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all your gods are teenage girls:  calypso, a goddess of water

four voice clover [x]
a playlist of beautiful quartets and harmonies

nine people’s favourite thing (title of show) // rooftop duet / falling (ordinary days) // moonfall quartet (mystery of edwin drood) // without love (hairspray) // i turned the corner / i’m falling in love with someone (thoroughly modern millie) // teddy bear / hound dog (all shook up) // watch what happens reprise (newsies) // if only quartet (the little mermaid) // more life (now. here. this.) // but i do (i love you because) // right here (glory days) // gun song (assassins) // electric blues (hair) // no one is alone (into the woods)

'Drag Race' Star Adore Delano Talks Rainbow-Raging New Alt-Rock Sound

Since making the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 (and historically quitting Drag Race All-Stars 2), Adore Delano has recorded pop with an R&B/EDM flair – almost more in line with the music she performed as Danny Noriega on American Idol in 2008 than with her modern-day “punk-rock mermaid” persona. But as Delano readies her third album, Whatever, she’s returning rock roots, and she’s ready to spread the “rainbow rage.”

“It’s a 100 percent alternative rock album, inspired by all the greats before I was on American Idol. Everything that inspired me when I was a little angry kid and when I was younger, during the Bush administration, came out of me during this political climate. I just wanted the kids to have something to be fun and dance around with and be angry about,” Delano says of Whatever. “It’s important to be angry and paint the town red sometimes. … I feel like there’s a lot of angry kids that need to have some type of stuff to get crazy with, like punch a hole in your wall. … Sometimes you do need to question society, you do need to question your parents, you do need to question the media. There is a lot of things right now that are going on that you do need to question, and I hopefully put that into this music.”

So what makes Delano angry these days? “Ignorance,” she answers. “I think ignorance is not bliss at all. It just makes me want to punch somebody. I just think the political climate right now is really, really concerning, to say the least, but that definitely inspired the anger. … If I don’t get this out, I feel like it would be bottled up and I would go crazy and eventually light my house on fire or something.”

Last December, Delano moved to the grunge capital of the world, Seattle, and Whatever is definitely reminiscent of that city’s alt-rock glory days. Delano cites Chris Cornell and Courtney Love (along with Brody Dalle of the Distillers/Spinnerette and ‘80s gender-bending pioneer Pete Burns) as major influences, and she expresses her admiration for the brash, brazen rock women the 1990s in general, saying: “I just remember growing up in the ‘90s and figuring out my sexuality really, really early on because of the women in the ’90s, and realizing how they were messy and doing what the guys were doing. It was liberating watching them do things that weren’t the norm for a woman to do in the industry as a kid. … Seeing somebody like Alanis [Morissette] and like Fiona [Apple], those are the women that will always be filed up in my brain as big influences — just like going against what they were supposed to do, writing about real s***.”

Adore Delano (photo: Angelo Di-Benedetto)

While alternative rock isn’t exactly dominating the charts right now like it did in Alanis and Fiona’s heyday, Delano isn’t worried about making the risky move from pop to rock, because she says rock ‘n’ roll is needed and “super-important” in 2017. “I noticed right now all the pop stars are kind of calming down right now; they’re cradling their fans and saying, ‘It’s gonna be OK.’ And I’m like, ‘Actually, it’s not OK. Put your hair in two space buns and then paint some picket signs and go march. This is gonna be a fun year.”

Adds Delano, who sang in a garage/punk band in her pre-Idol teens: “It was in the ‘70s, I believe, when the punk and gay [scenes overlapped], and then the hardcore scene kind of took over that and made it more of a mess… It was just super-testosterone and just violent. And it was a different way from how I want it to be — how it was in the early days. Let’s make [punk] fun and gay again. Let’s start the rainbow rage… I want [my fans] to be on this little journey with me, and I want them all to be in that little gay mosh pit with me when I see you in town.”

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Ohmigosh, I thought this piece was ambitious for me, just, was not prepared for a deadline! Now I can find out if it actually looks as good on the smaller format tumblr puts it in rather than the blown up thing I’ve been working on!

Day 4 for JayDick Week 2017: Mer Au.

 Rambling under the cut!

I’m not sure where the net is being tied down… but I’m pretty sure Dick just led the two of them into an ambush and he’s not concerned at all. 

