modern day merthur


The Royals (A Merlin AU)

Arthur Pendragon was the next king of Camelot. Merlin Emrys was the royal prince of Eldor. They were expected to be model citizens… too bad they would rather play polo, having raging parties on expensive yachts and dancing all day and night in the VIP tents at musical festivals.

They hated each other the moment they met. They started sleeping with each other, one night very drunk on champagne. They continued to fall into each other’s bed any time they ran into each other but they definitely dislike each other… right?

Could these two bratty princes change their ways to become Kings and beloved rulers of their respective countries?


modern day merthur - in which arthur shows off his prowess in the kitchen and merlin takes a bit of a cheap shot (but it’s okay, because merlin is still sleep-fuzzy and warm and arthur managed to keep the kitchen flame-free this time) // for moey 

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Modern day Merthur AU - Dancing on My Own – Calum Scott I'm in the corner watching you kiss her/ and I'm right over here. Why can't you see me?And I'm givin' it my all/ But I'm not the guy you're taking home/ I keep dancing on my own


Shini’s Ultimate Fic-Rec List

For one of my lovely friends, who asked for some good fics:

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

  • The Undying Fire -features Zuko using fire for something other than destruction
  • Following Blue -Zutara, Katara gets into a bit of trouble and Blue Spirit helps her out
  • The Descent -Zutara, involves death and redemption, among other things
  • Avatar: The Comet’s Wake -Kataang, Sukka, takes place after Sozin’s Comet
  • Dancing in the Dark -Zutara, Katara trying to learn to dance properly with Blue Spirit as a teacher
  • Tempest in a Teacup -Zutara with Katara raised in the Fire Nation
  • Mask and Veil -Zutara, Painted Lady and Blue Spirit working together 
  • Hope’s Revival -Aang fails against Ozai, goes on the run with the Gaang until they land themselves in the past, and then they have to work hard to keep their secrets. Discontinued and still amazing
  • Reluctant Hero -The last Avatar was an Earthbender safe within the confines of Ba Sing Se, so why does Prince Zuko start bending elements other than his fire?

Best Authors:

Chronicles of Narnia:

  • Helen’s Children -snippets about how Helen’s children have changed
  • Trial By Fire -a ‘what if Edmund came through the wardrobe first?’ fic, really good
  • Nighttime Demons -aftermath of returning to London after Narnia, brotherfic
  • Keeping the Faith -Edmund and Lucy meeting up with Aslan early in Prince Caspian, familyfic
  • Never Let Go -Edmund believes Lucy when she stumbles out of the wardrobe, how will this change things?
  • Those Who Speak -features mute!Edmund who hears about the White Witch from Lucy first, not from following her into Narnia.

Best Authors:

D. Gray Man:

  • Man in the Mirror -more of a modern day DGM, very well done, Miranda is a primary and Allen is the best
  • Through the Web -Laven, modern day youtubers among other things, seriously the cutest Laven fic out there
  • Acoustics -MariexMiranda and Kanda being a dick
  • Campaigning for Heretics -another cute Laven fic, hasnt been updated in ages, unfortunately
  • Visitations in the Night -when the Order has Allen locked up and Lenalee sneaks in to visit, slight Allena
  • Haunts of the Heart -Allen goes missing on assignment…its all very mysterious
  • From Now Until Forever -Allena drabbles
  • They All Fall Down -Xover with Harry Potter, well written and molded given how both come from two very different times. Its a great read with Kanda, Allen, and Lavi assigned to protect Harry during DH
  • 100 -a series of unconnected Laven oneshots

Best Authors:

Doctor Who:

Harry Potter:

