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I’m okay with this except the Egyptian they weren’t and arent black. They are closer to middle eastern. ancient Egypt like modern Egypt was incredibly diverse in terms of the physiognomy of its inhabitants, they came in all shades and complexions ranging from dark to light. in other words, there were ancient Egyptians who would be classified as black in today’s society and those that wouldn’t. look at this picture of Queen Kemsit, wife of Menuhotep, being attended to by her lighter-skinned maids, for example:

and modern black Egyptians do exist, so you’re wrong in that respect too:

genetic studies have also revealed that the Arab conquest and other foreign influences hardly changed the gene pool of the country with only 10-15% of the population showing any admixture…

also black ”middle eastern” ppl (i don’t really like that term, besides it’s a geopolitical classification and not a racial one) do also exist!

…the moral of the story is you should probably just stick to posting hentai instead of commenting on things you clearly don’t know…

i THINK i’ve mushed the remaining bugs in the intro portion of the game. i’m gonna tweak a couple sprites and see if i can tackle the bike scripting today and get working on more story stuff after.

i’m also still open to human npc designs! so, if you have a character you’re okay with me putting around the city somewhere with some random dialogue, feel free to send me a message. you’ll also get a spot in the credits!

characters i’m looking for are: people who’d fit a modern city, but diverse. simple patterns on their clothing if any, as the sprites are pretty small and will be given little animations.

if the character is a “moonsick” person, they can have things like:
- lil horns
- tails (fuzzy, feathery, or scaled)
- bird type wings are rare, i need more bat-winged folk but not too many!
- abnormal eye/hair colors
- clawed feet/hands

i just need lots of people to populate the place basically! if you are a patron on my patreon, you can also specify some stuff you’d like your character to say and what sort of location you’d prefer they be in.

locations are:
- the brick apartments
- the fancy apartments
- the park
- the bridge
- waterside
- grocery store
- city intersection
- general housing
- broken down buildings
- humane center (government social resources)

so yeah!! i hope people enjoy the little game!


@spoopywlw @spookedcrab ok so weirdly enough I’ve been considering doing a diverse/modern au Shakespeare couples project & so I’ve been doing designs in my sketchbook (& notebook during class) and these aren’t exactly what you were talking about but they were kinda close so I just wanted to share them?

I’ve always loved the idea of a black, Latinx & Afro-Latinx cast of R&J

Top pic - R&J (yes they’re loosely modeled off Jasmine & Anthony)

Middle two - my designs for Bencutio from 2015? So they’re slightly older. Two different designs I couldn’t decide between & then I fused the two together

Last two - my new redesign for Mercutio and Benvolio + a smooch bc I couldn’t help myself

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I can't help but be bothered by how so many dinosaurs are classified in different genera despite being very similar (like Tyrannosaurus and Tarbosaurus). I mean, look at how diverse modern animal genera like Panthera, Canis, and Ursus are.

Well, that’s subjective genericometers for ya.

About fandom racism

Yup, you’re seeing it right. I’m actually going to talk about controversial stuf fon my blog, which I stopped doing like a year ago. Why? Because something has been bothering me for quite a while about fandom racism.

Fandom racism exists.

There’s no if or buts, because it does.

But sometimes, I feel like fandom tends to see everything as racist and whereas 98% of it is justified, there’s always the 2%. The reason I’m saying that is because of something Maikel asked me a while ago.

Maikel is as white as rice, and I am not, so he came up to me one day and asked me about shipping. Maikel watches both Shadowhunters and Skam, and he both adores Malec and Evak, and apparently, people on this shit site think he’s racist for shipping Evak more than Malec. He asked me about that. 

I told him that most of the mlm ships happen to be white and it’s kinda shitty that poc are not being represented. This has its roots in the lack of representation and diversity in modern western media. Sure, lately white/poc mlm and poc/poc mlm has become more popular, but it’s still a fact that the image of a gay man is often a white masuclar dude.

He got that, but then he said: “I’m not shipping Evak more because they’re white, I’m shipping them because there’s a whole season dedicated to Evak, whereas Malec is part of a bigger picture. It’s just that overall they’ve shown more Evak which highlighted the best part of their relationship, which makes me ship then more than Malec. If Malec would get an equal amount of storyline and screentime, it might’ve been different.”

And honestly, what is racist about that?