It was a challenge to also design their look as mers - I wanted to do something quite alien, but was waaay too lazy to find references that I could draw from, and anything that I produced was ugly, and I sort of wanted them to look like beautiful exotic creatures, which, is the whole point of the modern day construction of mermaids - something desirable despite its nonexistence? So, I instead went about thinking how mermaid vigilantes would work, and concluded that tails and patterns could be as identifiable as faces, but I didn’t want to mask the pretty tails, so the idea of hiding their identities was thrown out the window. I thought armour should be made primarily with straps and clasps, as a skin tight suit would be impossible to pull on and off in water.

Also, is it a theme I’m having, with associating Dick with ropes and restraints? 


all your gods are teenage girls:  proteus, god of the constantly changing nature of the sea


so today was productive



Ariel: Sierra Boggess, former star of The Little Mermaid and currently in School of Rock
Wearing a BCBG dress and Valentino shoes.

Who’s your favorite Disney princess? It’s always been Ariel since I was 7 years old! I love her because she represents the girl who feels like she was born … actually, well the human that was born in the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong body. So I feel like people really connect to her on that really deep psychological level — as well as, everyone loves a mermaid! But yeah, I love just her independence and her need to go out into the world and get what’s hers.

What’s the finishing touch that gets you into Disney Princess mode? I remember doing this when I was in the show: As soon as I put the wig on [that was it]. But today, just I as soon as I started curling my hair and getting it in the style that is just long, down, curly it was like oh there she is! She’s back!

But the skirt is pretty different than wearing a tail. The tail was very heavy actually and there were so many different parts to it that it wasn’t as graceful as it seems like it would be in the ocean. But it was really cool. I moved my hips a lot — it was a great workout.

What makes a modern Disney Princess? I think someone knowing who they are. A girl who knows who she is, what she wants, and is not afraid to go and get it. Might as well sing while you’re doing it too!

FenHanders week 2016! March 21-27

Hello all you lovely FenHanders shippers!
During the week we’ll be celebrating that lovely rare (but growing) ot3 of Fenris/Hawke/Anders with lots of fic, art, headcanons and more!

Here’s some handy themes for the week!
(Feel free to contribute in any way, these are just ideas!)

Monday, 21st - When did you Know?
- Fics/Art/Drabbles that explore when these three first knew that they were meant to all be together. First Dates, Internal monologues, Love at first sight?
- What brought you to the good ship FenHanders?

Tuesday, 22nd - After Skyhold
- What became of this threesome during the events of DAI? What letters did they send to each other? What happens to them after Skyhold?

Wednesday, 23rd - Into the Eluvian
- What’s any ship week without an AU day! Modern Day, Crossovers, Alternate timelines, Mermaids? Go wild!

Thursday, 24 - Fic/Art Rec Day
- Share the FenHanders that’s out there! List your fave authors, tumblrs, fics, art, spread this glorious ship!

Friday, 25th - Behind Closed Doors
- Romance day! From casual flirting to the dirty do, let’s see some fic/art/drabbles/headcanons of these three!

Saturday, 26th - Tales from the Hanged Man
- How does the crew react to this relationship? What’s the game of Wicked Grace like now? Is it a secret or do they show their love proudly?

Sunday, 27th - I Know Your Flaws, and I’m Staying.
- Let’s be real, Anders and Fenris have conflicting ideals and personalities. How do they work through them? What makes the relationship worth more than the flaws?

Tags -  #FenHanders Week, #teamblueandangry

We’ll also do some questions each day to answer! Let’s spread this good ship!

(FenHanders banner by the amazing @beammetothemoon)

modern goddess: amphitrite, goddess of the sea

modern goddess: thalassa, goddess of the lonely shores


really shit sketch because i wanted to doodle my OC in his room ^___^;;

made him (ya him) based off a really freaking vivid dream I had LOL basically he looked pretty much like this in my dream esp the hairstyle and basic teal color and he’s a modern day mermaid. he goes to school in a wheelchair and covers his tail and kind of keeps being a mermaid a secret for whatever reason  l o l… but a guy at his school constantly eggs him on and pretty much knows what he is since he saw him at his lake during a hiking trip. he’s really serious and average but he likes things like the ocean and mermaids…

uhhh home’s a small lake with a waterfall in the middle of the woods and he has a generator for electricity and everything in his “house” is behind the waterfall and made out of plastic and waterproof junk. he usually wears raincoats and just keeps whatever wardrobe he needs to keep dry outside away from the water

besides that as an actual character he’s easily anxious and stressed, though really excitable and curious. anatomy wise he doesn’t have a penis because his lower half is aquatic ^_^;;;;; but male organs and junk yeah

basically i had a freakishly gay anime mermaid dream and i wanted to keep it alive