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Shelley: “stormed” up stairs, “burst” into rooms, regularly dropped things, always ran into things, typically always “loudly” entering discussions, got into fights with people who didn’t even speak English, had a “high pitched, fiendish” laughter which erupted in sudden bursts and at entirely inappropriate times.

Modern day poetry lovers: I love little meek Shelley always so shy and quiet!!!

Let’s Stay Together

A Jonerys au

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have been best friends nearly their whole lives. Jon and Daenerys have been through thick and thin promising to always be there for one another. Though when opportunities arise life will put them on different paths. Now years later Jon is a famous football player while Daenerys is a beloved teacher at their old high-school. Though not everything is what it seems.

When Jon has an unexpected injury that brings him back to his old hometown and back to Daenerys. Given him a second chance to make things right between him and Daenerys. Jon and Daenerys will rediscover what it means to be young and free again.

As old friendships are rekindled and a new romance starts to blossom will the two friends finally have a chance of happily ever after with one another? or will life keep them a part once more?.

Love and friendship will be brought into a whole new light.

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You’ve got mail (NSFW)

Rating: Explicit/NSFW Content! 

SummaryRaven sent him a boob pic.
And they are very nice breasts, but he’s not exactly sure what the protocol is for situations like that. He should reply in kind, right? It’s only fair. Some sort of quid pro quo : I show you mine, you show me yours?

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Abominable Snowman In The Market
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Abominable Snowman In The Market

Artist: Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
Track: Abominable Snowman In The Market
Album: Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
Label: Beserkley Records
Year: 1976

Jonathan Richman doing what Jonathan Richman does best… be all whimsical ‘n shit.

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The Doctor Is In

A Jonerys Au

Daenerys Targaryen never thought she’d she the face of Jon snow again.

Oh how wrong she was.

Daenerys is a brightest doctor at Westeros Hospital with a promising future ahead of her and amazing friends everything is looking great for the young doctor. Though things soon turn sour when her ex fiance Jon Snow becomes the hospitals newest resident doctor. Shaking up old feeling that she hadn’t felt in long time Daenerys will find herself falling for the man she had left behind all those years ago. Can Daenerys win Jon’s love back? or has these romance officially flat lined?.

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The Loser’s Club: Songs of the Day!

(I went ahead and did this one early because I literally heard all these songs in a row on my way to work today! Jumping the gun and got tomorrow’s list started too tbh)

Bill: Silversun Pickups- “Panic Switch”

Beverly: Portugal. The Man- “Modern Jesus”

Mike: Grouplove- “Chloe”

Ben: Niall Horan- “This Town”

Stan: nothing,nowhere.- “Clarity in Kerosene”

Richie: Radical Face- “Second Family Portrait”

Eddie: Benny- “Boys Will Be Boys”

(These really are a lot of sun to make even if theyre so simple. I just totally picture them dancing to them together or hiding away up in their rooms with headphones on jamming out. Have a great day!)

anonymous asked:

I started following your blog for Bellarke but then read ACOTAR & ACOMAF bc of all your posts on them & naturally I am now obsessed :)) So seeing as we seem to like similar things I was wondering if you could recommend any books!!

Ah yay! Getting people into new books is probably my favorite thing in the world, so I’m happy to oblige! Here are some fun reads:

YA Fantasy/Sci-fi Lit:

  • The Katerina Trilogy by Robin Bridges (Imperial Russia + supernatural things including necromancers, wizards, vampires, werewolves, zombies + slightly star-crossed lovers)
  • The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa (Fae + star-crossed lovers)
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Melissa Meyer (sci-fi retelling of fairy tales + complex characterization and worldbuilding)
  • His Fair Assassains by Robin LaFevers (ancient France + assassains + political intrigue/conflict + mythology / triggers: sexual assault, abuse, mentions of incest)
  • Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini (greek mythology + modern day + star-crossed lovers)
  • anything by Tamora Pierce (medieval world + well-developed female characters and worldbuilding/plot)

Contemporary YA Lit:

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (fandom culture + freshman year of college love story + family drama)
  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (a guy and girl both in on-hold relationships fall for each other + dealing with/resolving family issues) 
  • Anna & the French Kiss (+ the sequels) by Stephanie Perkins (really unique stories / the first one is about a girl going to boarding school in France + making friends/falling for one of them)
  • Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (modern day coming-of-age + dealing with trauma/loss/grief + music & history + slight time-travel element / triggers: suicide, depression, mental illness)
  • Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt (funny story about exes taking a road trip to college together and realizing they’re not over each other)
  • anything by Ally Cater (secret spy school series, art thieves series, embassy row series)