I have not seen Shadowhunters or Skam. I tried Shadowhunters, and Skam is on my to-watch list, but I haven’t seen it so I can’t confirm that’s true, but I do know that Skam has one season about a character, and season 3 happened to be about Even or Isak. And yes, Malec really is part of a bigger picture.

If he would be like: “I like Evak more because they’re white” or “I like Evak more because Malec is worse because of [insert racist trope/stereotype]” or “Poc can’t be like that because [insert racist trope/stereotype], and white people can” then yes, I’d call him out as well, but that didn’t happen.

And that makes me wonder… should you feel bad for shipping white mlm/wlw couples? Should I feel happy and relieved that my two OTPs both happen to have people of colour in it, otherwise I’d be racist as well? Klaine and Brittana?

(I’m very well aware of Blaine being whitewashed af on glee)

If you only ship white couples because of something racist, then yes, but if you really thing a white ship has more chemistry than a poc ship, does that make you racist?

Sure, Maikel was a bit pissed off about the fact that people called him racist, but he did come to me, since we both know that when it comes to racism, I have more “authority” to talk about it just like he has more “authority” to talk about homophobia than his brother. That and the fact that he doesn’t want to be racist, so when he gets called out, he does go to poc to ask “what did I do wrong?” instead of “IM NOT RACISTT???!!!!”

But what do I tell him?

Because people think it’s racist for him to prefer Evak over Malec, but I don’t, but I am not representive of everyone? And to be honest, I really don’t get why he’s being called racist, since his reasoning isn’t rooted in racism. I kinda hope someone would explain it to me as well?


I’m working on a little project where the Breakfast Club are redesigned as poc! If these are meant to be universal characters that face relatable challenges and adversity set by social standards, then I thought it’d be interesting to see a diverse, modernized cast that have their backgrounds reflect their struggles. This is still in the early stages so stuff is likely to change, but I’ll probably be doing more of this in the future, maybe with other 80s movies!

Analyzing Your WIP For Diversity:Three Questions to Ask About That Novel You’re Writing

               If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I normally write short fantasy/sci-fi blurbs. Today I’m going to depart from that to discuss a topic that I consider to be important for modern authors: incorporating ethnic diversity in fiction.

               Though the consideration for this topic is obvious to some of us, many people still wonder why there’s a need for this discussion. After all, segregation ended in the 1950s right? Sadly, if you really stop to look at examples from some of the most popular books, movies, and tv shows you’ll find that ethnic diversity is still a problem in modern fantasy and science fiction. To illustrate this point, I’ll use examples from some of my favorite stories in both books and film

               Let’s start with Harry Potter. Yes, this is one of my favorite stories of all time and I want to start by acknowledging that J.K. Rowling did address issues of racism in an allegorical way through the use of Muggles. However, if you’re a minority child reading the books or watching the movies you are likely to notice that it’s still three white characters (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) with a few minorities thrown into the background. Supernatural? Two white guys with some minorities in the background. Hunger Games? A white girl with two white boys and some minorities thrown into the background. Divergent? A white couple with some minorities thrown into the background. The Maze Runner? Yet another white guy with some minorities thrown into the background.

               I think I could go on with countless examples of this, but I hope by now I’m making my point. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all of these stories and I certainly don’t think there was any racist intention in any of them. Yet, I also can’t help but wonder why in this day and age we are still surrounded by white protagonists with minorities getting a sidekick roll at best. Are there exceptions to what I’m saying? Of course there are! However, I think if you take the time to look at the majority of popular science fiction and fantasy you’ll find what I’m saying to be true. With this in mind, I’m suggesting that all of us take a minute to look at our current WIP and ask ourselves the following three questions:

1.       Does the ethnic diversity of your characters match the society in which they live?

Unless you are writing about an Amish community, it would be highly unrealistic to have all white characters in a story that takes place in modern America. What if your story takes place in the future? Given the diversity of our current society, would you predict that we will become more or less diverse as time moves forward? My guess is that we will become more diverse, and if that is the case, the characters should reflect that diversity. Similarly, if your story takes place in the distant past it might make sense for all of your characters to be from one ethnicity. Either way, it’s worth taking a minute to make sure the characters in the story are accurately reflecting the setting.

