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↪ kylux “love potion” au (in which ben accidentally makes sizzurp and they accidentally fuck highdrunk)  for @theweddingofthefoxes

Ben rolls the old dusty bottle filled with a viscous purplypink liquid between his fingers, “Love Potion Number Nine? What do you think, Hux?”

“I think I must have lost my mind when I agreed to help you clean out your fathers hoarder basement in January, it’s freezing down here. And there are definitely spiders. I don’t care what your mum promised.”

“Quit bitchin’ and get cups and some ice were going to try this. I bet it’s some trippy shit my uncle left down here. It looks old as fuck, the label is peeling off.”

Hux mumbles his way back down the stairs about how ancient bottles and peeling labels are a only clear sign that scream Drink Me! to people like Ben, “Here,” He shoves two cups filled to the top with ice into Ben’s chest.

“Should you really be mixing that – and where did you even get that vodka from, Ben? For all you know its rubbing alcohol and rat poison.”

“Stop asking questions. Here. Drink.”

“This tastes a lot like cough syrup…”

“Shut up Hux. It’s fine.”

                       ₪₪ M O D E R N   O L Y M P I A N S ₪₪

                                                    m o r p h e u s

Okay, hear me out:

John Laurens finds Bob Ross on Netflix one day and just casually decides to watch an ep. for the heck of it. But then he starts binging it obsessively, like he cancels plans because he’s just gotta see what crazy creation Bob is gonna make next. He NEEDS his happy little tree fix.

Lostcauses Fic: Finding It

Almost a year ago I started writing a sequel to the Mikeruri modern clubbing AU Loosing It.  I posted the first three parts of it here and then @birbwin​ tossed an unfinished drabble at me and Cardamom derailed everything for the rest of the year.  Anyway, I’ve finally finished it, so here it is.  It’s actually mostly Eruri, but Mike definitely gets in on the action :} 

This is a belated birthday present for @trashforthetrashblog​ and it’s also for everyone who read and commented on Loosing It.  

Levi is dead on his feet by the time they decide to leave the club. Work has been so crazy for the last month that getting to the end of the week feels like a fucking achievement. He’d actually been crashed out on the couch when Isabel and Farlan arrived at his door and the only reason he let them drag him out of the flat is that he didn’t have the energy to argue otherwise. He’s spent most of the night sitting at the back of the club nursing a couple of beers, having refused the offer of some speed from Farlan. Sure it would keep him awake but the last thing he wanted was to spend the whole night wide-awake, jittery and exhausted. When Isabel and Farlan finally come to find him and suggest they head, Levi makes no attempt to hide his relief.

They’re making their way out of the club when Levi spots Erwin standing by the bar nearest the door. Despite the heat he’s still wearing his jacket; he looks like he’s either just arrived or is just leaving. It’s been over a month since Levi woke up in Mike’s bed late on Saturday morning with Erwin standing over him holding a fresh cup of coffee. Work has been so all encompassing since then that he’s barely had time to think, though when he does, he finds that his thoughts invariably drifted back to Erwin and Mike. To piercing blue eyes and broad shoulders, strong hands and easy smiles.

Levi’s feels a small jolt run through his spine when he notices Erwin but his immediate instinct is to turn away, pretend he hasn’t seen him, and keep making his way to the door. It’s what he usually does when he sees someone looking at him, his first instinct is always to flee, less trouble that way. But Erwin doesn’t give him a chance, he’s staring at him straight through the crowd and there something so naked and penetrating in his gaze that Levi can feel his cheeks starting to burn. There’s no avoiding him now so Levi weaves his way through the crowd towards Erwin, on route to the exit

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