  • Three’s a Charm -Harry, Ron, Hermione travel back in time to fix the world, more bonding, nicer (slightly) Snape
  • This Dream’s On Me -X-over with Hobbit, Fili and Harry (fem) meet in dreams until she can make her way over to Middle Earth
  • Ethereal -X-over with DGM, Harry (fem) as Alma with kickass skills and some fluffiness between Kanda and Alma
  • Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past -Harry goes back to fix his mistakes, definitely AU, but the best timetravel fic out there, a lot on psychology and self defense
  • Erasing the Future -Harry travels back in time, Sirius is free and adopts him
  • The Aftermath -X-over with Percy Jackson with Apollo visiting FemHarry every so often, she ends up as the mother to a good few kids
  • Time To Put Your Galleons Where Your Mouth Is -MasterofDeath!Harry who ends up as the older brother to Sirius and Regulus, working hard to protect them from Voldemort
  • Not Who She Seems -X-over with Thor, femHarry as the daughter of Thor’s sister Ingrid (Lily) who suddenly finds herself to be royalty (and not completely human) and all that comes with it
  • From the Flame to the Spark -Ginny time travel, takes the world by storm, including breaking out Sirius of prison and being less clingy to Harry
  • Ritual at Summer Solstice -Hermione lands in the past during a full moon, RemusxHermione, somehow she ends up as the sister of Death Eater Augustus Rookwood, fluff is well done
  • The Little Prince -X-over with ChronNarnia with Edmund raising Harry in Narnia, seperated from his brother and sisters, very cute
  • Fred Weasley and the Time Paradox -Fred dies and wakes up at the beginning of third year, he and George are nicer on Harry and Hermione, generally good, but sadly hasn’t been updated in awhile
  • Harry McGonagall -Harry is raised by Minerva’s nephew, Harmony, lives in America so there’s a few differences, but a good read
  • Unintended Consequences -Hermione catches up with Ron before he disapparates, leaving Harry on his own, but he eventually teams up with Ginny, Hinny
  • I Must Not Cause Trouble -Geomione, told in first person from Hermione’s perspective, rather good.
  • Unforgivably Thick Jumpers -AU with Harry raised by Voldemort, takes place when he’s 17 and back with his parents and younger brother, Hinny, some sexytimes
  • Aspirations -Grey to dark fic that I don’t generally read, but it was done rather well, Hinny, things change in 4th year, Hermione’s after Harry
  • The Refiners Fire -Diverges after book five, eventual Hinny, more militarized DA that kicks serious ass
  • A Friend Indeed -Ginny befriends Harry 4th year and it snowballs from that, Ron featured as a bit of a prick, Hinny, NevillexHermione
  • They All Fall Down -X-over with DGM, the best DGMxHP done yet, Voldemort works with the Earl and Lavi, Allen, and Kanda are sent to guard Harry, joining him, Ron, and Hermione on their Horcrux Hunt
  • The Forgotten Daughter -FemHarry as a daughter of Poseidon, elements of greek myths strewn throughout the Potter years, part one of a series, really great
  • Quasars Between Us -X-over with Avengers with Loki as Harry’s father, Harry gets taken into SHIELD and that’s only the start of the mess
  • Order and Shadows -X-over with Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi spends some time in Britain doing research, Bakura is actually a wizard, and Dumbledore thinks he knows best
  • A Set Up Gone Wrong -Ginny gets conned into going to a Ministry event and meets someone she didn’t expect. Hinny

Best Authors:

The Hobbit:

  • The Most Precious of Treasures -FemBilbo comes back to the Shire and gives birth to son Frodo and its only when some dwarves come along that they notice how much he looks like their king
  • Shot in the Dark -Bagginshield, Bilbo wakes up in the past, eagerly joins the quest and doesn’t care very much for his own well being
  • And I’m Your Lionheart - Bilbo stays behind after the Battle of the Five Armies and gets caught up in Dwarrow politics waiting for Thorin to heal
  • Stoneflower -Thorin shows up at Bilbo’s place after the BotFA after Bilbo’s taken in Frodo, lots of bonding and family things between the Bagginses and Thorin and Sam
  • Master of Wood, Water, and Hill -More of Bilbo and book-related things, like the Old Forest, I’m not really sure how to describe it, but its a great read with Bilbo as this sort of ‘speaker’ of the earth, I suppose
  • Back Again -TimeTravel!Bilbo with Bilbo as a Bounder that protects the Shire, features a lot of book elements, including the Dunedain and Aragorn’s parents
  • All That Is Lost -Bilbo disappears after the Battle and Fili and Kili find him later on with no memory of who they are
  • Strangers Like Me -Bilbo raises Kili after he finds him half-drowned, shows a kinder dwarf with more understanding of different species, languages, and customs between Hobbits, Elves, and Dwarves

Best Authors:

How To Train Your Dragon

  • The Dragon’s King -Cloudjumper takes away Hiccup with his mother when their village is attacked. Features a dragon-eyed Hiccup with a stronger bond with Toothless and a surprise visit by Astrid. Hiccstrid
  • Ice -Hiccup and Toothless find themselves trapped in ice after an avalanche and have to find a way to escape

One Shots That Are Pretty Cute:

Best Authors:


  • Life Goes On -takes place a few years after the Fischer job, centered around the life Ariadne and Arthur have together, fluffy and well written with great development
  • You Are the Risk I’ll Always Take -easily one of the best ArthurxAriadne, starting from the moment they meet, throughout the Fischer job with lots of fluff and a sex scene in the most recent chapter (avoid if you’re not into M)
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -Cobb, Yusuf, Eames, Saito, and Arthur all show up at Ariadne’s university at separate times and her two friends try to pair her with various ones
  • Twenty Steps -the developing relationship between Arthur and Ariadne including twenty things she learns about him along the way

One Shots That Are Pretty Good:

Best Authors: 

Legend of Korra

  • Her Glory Throws Long Shadows -hasn’t been updated in ages but features a pre-Irorra and is amazingly well written
  • Shower Hours -Korra and Iroh meet in the shower, the smut doesn’t show up until the sequel
  • Soul of My Soul -Irorra drabbles that encompass Korra and Iroh’s adult life, including marriage, children
  • The Return -Korra returns to Republic City at 22 and deals with a certain number of problems, Irorra, MakoOC, Bolami
  • Let There Be Hell To Pay -Features Iroh as a nonbender, budding romance with Korra and Iroh, and Iroh, of course, being a gentleman

Best Authors:

Lord of the Rings

  • The Orc Under the Bed -cute fic about Elrond’s sons’ nighttime fears
  • Stay -Frodo tells a fellow hobbit his tale and considers staying or leaving the Grey Havens FrodoxOC
  • My Fairytale -Estel Elessariel awakens in the Third Age after throwing herself to her death in the Fourth Age, Tenth Walker fic, could be construed as Mary Sue, but its still a pretty good read


  • Texts, Meetings, and Matters of the Literal Heart -Merthur modern day with Merlin and Arthur meeting when Merlin jumbles his phone number and texts him, cute with Arthur being in a lot of denial
  • The Adventures of Merlin -a series of ‘what if?’ oneshots that are very well written
  • Blind Trust -Arthur overhears Merlin and Lancelot’s plan to rid Morgause of the Cup of Life, magic reveal
  • Breathe -Merlin drags Arthur and the knights to a nearby lord and gets himself tortured for his troubles, general, friendship feels
  • Protecting the Protector -featuring protective knights towards Merlin
  • Fisticuffs -Percival comes across Agravaine trying to interrogate Merlin about Emrys and reacts accordingly, friendship
  • A Servant of One -The Fomorroh doesn’t stop Merlin from fighting not to kill the king
  • Debt of Honor -Merlin and Percival try to prove that Lancelot is a shade and Agravaine is up to nothing good
  • Too Far -the aftereffects of Merlin that leave Merlin traumatized, Gwen furious, and the knights guilt-ridden
  • Shade of Shadow -instead of finding Gwen and Shade!Lancelot kissing, Arthur finds a beaten Merlin. Drama, friendship
  • Through Other Eyes -the bond between Arthur and Merlin as see through the eyes of fellows and enemies
  • On the Wings of a Butterfly -Magic Reveal. Merlin’s use of magic has Arthur wondering if magic is all that bad.
  • A Fresh Perspective -deaged!Merlin and Magic Reveal that has small Merlin explaining how magic isn’t good or bad to Arthur who struggles to understand

Best Authors:

Miraculous Ladybug

  • heartstrings -Chat Noir chances a meeting with Marinette and feelings develop. Read this fic, its so good!
  • Freudian Slip -Marinette accidentally calls Adrien Chat during class and it only spirals down from there.
  • Spicy Sugar -Marinette and Adrien’s difference in attitudes between balancing school and superhero work
  • Fangirls -Ladybug gets a little jealous of Chat Noir’s fangirls

Best Authors:


  • Because Roses Are Not Always Red -featuring Kakashi as a mute and Obito as his Jounin companion and translator, a series of one-shots
  • War of the Biju: Fourth Shinobi World War -after Pein’s attack, war is declared against Madara, Naruto as Hokage
  • Training the Avenger -Naruto older with younger sister Shizuka as the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, alive Kushina, Naruto trains Sasuke after the massacre, NaruHana
  • True Potential -Shikamaru, Naruto, and Hinata as a squad under Anko, features a lot of friendship and fluffiness, and blooming relations between Iwa and Konoha
  • What I Wouldn’t Do -Amazing fic that only has two chapters, Boruto is attacked and nearly killed and Konoha is put on high alert to find the culprit 
  • survival of the fittest -Sakura and Shikamaru find themselves stuck in Iwa without allies on all sides and face many obstacles on their way back home, slight ShikaSaku
  • Team 8 -A ‘what if Naruto was on Team 8 instead of Kiba’ very well written and in depth, team development and NaruHina
  • Tale of the Setting Sun -Naruto with his mum’s red hair and graduating early, being placed on a team with different members than Sakura and Sasuke
  • Blind Stars of Fortune -Kakashi dies in the invasion and wakes up as a twenty year old, features kid Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto being friends and the Uchiha in a good light
  • The Hidden Prodigy -Kakashi is a kid again, trying to keep the future from turning to shit, but sometimes things just don’t go to plan
  • Walking Backwards on a Tightrope -Timetravel with Naruto, Sasuke, Shino, Shikamaru, and Gaara, redemption attempt by Sasuke. Unfortunately, new enemies come for a ride. NaruHina, ShikaTema
  • Alive and Victorious -features predominantly Matsuri and Gaara and their relationship as it develops from teacher and student to lovers
  • Second Bloom -Sakura goes back in time, befriends Naruto and Sasuke, realizes some family ties she didn’t know she had, and foils Danzou’s plans. Discontinued.
  • The Lives Worth Saving -Naruto travels back in time after the shinobi lands are decimated, takes the name Haruki, is bros with Kakashi, and helps the Konoha 12 with their training
  • Leadership -summer Jinchuuriki camp, what could possibly go wrong? Best part is the friendship between Gaara and Naruto
  • Two Halves :: Story One -Naruto and Hinata are taken out of the village and trained by a spirited woman named Sora after Tsunade is made 5th Hokage, NaruHina
  • Learning to Have Fun -cute fic about Shikamaru and Sakura who get into a bit of trouble with a noble at a daimyo’s initiation, ShikaSaku, very cute and Shikamaru and Sakura are done very well I think
  • Meet His Parents -ItaSaku non-massacre, Itachi proposes to Sakura and then she meets his parents, but his mother is the real problem
  • The Crowing -Kankurou and Sakura speak after she saves his life from the poison Sasori gave him. Slight KankSaku
  • Indifference -Shikamaru as the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, a clear divergence from canon with Naruto disliking how much people expect him to be like his dead father, Shika has an older bisexual sister, Ino and Chouji very protective of Shika once they find out his secret
  • Naruto Hatake -Naruto raised by Kakashi and best friends with Hinata, there’s lots of bonding, family, and friendship with just a bit of NaruHina
  • Snap Shot -modern day with Gaara the Artist and Sakura the Photographer and how their romance buds in a not so typical way
  • Seal Shatter -Alive Kushina and Minato with Minato having amnesia from a seal and not knowing of Kushina being involved with him and Naruto being his son. Naruto causes a lot of problems by breaking the faulty seal, but this fic is a must read, I promise
  • The Sand Prince -influences by the Prince of Egypt, Gaara is raised in Konoha whilst Suna is under the tyranical rule of the Akatsuki, easily one of the best fics out there. GaaSaku
  • The First Shifting Grain -Gaara awakens in the past and has to deal with an assortment of problems, including his village despising his very existence. Right now, just focused in Suna
  • My Precious People -NaruHina, takes place several years after the war’s end, Naruto left the village and Hinata is a single mother. Deals with Naruto’s return and the group he was once a part of 
  • Naruto: Myoushuu no Fuuin -read this fic, it hasn’t been updated in ages, but its pure brilliance. Its a lot of Team 7 bonding with Kakashi. Naruto is a Fuuinjutsu prodigy, Sakura gets into Medical Ninjutsu earlier, and Sasuke isn’t as heartless and unfeeling as in canon
  • A Wrinkle in Time -one of the greatest timetravel fics. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Lee end up in the past. Nara Clan is showcased a lot, lots of bonding and friendship, relationships are in the background: NaruHina, ShikaTema, LeexAyame
  • Blade and Claw -Asuma raises Naruto after the Kyuubi attack and they live outside the village for the time being, Asuma!dad is the best, and Naruto’s smarter than canon, very inquisitive. A good read even if it hasn’t been updated in a while
  • The Duty -GaaSaku, Sakura is assigned to Gaara during the war and friendship develops into romance. Best GaaSaku as far as I’m concerned. Gaara and Sakura are done to perfection
  • A Family of Foxes and Snakes: Rewind! -the rewrite of an amazing fic, Anko teaches Naruto and they sort of adopt each other. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Hinata friends.
  • Kazekage -Akasuna no Sasori remains in Suna and when the Kazekage asks him to guard his wife pregnant with the next Jinchuuriki of Shukaku, Sasori is a little miffed.
  • I’ll Be Back Before You know It -ShikakuxYoshino, 12 moments of their lives
  • Rumors in Konoha -The rumor is Hinata is being married off. How does Naruto react? NaruHina