2.       What ethnicity is the main character and why?

The sad truth is that because we have seen so many countless examples of white protagonists it is easy to repeat the cycle without even realizing we are doing it. It would be much more true to the character, and the story in general, to take a few minutes to intentionally consider the character’s ethnicity. If your character is being persecuted during the Salem Witch Trials, it might make sense to give her blond hair and blue eyes, but if your story takes place in a modern city you may come to the conclusion that a different choice is more realistic.

3.       Are the characters in your story reinforcing racial stereotypes?

Does the Indian guy work in tech support? Is the Mexican an illegal immigrant? As a writer, I realize that there might be a time and place for stereotypes. For example, you may make a character view another character based on the prejudices of his/her upbringing. However, if you do choose to use stereotypes, do you reveal the flaws in the stereotypes as the story progresses? Real people have hobbies, interests, and beliefs that make them different from everyone around them. Actual human beings do not perfectly mold into these boxes and your characters shouldn’t either. Adding depth to these individuals will not only add diversity to the story, it will also make your novel much more interesting to read.

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What's medaka box. never heard of it





Let me tell you about the most balla ass ballaest ballin work of fiction in all of modern day fiction.

First off Let me just say this isn’t about to be some composed wikipedia article on medaka box. I am a fan neigh a follower no a Beleiver in this manga. It’s ended but it will never EVER!! stop being my favourite manga/anime/work of fiction. (Although my hero academia is chasing it’s tail quite closely). Neither is it going to be why Medaka box is champion of diverse modern fiction. I don’t have time for that. It’d take too Long and most people would suck their teeth, scroll past and move on. Plus I’m not good at outlining things like that I’d miss phrase things and get shit wrong. Probably make some people angry at me. My advice. Go read it . It is not a waste of time go track this down and read it it is Beautiful.

Now that that’s out of the way lets get into it shall we? Medaka Box is about this girl.

Her name is Kurokami Medaka (Or Medaka Kurokami f you wanna be all western about it) She is Basically the personification of that old preschool song ♫Anything You can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you♫ That’s it!. Her power is basically she will take whatever fancy shit you can do MAKE IT BETTER!!AND THEN FUCK YOU UP WITH IT!!   

This of course, Makes her Super Uber OP and is a main focus of the entire series. See because she’s so over powered. She doesn’t really understand what it’s like to be a normal person. She doesn’t know what it’s like to fail at something. She doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle to learn something , and because of that she envies normal people.She wishes to connect with them and understand what it’s like to be a Normal Person. So , she runs for student council  president Wins! and decides to implement a Suggestion Box.

The entire first Arc of the Manga is Her (by herself) recruiting her own student council and all in all making her school a better Place through her Suggestion Box. After this. It becomes more of your typical shonen manga fair except for one Little thing. 





Seriously The Women in this manga  are a work of art. Literally and figuratively, and the best thing about it is at no point do they try and be abrasive about it. They aren’t like “mmm we’re better than men I am woman hear me roar” No. They are just there and they’re powerful and it really makes for some good fun. That’s not to say the Male characters aren’t done well. 

Zenkich her right hand man (and love interest) would make a perfect P.O.V Character were this manga a Novel. The thing I like about him most is that he isn’t your typical shonen support. I mean yeah at times he strives to live up to medaka but he doesn’t try to overtake her, nor is he jealous of her (at least not intentionally) He spends the entire series being a supportive friend and anchor that Humanizes her anytime she seems beyond reach, and even though it is romantic it isn’t his core reason for following medaka. In his mind she’s always been above him. and he just wants to be there to support and help her. I could go on and on about how Zenkichi is the actual example of a “Nice Guy” rather than the thirsty ulterior motive guys that complain about the friend zone.) but another time. Another place.

There are Lots of other cool male characters too.

But of course No Medaka Box post, discussion or interaction would be complete without the Mention of my absolute favorite asshole in all of Fiction.


This glorious magnificent piece of filth is my Number one reason for Loving this manga. He is the personification of our generation. A misanthropic,unapologetic sociopath with the ability to turn anything into nothing.Like literally Anything, You Like the color Blue? boom that shit never existed. Computer errors are Now called P.S.O.D(Pink Screen Of Death). You Like the sun That shit don’t exist no more yo. Fuck all your solar powered shit. How bout the universe? you like that right. Fuck all that noise this Bitch gives NO FUCKs!! 

Not to mention his wonderful fourth wall breaking moments.

Seriously I can’t stress enough How awesome this manga is. Go read it Nonny do it sooner than later cause this shiznit is awesome.