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Misty Copeland, Harper’s Bazaar, and NYC Dance Project recreated stunning works by Edgar Degas in advance of our exhibition Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty, opening March 26.  

[All photographs by Ken Browar & Deborah Ory. Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar


Here’s a compilation of all my work so far!

It will be updated consistently as well, so make sure to check here if you can’t find anything!

Poe Dameron


So Close

It’s Not Your Fault

You’re Not Bastian…  

BB-8 The Matchmaker

Happy Anniversary! (Baking-ish AU)

He Had It Comin’ (Musical AU)              

It’s Always Been You. (Soulmate Timer AU)

Never Had (Childhood Friends/Coffeeshop AU)                      

My Cat!  (Modern AU)

The Usual (Diner/Modern /Air Force AU)

Jump! (”13 Going On 30″ AU)

Just Like A Fairytale (Musician! Poe x Writer! Reader)  

My Heart Hurts (Poe x Nurse! Reader)

Well, I Guess I’m ‘Mom’ Now… (Poe x Droid Technician! Reader)

I Bet You 100 Credits… (Poe x Comm. Major! Reader)

These Are My Requirements. (Poe x Leia’s Successor! Reader)

Kylo Ren / Ben Solo

Red (Kylo Soulmate AU)

I’m Not A Spy (Another Kylo Soulmate AU)             

The Girl Next Door (Kylo Baking/Neighbors AU)

Just For The Money (Kylo Baking AU)

I Love Your Costume! (Modern! Kylo x Reader)

Clear My Schedule (CEO Kylo x Secretary Reader)

You… Bantha-Fodder! (Smuggler Ben x Reader Part 1)

What Were You Thinking?! (Smuggler Ben x Reader Part 2)

Yes, Doctor. {1} {2} (Ben Solo Doctor AU) 

Not Just The Movie (Adam Driver x Actress! Reader)

Cassian Andor


Remembrance (Pseudo-Soulmate AU Series)

Let’s Make a Deal (Mobster AU Series)

Finn / FN-2187


Obi-Wan Kenobi

On The Contrary, My Dear…

Did You Miss Me?

You Owe Me.

It’s On The House (Coffeeshop AU)

Class Dismissed (College Professor AU)

Taste Test (Baking/Roommate AU)

Rough Draft (”Love Actually” AU)

Luke Skywalker

I Still Love You.

My Hero! (Luke x Princess! Reader)

Think Of What We Could Do… (Dark Side AU)

We’re Going To Get Caught! (Young Mark Hamil x Reader)

General Hux

Open Up To Me

Do You Know Who I Am? (Lawyer Hux x Reader)

Actions Overlap Words (Dance Teacher AU)

Nice To Meet You. (”The Holiday” AU)

Qui-Gon Jinn

It’s Been A While


So yesterday and today is barricade day.
And because @revolutjolras and I had to finish Joly and Bossuet I couldn’t draw something but I still wanted to share my feelings.
This time with the Cosplays we have finished yet and the ppl we had fun with because of Les Mis.
The experiences with everyone were magical and I’m so thankful that Les Mis exists.

Joly, ModernAU Courf, ModernAU R: myself
Bossuet, ModernAU Jehan, ModernAU Enjolras: @revolutjolras

Pictures taken by: me, kommitweet and Addicted2humans, @revolutjolras

p.s.: this is just a quick pic dump, one day I’ll make another proper shooting post but damn I had to do it 💜


BY2 - 桃花旗袍 Peach blossom Cheongsam