  • Justin Trudeau: of course I would~!
  • Canada: b-but I heard that you have a meeting soon-
  • Justin Trudeau: huh? What meeting is more important than spending time with you?
  • Canada: ... *hugs Trudeau* you really are amazing~~

When you wear a corset and ball gown and heels all day, every day, you get sick of dressing up. I get excited to dress up for modern events. Doing events like that is super fun, because I don’t really dress up to go out anymore. I don’t really even go out anymore because I work so much. And when I do go out, I’m in boots or really comfy platforms and jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater, and that’s it. I do not dress up, because of course I’m in stilettos all week. But it is fun to once in a blue moon dress up for an event.

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Modern AU, the kiss that Obi doesn't remember.

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Obi seems…stressed.

“You could just tell everyone I died,” he offers, changing his shirt for the third time. He’s convinced he doesn’t have a single one that matches a tie.

All of his button downs are black.

“You die, and then I still decided to go to the department’s Christmas party?” Shirayuki leans on the island, drumming her fingers against the formica. “That seems likely to you?”

“You’re right,” he says after a long moment, nodding seriously. “Then everyone would know you did it. You’re too smart for that.”

Obi.” She lets out a sigh, smoothing down her skirt. “Come on. You know you love these things. You get to look nice, and then the undergrads get drunk and tell you how much they like your muscles, and then you and Suzu get tipsy and make bets on stupid things you win nine times out of ten.”

“I do like it when people tell me they like my muscles,” he admits, mouth still bent in a frown. She sees his eyes linger on the motivational kitten calendar she has up on the fridge; three days from now is circled in red, the word Virginia scrawled across it in big block letters. His face pinches in distress, and one of his hand comes to hover just over his shoulder.

“I’ll DD,” she blurts out before she can think better of it. The offer’s out there now; she can’t take it back.

Obi blinks. “Really?”

It’s telling that he doesn’t say no, that he doesn’t tell her they can get a cab if he ends up drinking. “Yeah,” she says, doubling down. “You guys can have whatever you like. I wasn’t really in the mood for much anyway.”

He considers for a moment. “I think I have a better tie in the back of my closet.

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Of course, my lovely anon! I absolutely adore this idea - it was really fun to answer! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


  • Tokoyami is definitely still a student. He’s a pretty awkward high-school kid, very much into the emo/goth scene. He’s the type of teen who’d shop at Hot Topic, paint his nails black and listen to My Chemical Romance, thinking he was a total edgelord.
  • Oddly enough, while some of the students think he’s a little weird, he’s oddly accepted - he doesn’t tend to bother anyone else so very few people bother him. Besides, there’s some funny rumours about what happened to the last kids who picked on him and tried to bully and beat him up, whispers about a ‘dark shadow’ and multiple personalities. They’re probably just made up rumours but most people decide it’s safer not to take a chance. 
  • Tokoyami’s actually really good in school and is top of the class in his literature classes. He’s won poetry competitions and writing contest. He’s definitely tried doing a NaNoWriMo novel a few times before and has either a webcomic or a blog dedicated to his writing.
  • He definitely has an aesthetic tumblr and a Halloween themed tumblr.
  • He’ll want a tattoo the second he can legally get one without his parent’s signatures being needed and will constantly be on the lookout for cool designs for them.
  • He prefers Android phones to IPhones and will have an older model Samsung Galaxy. He’s a texter who hates phone calls and has a million apps on his phone.
  • He’ll pretend Starbucks is too pedestrian for him but he always seems to have Starbucks with him - he’s so dependent on caffeine it’s not funny. He simply claims it’s because Starbucks is closer to the school. He secretly loves lattes, especially pumpkin spice ones.
  • He will write for the student newspaper though his ideas for articles will often be passed by as being too ‘dark’ or ‘depressing’. He’ll become co-editor towards his later years in school though since he’s the best at assembling and piecing together the paper.


