Creative Colorful Compositions by Benedetto Demaio

Italian designer Benedetto Demaio uses a range of blue and green tones to create beautiful abstract images featuring ordinary objects. By placing various objects in an unconventional way, Demaio creates an alternate world, which is highly visually pleasing and intriguing. 


Vincent van Gogh died 125 years ago today. See The Starry Night up close in this video (or in person on MoMA’s 5th Floor).

Ondrash | Znojmo Czech Republic
“My client Travis from the States - L.A. - says this about his tattoo: ‘I wanted … Carpe Diem, but without any words. Seize the day is something I am very passionate about and it was the only thing I could imagine myself getting a tattoo of. I spent about 4 years searching for an artist as amazing as Ondrash. When I finally found him, I set up an appointment and traveled from orange county, California to Berlin, then to Prague, then to Vienna to see him. After seeing the result, I remember why I put so much thought into it. It is truly an amazing piece of art!’”


Flower Bouquets in Vintage Envelopes

Kiev-based artist Anna Remarchuk showcases stunning images of her flower bouquets inserted in envelopes on her Instagram account. Remarchuk delicately styles lush flowers into vintage envelopes, which belong to her grandmother. The results are feminine, delicate and a creative craft, which are ideal for Instagram’s beauty and image crazed culture.