Best Authors:

Percy Jackson

Best Authors

Pretty Little Liars

Best Authors:


  • Study in Sherlock -a bit OOC, but its an alright Johnlock with John and Sherlock being in an established relationship before Study in Pink
  • Art of the Reasoner -Sherlock as an artist, lots of artsy stuff, somehow still manages to solve crimes, really great fic, worth a read
  • Believe in Sherlock -John tries to prove that Sherlock was the real deal after his ‘death’
  • Girl Talk -Sherolly, Irene helps out Molly in understanding Sherlock
  • Siblings’ Dilemma -featuring Mycroft, Sherlock, John, and Harry as siblings

Best Authors:

Star Wars/Star Wars: Clone Wars

  • Future Imperfect -Anakin finds himself in the future and has to talk fast to prove he isn’t an Imperial spy and keep his mouth shut when he finds a girl with Padme’s face and a boy with his
  • Fair Maiden, Shining Knight -the absolute best Sobiwan out there, featuring the budding romance between Sabe, Padme’s cousin and decoy, and Obi-Wan up into Attack of the Clones, continues on past Revenge of the Sith. Seriously, read this fic, its a legend
  • Shadows of the Future -Obi-Wan falls in Mustafar and awakens still as a padawan, features a great deal of QuiObiAna bonding. Obi-Wan fulfills the spot of protective older brother quite well, and the author weaves the relationship beautifully. Read this.
  • Never Gone -a bit OOC on some parts with the romance seeming to move a bit fast but I’ll put it up here anyways. A ‘what if the Council rejected Anakin and he returned to Tatooine fic’ with Anakin and Padme meeting once he’s older and in early Episode II
  • The Silent Song -Obi-Wan as a mute, but is written very well and very believably. Obi-Wan is the cutest Initiate, that’s for sure
  • Misguided Destiny -15 year old Anakin Skywalker finds himself in the future and Luke has to try his hardest not to give too much away. ROTJ
  • The Master -AU ROTS in which Obi-Wan manages to get to Anakin before its too late
  • About Turn -After Bespin, Luke accidentally reveals to the Alliance his relation to Vader. And absolute must read with Vader slowly embracing his care for his children. The format’s a little off but the story is great.
  • Where Catalysts Stand Down -Anakin and Padme flee Coruscant after Order 66. Anidala.
  • Visibility’s Edge -Anakin tells Obi-Wan the truth when his dreams about Padme become too much to bear. Anidala.
  • Crimson Ash -Anakin is killed during Order 66
  • Keep Breathing -Obi-Wan convinces Padme to live for her children and goes into hiding with her on Alderaan. Anidala. Obidala. This fic broke my heart.
  • The Finer Shades of Why -Order 66 is enacted early and Obi-Wan and Anakin are shot out of the sky. A seriously great read.
  • Fallen Legends -Anakin fails to clear Ahsoka’s name so Obi-Wan takes matters into his own hands to clear her name.