  • Like Tokoyami, Shouji is still just a high-school student, though he’s often mistaken for someone much older, thanks to his mature looks and height. He’s had other students mistake him for a substitute teacher.
  • Shouji is really quiet and easily passed over. There’s a lot of times when his fellow students won’t even notice him in class, even if he’s sitting right beside them or his teacher’s will mark him down as absent because they just didn’t notice him in class. It doesn’t help that he tends to always hide in the back most corner of the room and never raises his hand to answer questions - not because he doesn’t know the answers, either. He’s surprisingly smart and does very well in school.
  • Despite being otherwise unremarkable and easily passed over, every sports team in the school has tried to recruit Shouji, thinking that his muscular body and great height will be a great thing to have in their club. He’s turned down almost every offer though - he doesn’t mind helping out people, it’s just that he’s really not that interested in sports and clubs. He eventually agrees to join the wrestling team only because they told him they’d be disbanded if they couldn’t gain another member and he felt too guilty to refuse. How true what they told him is, it’s not known. The student council at his school isn’t actually too strict about those kinds of thing but hey, there’s a first time for everything.
  • Shouji’s always been known as the type to stand up for others and he’ll do everything he can to keep the school bullies from picking on the weaker kids in class or the more outcast kids. He’s a bit of a patron saint to all the outcasts, geeks, and losers of the school and he’ll make friends with almost all of them - at least, he’ll learn the names and grades of most of them and will do his best to smile and say hi to them every time he sees them.
  • Shouji almost always wears an oversized scarf that obscures half his face. If he’s not wearing it, it’s only because he’s wearing a medical mask - he’s prone to colds, especially in the spring-time with all the rainy weather.
  • He has several social media accounts but is only semi-active on one, maybe two of them. And by semi-active, I mean he posts something maybe once a month, if that. He’s just not that into social media or technology much, really.
  • He’s very low-key in his clothing - it’s almost always muted colours and everything just seems sort of well worn. It’s because he almost never goes shopping - his shoes are the worst - they’re so scuffed up and look like they might come apart at any second.
  • He has a part time job as a stock-boy in the mall. It’s not much but he’s generally pretty happy with it - he only works the occasional after-school shift and on weekends but he likes having the extra money. He’s saving so he can take a year off between high school and college - he kind of secretly buys into the romantic fantasy of living in an old van, camping whereever you park, and exploring the world through one long road trip.


  • Like the others, Kouda is still a high-school student. He’s a year younger than the rest of his class though due to skipping a year in elementary school and he’s constantly being reminded of it - it doesn’t help that he looks (and is) young and innocent.
  • Kouda’s always wanted to be a veterinarian and will focus really hard on his schoolwork and extracurricular activities in preparation for his future and to get into a good university. He really enjoys science though, so he’s happy to have to take so many science based courses and he was absolutely ecstatic when he was able to do his co-op program in school through the local pet hospital.
  • Kouda volunteers at a local pet shelter and has actually ended up talking most of his classmates and a few of his teachers into coming in and adopting an animal. It always makes him so happy to see an animal going to a good home.
  • He secretly loves stuffed animals and might have a bit of a collection at home. He has his plushie from when he was a little kid and all the plushies he’s ever won from carnivals. He also might have one or two from the Build-A-Bear Workshop and Tokoyami and Shouji might have been with him when he got them and might have one of their own. It might also be an unspoken rule that none of them ever talk about this.
  • Kouda is mostly, but not completely, deaf and though he can hear very faintly and can speak, he prefers to talk using sign language. He can read lips too but he needs to know that someone is talking to him first. This has lead to several misunderstandings but also makes him the easiest student to prank - people like sneaking up on him since he’s ridiculously easy to scare. All the need to do is get right behind him and thump their hands down on his shoulders to make him jump.
  • Kouda definitely runs a tumblr full of cute animal pictures and not much else. He also helps run the facebook, twitter, and instagram pages for the local animal shelter. Despite appearances, he’s very tech-savvy.
  • Kouda can’t handle caffeine - it makes him wiry and jittery for a couple hours before he just crashes. His friends understand this and have sought out every non-caffeinated drink and treat the Starbucks near their school has so that he doesn’t feel left out and can still head there on lunch with them.
The factory might have given us the millionfold productivity increases that yielded the Industrial Revolution, but it achieved those gains by chaining us to machines, deskilling the artisan and turning him into a cog in the factory, stripped of judgment and dignity and disconnected from the rhythms of his spirit and the world around him.
Apollo worshiped in his modern temple. The acrid cigarette smoke bellowing in the air, akin to the incense of old. His priestesses, his bright-eyed prophets, dancing slow minuets in the dark, and whispering visions into the ears of business men.
—  Apollo’s New Temple [a.m.b]