modern day school of arts

on their way to pick up rin from school !!

just a small thing from the modern au im working on ;3c

Im so happy to announce that, this small animation, and one of my finals is done!!! this belong to me and @space-girlfriends rich Hux & delinquent Kylo au, this is basically how the idea of thae au started

Modern Day AU pt.2

When the school thinks about cutting money from the art programs in order to save money, Mal rallies all the art kids and they have a massive sit in protest in the main office. No one can get to their desk to do their jobs. The Principal threatens them with detentions, suspensions, and expulsions but no one budges. Soon enough more kids start to join(If anything they get to tweet and snapchat it and also get out of class and hey the principal can’t suspend them all right?) When the principal finally caves and swears to them he won’t cut art funding (Mal has a contract ready because she knows to get all that shit in writing with a signature) everyone cheers and from then on Mal is really popular. Mal hates the spotlight. She started the protest for very selfish reasons. Visual Fine Arts was the one class she actually liked so she didn’t want to lose it, she didn’t give a damn about any other art program. 

The Principal announces that the football team is getting a new field. They are going back to having a real field, no more turf. The football team is also getting new uniforms along with the cheer team. They’re getting redesigned locker rooms too. Every popular kid loves the idea and they celebrate but Ben just feels awful. If the school didn’t have any money for arts how did they have money for a new football field? And what about the girls basketball team? Their uniforms were so old and their equipment was so sub-par. How come they didn’t get new stuff? Ben gets so angry he goes to Evie (who went to actual court against the school board about their sexist dress code policies) and Mal for help organizing a protest. Evie is all for it but Mal really doesn’t want anything to do with it. Ben can’t convince her and it’s not until Evie talks to Mal that she joins them. (”I can’t believe you’re helping Ben out with this protest. I thought you hated the spotlight?” Jay asked as the two made their way to their usual lunch spot. Mal shrugged. “He has very convincing allies.” Jay smiled devilishly, “You met Evie didn’t you?”)

Latina!Evie (Because all my modern day au’s would include latina!Evie) is actually really stoked for the protest. She thinks it’s a totally worthy cause and if she was being honest with herself sticking it to the man gave her an adrenaline rush. At first she tells herself that the butterflies in her stomach she gets whenever she’s near Mal are because she admires her. Then one night at Ben’s when they’re planning the last details about the protest Ben leaves to grab more food or something and it’s just them two in the basement. Mal leaves to the bathroom and as Mal gets up she knocks over her book bag but she doesn’t notice. Evie, as she’s picking some things up, notices it and picks it up. As she’s shoving things back in she sees Mal’s sketchbook. (One look can’t hurt right? Everyone talks about how great Mal is but not many people have actually seen her art.) So Evie starts to thumb through it and there are like dozen of sketches of Evie. She feels the butterflies in her stomach again and her heart practically stops when she flips to a page where “Mrs. Mal Cruz” (If you guys have a better suggestion for Evie’s last name I am all ears but also can you just imagine Mal in like English class or something doodling Mrs. Mal Cruz all over her book because she’s completely smitten with Evie.) is written all over the page. She can’t stop smiling. Evie hears someone coming back so she shoves the sketchbook in Mal’s bag and goes back to cleaning. When she gets home there’s a story on the news about a new gay character on a new novela and her family is being homophobic. It crushes Evie and as she walks to her room and sees like twenty crosses and our lady of Guadolupes on the walls she remembers just what Catholicism thinks about Queerness. 

Audrey debates whether or not to join Ben. Deep down she knows it’s fucked up what the school is doing but on the other hand she’s really excited about new cheer uniforms. The only reason she ends up being a part of it is because Mal is having a meltdown about Evie Cruz. (Yes, Audrey super popular girl and uber bitch is friends with Mal because back in the third grade Audrey peed her pants and Mal helped her get to the nurse’s office without anyone seeing her. They’ve shared a secret friendship since) When she starts helping out she gets really into it and Ben is just so proud of her because he hates the way everyone sees her because he knows there’s so much more to Audrey. 

Carlos has to hear Evie talk about Mal for hours during dance. (”There were like ten sketches of me Lito..I looked really good in every one.”) He debates whether or not to tell Evie about the moment he had with Jay. It was kinda out of nowhere and he never doubted he was straight(he had dated Jane and was in love with her) but now he’s just really confused. It’s starting to mess with his studies.

Doug was first in line to help Evie with whatever when she signed up to help Ben. He never left her side unless he had to. At first he was kind of jealous of Mal. Evie was always blushing and giggling whenever she was around. Then it just kind of hit him one day that Evie might actually be into Mal. When Evie finally told him his heart broke but nonetheless he protested right along with them. He really did believe it was messed up to put football above other teams and programs. Doug ended up getting closer to Ben and it looks like the perfect all american boy had a few secrets of his own….

Jay loves to tease Mal about her obsession with Evie. (Mal can’t even imagine what he would do if he ever saw the Mrs. Mal Cruz doodles in her sketchbook) He starts seeing more of Carlos around campus and he can’t stop thinking about their almost kiss. Jay believed sexuality was fluid and he never liked labeling himself so that wasn’t what was bothering him. What bothered him was not knowing what Carlos thought. Carlos practically ran away from him every time they crossed paths. It isn’t until one day in dance class he chooses Carlos as his partner for an assignment that they talk again. Jay doesn’t want to pry but it’s driving him mad not knowing. 

@korrasami-week - Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sundays are for watching horror movies, amirite ladies? Also, if y’all like vintage horror films, I highly recommend Suspiria (1977) and its pants-shitting amazing use of plot twists, color, lighting, music, and shot design.