Best Authors:


  • The Bluest of Blue Eyes -Mostly Castiel and his brothers in heaven before he is assigned to the Winchesters, lots of brotherly love and showing a kinder side of Lucifer
  • Marked -pre-Destiel concerning Dean’s ‘escape’ from Hell via Cas
  • Plan B -God sends Castiel down to the Winchesters a few years early, features child! Cas and Dean and baby!Sam, and lots of friendship and family with Loki/Gabe making an appearance
  • A Case of the Rainbow Feathers -Humor, Castiel somehow gets his wings dyed the color of the rainbow
  • Touched -Castiel is dead, so why does Dean see him in a small boy with clear blue eyes and a head of dark hair?

Best Authors:

Young Justice

  • It All Started Fairly Normally -this is an absolute must read, one of the best fics out there, its pre-birdflash if you squint, but that doesn’t show up until the sequel. Wally is late for training and his teammates get worried, chaos ensues, lots of angst and family and friendship
  • Worthy -asking Dick Grayson out on a date is harder than usual, especially since his dad is the Batman, but Wally’s up for the challenge. Birdflash
  • Sub-Zero -Dick Grayson gets himself kidnapped and Wally rushes in to save his best friend from a terrible fate. Friendship
  • Damsel -Robin isn’t a damsel, however, Dick Grayson has to play the part of one to keep his secret identity intact. But being saved by Wally isn’t so bad. Birdflash
  • Coping Mechanisms for Idiots -After the Invasion, Wally’s got a few problems. He and Artemis are done and he and Dick are starting to speak civilly to each other (or are they?), and the pain is getting worse… birdflash
  • Chasing Robins -a cute birdflash fic about Wally’s complete failure at catching robins (or Robin in particular)

Best Authors:


  • Queen of Egypt -Mana has to rule in Atem’s place once he falls ill and learns just how difficult Atem’s job as Pharaoh is
  • Of All the King’s Wives, -deals with the wives of Atem and one in particular with a lot of ambition towards becoming the Queen of Egypt and she doesn’t appreciate how Atem cares for her servant, Mana. Vaseshipping
  • The Pharaoh’s Lover -sexytimes with Atem and Mana who work very hard to keep their relationship in the palace a secret
  • Trusting the Future -The Pharaoh knows he’s dying but he can’t let his son Atem see, instead he notices things his son would rather keep to himself, like his feelings for his closest friend, vaseshipping

Yu Yu Hakusho

  • Retrospective Days -Hiei ends up in the past and if that’s not annoying enough he’s lost his strength and Yuusuke’s ‘dead’…might as well teach him a few things, it might be a long time before he get’s home
  • Sunny with a Chance of Lightning Storms -Shuuichi Hatanaka meets his future stepbrother and can’t help but be surprised.
  • The Earring -Yukina takes on a mission and finds a mute Hiei along the way, but will she make it out alive?
  • Change -Yukina stands out with her red eyes and seafoam colored hair, so she makes a decision to change
  • It’s a Promise -Yuusuke actually shows up at the end of the three years and meets Keiko at her school, none-too-pleased about a neighboring school boy trying to ask her out. Yuuko
  • One in a Hundred -a mission takes the team close to the Koorime Island and they find something they did not expect

Best Authors:

Merlin befriends Arthur knowing the outcome as it’s the same response the last five lifetimes. Arthur doesn’t remember being King. Arthur doesn’t remember Camelot. Arthur does not want to listen to a word Merlin says.

Why would this time be any different?

But maybe … maybe Arthur starts to remember tiny pieces… but he doesn’t want to tell Merlin the truth… he’d rather lie.

I think I know why the writers chose not to show the reunion between Merlin and Arthur. 

Because literally the only way that scene could’ve gone down was with a kiss. Anything else, and it would’ve contradicted everything Merlin and Arthur’s relationship was steadily building up to. The writers knew that and we knew that. 1,500 years is a long-ass time for Merlin to be mulling over his feelings and for Arthur in Avalon to be re-analyzing every single moment between him and his manservant, so you can’t convince me that the first thing they didn’t do upon being whole again was kiss the hell out of each other. 

They left the ending open-ended, leaving us with “They’re a love story,” so that we’d know how modern-day Merthur went, but the rest of the world would never have to know.