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2015 Early Summer Issue: Volume 68

Satoshi Ohno & Jun Matsumoto Special
Matsumoto Jun invites Ohno on an impromptu artistic Las-Vegas-y walk around town

February 2015:  In order to prepare for their upcoming tour, Arashi’s choreography leader Ohno Satoshi and concert leader Matsumoto Jun, decide to travel to Las Vegas to study.  Part of their trip was aired on “Arashi in Shiyagare” so many of you may already be aware of it.  Actually, they had one more day off during that trip.  To be exact, they had free time before the show they planned to see started, which got Matsumoto Jun thinking.  “If I don’t force Leader to come out with me, I bet he’ll stay cooped up in the hotel all day”…he determined.  Which leads us to Matsumoto Jun who, in hopes of entertaining Ohno Satoshi, takes him along on a “completely casual and unplanned walk around Las Vegas.”  Here is our belated report.

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