modern assembly

Ikea furniture assembly

Modern AU headcanons

Takes a quick look at the instructions, gets an overlook of the pieces and puts them together in no time; lowkey enjoys it. 

 Mike, Levi, Ian, Anka, Moblit, Mikasa, Armin

Studies the instructions thoroughly, because there’s no way all those pieces will make what’s shown on the picture; takes an entire day and a lot of cursing, despair and anger to finish it. 

 Nanaba, Erwin, Gunther, Mitabi, Henning, Annie, Colt

Ignores the instructions, works messily but miraculously does everything  right. 

Hanji, Gogh, Gustav, Pieck

Ignores the instructions, messes completely up, loses lots of the necessary nails and screws; takes a break to calm down, starts anew, screws up once again. 

Gelgar, Eld, Lynne, Keiji, Sasha, Rainer, Zeke

Don’t worry, I’m a natural talent. Ends up crying in the pile of damaged pieces. 

Auruo, Eren, Rico, Jean, Ymir, Porco

Asks someone else for help because what the actual fuck is this???

Petra, Nifa, Bertholdt, Connie, Historia

With this years NBA Finals approaching, you’re likely to hear a lot of talk about match-ups with Durant, Curry or even Draymond Green. But I don’t think for one second anything is more important than the one between two men in the photo above. 

The series might be advertised as the Warriors vs Cavs, but really this entire thing is about Lebron vs Jordan….. or at least the media has been making it out to be for the past week.

Last year Lebron delivered on his promise to bring a title to Cleveland ending a 52 year drought in the State. It was the biggest story in sports at the time. LeBron’s reputation was instantly restored and he was once again crowned the best player in the NBA (after losing the Curry and the Warriors the year before….. and the Spurs the year before that).

Now that Lebron is back on top, he can take things further by winning another title (his 4th overall) for a 2nd straight year versus what many are calling the best team ever assembled in modern NBA: Durant, Curry and the Goldenstate Warriors. 

This will be the greatest test Lebron has faced in his playoff career; a postseason where he’s already putting up some of the best numbers of his career. If he can maintain this level of play in the Finals and win the NBA title some are arguing it would elevate him past Michael Jordan to being the greatest player of all time. Their words not mine. 

Lebron admittedly has been chasing the “ghost” of MJ lately, probably since the moment he entered the league. But in many fans eyes his quest to become the GOAT begins and ends with the 2017 NBA Finals.

If Lebron loses the implications aren’t as serious. He’s not the GOAT. But that doesnt mean the conversation won’t come up again by the time he retires. 

Instead they’ll try to make this series about Durant winning his first title, but lets be honest, nobody cares about Durant since he left OKC. Durant’s is not even the best player on his own team. 

Win or lose, this series is all about Lebron and how his legacy will be effected.

All that said, Warriors in 5.  

heldhynrek-deactivated20170609  asked:

Hey, I'm a huge fan of everything you do and I especially have a soft spot for Hellflowers... I was curious: are they built and assembled like modern-day aircraft or are they grown? Or even a mix of both?

Both! Hellflowers are built on a tensegrity frame made of carbon nanotubes and superconductive batteries (the repulsion caused by the massive amounts of charge they carry provides much of the strength in compression). Once that is built layers of muscle created by demiorganics (literally a combination of nanotechnology and GMO bacteria used as manufacturing tools) are grown onto the frame. After that, the feathers, AI cores, engines, and batteries are surgically added.

Hive Srinivasa is happy to use whatever manufacturing method is best for each Hellflower component, and ultimately this means that Hellflowers are both grown and manufactured.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you know any comic's about Hawkeye's relationship with Black Widow?

I’m going to go a bit Socratic here for a moment and answer your question with another question— which aspect of Hawkeye and Black Widow’s relationship are you looking for? Clint and Natasha have been in lots of comics together, and their relationship has evolved over time. There’s a lot to go through, but here’s a quick rundown of some significant issues/my favorites.

  • Tales of Suspense #s 57, 60, 64 - Hawkeye’s original appearance, and the entirety of his career as Black Widow’s lovestruck and mostly ineffectual lackey. This is the original Clint/Natasha romance, and though it was written many decades ago I think it still lays a pretty good foundation for what these two are to each other now. The end of that story gets told in Avengers #16, when Hawkeye joins the Avengers. There’s a modern retelling of the same story in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (the comics, not the tv series) that may be worth the read if you like this part of their relationship.
  • Avengers #29-76 - Clint becomes an Avenger, Natasha re-enters his life, and they’re both heroes, now. However, that only serves to further complicate their relationship. This chunk of issues isn’t solely about Clint and Natasha, but here you’ll find Natasha’s official side-switch and the turmoil that eventually leads to the two’s breakup in issue #76. (Clint cried, for the record.)
  • At this point, following the relationship becomes a bit piecemeal. Hawkeye jumps into Daredevil for an issue to loudly and destructively declare his jealousy over that relationship, Natasha pops back into the Avengers for different arcs and Clint isn’t really the big draw in those cases. I’m particularly fond of Natahsa’s appearance in Thunderbolts #43, but then I will never miss a chance to recommend that series because it’s one of my favorites for Clint as a whole. There’s also a few issues of Hawkeye volume 3 that focus on the two’s relationship.

If we step away from history and head into more modern comics, you’ll see Clint and Natasha working together a lot more. There’s a combination of factors that have led to that— Natasha’s become more heavily involved in Avengers stories, there are movies to correspond to, etc etc. 

  • Hawkeye & Mockingbird/Black Widow: Widowmaker is a series with a mouthful of a title. But it jumps off from Clint and Natasha’s books and gives them a pretty fun team up. Hawkeye’s more romantically involved with Mockingbird in this series, but it’s still a good read for him and Natasha.
  • Black Widow: the Name of the Rose is a great read for Natasha in general. Hawkeye only makes cameo appearances, but they do a good job of establishing how he feels about her in the modern day.
  • Avengers Assemble #12-13 is a quick arc focusing on Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Spider-woman. I like the depth and weight it gives to Clint and Natasha’s relationship.
  • Clint has also shown up in issues #6, 10, 12, and 13 of the current Black Widow series, with #10 being a spotlight issue.
  • And Natasha has had numerous appearances in the current Hawkeye book, with issues #8 and 9 being her most significant appearances.
  • You can also check out all three volumes of Secret Avengers for more of these two working together, though I’m not as keen on the characterization in those titles.

Hopefully there’s enough here to get you started. Enjoy!