New Adult/Romance Novels (aka mature ratings):

  • Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy (really fun college aus basically + interesting characters + smut / triggers: sexual assault mentions)
  • Jill Shalvis’ series (small town modern day romances / note: her early Lucky Harbor novels are my favorites)
  • The Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty (early era Scotland + secret revolutionary warrior troupe + very formulaic stories + my guiltiest guilty pleasure but really really entertaining light reading)
  • Courtney Milan’s series (Regency era romances + well-developed female characters + light stories with actual plots)
  • Erin Knightley’s series (Regency era romances + unique female characters)
  • May McGoldrick’s series (early era Scotland + fun romance stories)

This is for @bettydays glorious story “Honeycomb.” In which she takes evil space Nazis and makes them psychologically complex, semi-abus(ed/ive) modern day gay D/s lovers, and I take them and make them adorable old people. It’s like an evil printer running out of toner.

Honeycomb can be found here, and you poor saps who haven’t read it yet better catch up w the rest of us:

Imagine Hux and Ben at retirement age. Ben with a long salt and pepper ponytail and bifocals. Hux’s hair faded to a nearly-white blonde. Hux has his own studio, but he doesn’t do much wheel work anymore; his back complains for days when he does. He always did more pure sculpture and coil-built structures anyway. Ben has had tenure at the local college for some time now, though he’s accepted he’ll never be department chair because he can’t play the academia politics game. Ben mentoring students who ping on his “abused or neurodivergent” radar, being the Actual Mentor he wished Snoke had been. Hux making jokes about him “bringing home strays”. No one they know has any idea about the business predator that Hux used to be; he gave all that up when he’s amassed enough to live comfortably off the interest, when Ben finished his PhD and found a teaching position, when Ben pleaded with him, “for the love of god QUIT”, when Rey sat down with Hux and had a Come to Jesus talk. When Hux realized the job would destroy him, would destroy Ben, if he continued indefinitely. Lots of therapy.

Leia’s gone. Han is gone. Rey travels a lot, but she visits a couple of times a year. She never knocks at their house, just barges right in. She had a cancer scare a few years back; it made everyone a little more aware of their mortality, of how little time might be left.

And at night Ben pulls the elastic out of his hair and lets Hux brush his hair, sitting at Hux’s feet, as he murmurs praise over his sweet boy, still gorgeous after all these years.

I’ve been craaaaaving craving craving a lourry fic of a 1950s-American-sailors-in-the-US-navy!AU ok. Classic Frank Sinatra jazz music as they celebrate their break on shore in buzzing New York city and just get drunk and fall in love just that happy vibe of the 50’s .

sobsss s

satanslovingconcubine-deactivat  asked:

Modern day lovers of rap shouldn't be politically correct people. Since the beginning, rappers have said sharp shit that can be seen as homophobic, racist, sexist, ect. But It's just commentary on the society we live in. My question is, Iggy is hated on this site because of her past lyrics and comments. Is this really a valid argument against her? She's called racist, homophobic, ect. Yet, the majority of rappers use slurs and I don't think there's room for sensitivity in hip hop.

Let’s make things clear. We do not hate Iggy Azalea. We do not hate anyone. We’ve mentioned this countless times. Stop putting words in our mouth and making assumptions.

FR was a longtime supporter of Iggy’s career and if you look through her tag, we have posted several of her recent projects. There are MULTIPLE people who run this Tumblr, and up until recently, I felt it was necessary to take a stance against her problematic response and lack thereof regarding those Twitter posts and other RECENT comments she’s made in interviews. My comments do NOT reflect those of the other members of this community. But you know what’s fucked up? She never apologized. And rather pathetically, tried to save ass by deleting those tweets only until AFTER news sites began reporting/people began calling her out.

Rap may not politically correct, but it should strive to be progressive. When countless beautiful & talented WOC from the South are ignored and someone like Iggy begins making a profit off of an entire style of rapping they spent YEARS building, it leaves something to be desired.

And the sad part, she doesn’t even care. Her team doesn’t care. You don’t care. We no longer want to be part of the problem, and we’ll be as sensitive as long as we fucking want.