Only Make Believe // Chapter 4: Parents

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December 16th

Cullen woke to the smell of coffee and a woman softly humming. A memory stirred in the back of his mind and He fought not to open his eyes - the last time someone had been in his place humming and brewing coffee was… he banished the thought, opening his eyes. He knew where he was in an instant. Not in his apartment. The woman humming was a client and not a ghost of his past. There was nothing intimate about this situation. Cold light streamed in from one window where Nevena had opened the curtains, while the rest of the living area was still mostly in darkness.

The couch was more comfortable than Cullen first anticipated, and he was surprised he didn’t have a sore neck or pain in his shoulders and back. It was narrow, but soft and deep and he’d slept well. Of course, there were some things even the deepest bed or most comfortable setting could never quite remedy - but that was his own problem. The nightmares and flashes only came twice during the night. They woke him, as they always did. But twice was better than the more usual three to five times.

He considered  it a good night’s sleep just for that.

Outside of his makeshift bed, the cabin was blissfully warm. So warm, in fact, Cullen realized he had kicked off half his blanket. Not that he would complain about being warm, as it appeared to be snowing or sleeting through the one uncovered window.  

He stretched and yawned, a satisfied groan rumbling in his throat as his muscles contracted and relaxed. He sat up slowly rubbing his hands over his face and pushing his fingers through his hair.

“Good morning.” Glancing around, he saw Nevena sitting at the table in the kitchen area, tablet in hand and a pot of coffee steaming in front of her. She was wearing glasses. “Coffee.” She pointed at the pot. “Mugs.” She pointed at a cabinet. “Sugar is over there.” Her finger turned to another cupboard. “Milk in the fridge.”

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Title :: Bright as a Flame, Soft as a Rose by aquietpersonwithaloudmind

Word count :: 8,500

Chapters :: 1/1

Rating :: Teen and Up Audiences

Relationships :: Elain/Lucien

Characters :: Elain, Nesta, Feyre, Lucien, Tamlin

Additional Tags :: Angst, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Some Physical Abuse, Past Feylin, Florist AU

Language :: English

Summary :: An Elucien florist AU.
Time Stand Still Chapter 3, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction
Schmaltzy-sexy-sweet morning after


“It got me thinking: I’ve spent so much of my life doing that I’ve missed out on simply being. And now I’ve …” She trails off, the eyes that had held such fire a moment before suddenly soft, almost shy.

He moves so that he stands toe-to-toe with her, lifting her chin until their eyes meet. “And now you’ve what?

“Now I’ve got somebody whom I very much enjoy just being with. Work has had us right out straight for the whole of our relationship. I mean, we’ve never had a proper honeymoon, and here it is closing in on our second anniversary.”

She pauses to set the cooking utensils and empty cups in the sink and fills it with water. Then she turns back to him, leaning back against the side and settling her hands on his hips. “Forgive me if this sounds maudlin, but I think you’ll understand: when my time is up, I won’t be kicking myself for not having worked another ninety-hour week. But if I could have had one more morning lying in your arms, feeling your heartbeat and listening to you breathe … If I could have sat beside you and watched one more sunset, or listened to you read Burns to me by the fire … If I could have in any way loved you better; longer, and I missed it … I’ve already done that once. Twice, actually.” She looks at him with fire in her eyes once more, her shoulders set. “I’ll not do it again.”

“Sweet girl,” he whispers, pulling her into his arms, their foreheads resting together. He waits, holds her. Knows she’s got to work through her thoughts. He has been here, has felt what she’s feeling for some time now, but she had to get there on her own. Because now that it’s her idea, she’ll own it, and when Isobel gets a bee in her bonnet heaven help the fool who tries to stand in her way. “I know you love me.”

Someone Who Always Pays (Chapter 1)

Another Schuyler sister married, and once again it wasn’t Angelica.

At least she didn’t have to make a speech this time. Eliza was Peggy’s maid of honor. Also a plus, Peggy wasn’t marrying someone that Angelica was in love with. The upsides ended there.

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Originally posted by nichelle-nichols

Title: Trying
Summary: Going Through IVF with Leonard
Rating: PG-13
Theme: Modern AU
Word Count: 698
Warning: um pregnancy issues, i think i mentioned miscarriages
A/N: This actually hit home for me cause I will possible have similar issues written, also in the words of Leonard McCoy, “I’m a writer not a damn doctor,” I literally wrote this while looking over Invetro info so yea.
Tags: @outside-the-government @medicatemedrmccoy @yourtropegirl @dolamrothianlady @starshiphufflebadger @imoutofmyvulcanmind @bkwrm523 @imaginenterprise @imagineangryspacegrump

Leonard McCoy was one of the best doctors in the city. He also believed he had one of the best woman in the world at home. When Ayla married Leonard, she came with her own personal issues, the biggest was her trouble with getting pregnant. Ayla had looked over every pamphlet Leo brought home and she learned the risks, success rates, everything and on her thirty birthday Ayla decided to go through with IVF.

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This came from a few places. Probably initially sparked by a @kyluxsoftkinks prompt, but my brain went sideways and it languished. Then when I asked for ideas last week, @obsessions-and-dreams suggested ‘modeling’. 

I was a kid in the 70s and have many fond memories of poring over the Sears catalogs. Even the clothing sections for grown-ups. I was not ambitious enough here to add graphics to make things look like catalog pages, but maybe you can imagine. :)


You know how I never do comics? Well I’ve done one and it’s not even for one of my main fandoms I don’t know how this happenned

Inspired by this tweet (and @limoncello-bella who sent it to me) :

Basically punk!Bucky and skinny!Steve domestic modern AU where no one ever imagine that they’re together (not even in a romantic way, just that they might know each other???) Checkout lady is mind-blown by the idea that this nice small boy might know this big scary guy (she has noooo ideeeaaaa)

Sketchup is a blessing and I’m never doing background any other way again. Not v happy with the colors but I had no idea what to do, so i’m posting it like that. Full view please, and don’t repost! Thanks! ♥

Signing ain’t easy
I got this modern/hipster AU in my head where link is mute and Zelda is trying to learn the sign language to be closer to him !

EDIT : OFC if you know some good modern fics tell me !! <3
EDIT 2 : I have read the 2 fics that were proposed and holy hell was it good !